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Finding Free Monologues

WANTED: Single, intelligent actor seeks 1 to 2 minute acting monologue for long term relationship. Must have a comedic or dramatic style with a lot of emotional depth.

If only it were that simple! One of the biggest challenges an actor faces -- along with getting a headshot that really looks like him -- is finding the perfect audition monologue. Many actors go to their local bookstore and browse through the shelves trying to decide which monologue book to buy.

Monologue books can be useful to familiarize yourself with various playwrights' writing style but the main issue with choosing a monologue from a book is that you're certainly not the only actor who'll be using that monologue to audition with. Casting directors cringe when they hear "over-used" monologues.

So where do I find useable free audition monologues?

The most obvious and often over-looked place to find audition monologues is directly from the source from which they originally came -- plays. Any good acting teacher worth his weight in gold will tell you the many benefits of reading all the plays you can get your hands on on a regular basis, and you'll be surprised how many potential monologues you'll come across. There are thousands of published plays -- full length, one-acts, 10-minute scenes -- that contain monologues that are virtually unused by actors in auditions.

Once you find, memorize, and rehearse one of these monologues, the payoff will be when the casting director says, "Wow, that was great! What play was that from?" It will be obvious that you're an intelligent, hard-working actor who does his homework and works hard to stand out from the crowd.

To get started, all you need to do is choose one playwright whose work you admire and can relate to. Get a copy of all the plays published by him and start reading. When you've read everything by that playwright, choose another one and start the cycle all over again. Set some goals for yourself to help you stay on track. Read a play every week or every month. As long as you are consistently reading plays, you'll come across plenty of audition monologues you can use. You'll also become a better, well-educated actor by familiarizing yourself with the profession you want to pursue.


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