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How can help

It's no secret that the internet is here to stay (at least for a long while before something even more technology-advanced comes along!). Being an actor in this digital age has many additional advantages that our fellow thespians 10 years ago couldn't predict.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that 100% of the visitors reading this have and use e-mail. I'm also going to bet that you most likely have a digital copy of your headshot scanned on your hard drive and have submitted your headshot and resume via e-mail to an online casting call. Welcome to the slowing-growing world of the digital age!

The more techno-savvy actors may have created a personal web site that contain their photos, resume, bio, links, and those obtrusively annoying flashing ads. (Sorry, but I have no use for an x10 wireless web cam!)

Let's take all your progress one step further, shall we? Whether you've been getting paid and have your name 'above the title' or are just breaking into the biz, we all want to look professional. Fortunately, this is easier to achieve online than it seems. (Achieving this in the real world will be saved for another day.) - Invest in your name and your career

The benefits of owning are enormous. Image is everything, isn't it? Let's go over some of the benefits in more detail.

Give your resume a professional look
Which would you rather have printed on your resume and post cards; or simply "But I've spent so much time creating my geocities site," you say? Did you know that there are free services that will forward to any page you want?

Say it with pride
Found yourself at industry party with no headshots on you? Ran into an old friend on the street? Confirming an audition over the phone? Uttering vs. the unrelated nature of a geocities address is a lot more memorable and impressionable.

Add credibility
Where have I heard "You never get a second chance to make a first impression?" Anyway, make that great first impression with your online identity. Having your own domain name projects an image of professionalism and says you are serious about what you do.

Show up in the search engines
Suppose you submit your headshot and resume to a casting director and they are interested in doing some research on you. They go to Google and type in "Joe Actor" and immediately come across your web page. And, if I may say so, has excellent search engine ranking, so all our members who have their online resume on our site are usually found at the number one position of the search results for their name.

Let's review - Professional - Memorable - Credible. For less than $18 you can be the proud owner of your online identity. Better you than someone pretending to be you, right?!