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In The Audition Room - How to Nail Your Audition from the Moment You Enter!

You’ve memorized your monologues and have rehearsed your songs over and over again. Your resume and headshot are in order and you’ve found the perfect audition outfit. Your job is done, right? Wrong! One of the most crucial aspects of any audition is how you present yourself in the actual audition room.

Here are some DOs and DON'Ts of how to portray your best self:

1. DO: Begin your audition outside of the audition room.
Many people believe your audition starts the moment you enter the audition room. I think your audition begins the moment you enter the building where the audition is happening! It is imperative for you to be respectful and courteous to everyone you encounter. Often, the people who check you in or escort you to the room work directly with the director or people behind the audition table. If you are polite and cheerful, they will certainly relay that to the people inside the room. Remember: you are happy and excited to be doing what you love – make sure they can see that.

2. DO: Take big breaths.
As silly as it sounds, people often to forget to breathe when they audition! It’s natural to get nervous and timid before performing. In order to keep yourself grounded, make sure you remind yourself to take huge breaths before, during and after your audition. It will clear your head and center you for your audition.

4. DON’T: Stare down the Auditors.
After you have introduced yourself and your audition selections, make sure to pick a spot on the wall above the auditors head to deliver your material. Never perform your pieces to them! The auditors want the freedom to look away from you and take notes about your performance. When you have finished your piece, it is appropriate for you to then make eye contact and thank them.

5. DON’T: Apologize!
No matter how well or poorly you think you did, never apologize for your audition! If you make a mistake, own it and move on. Often times, you have done a lot better than you believe and you don’t want to broadcast that you think you blew it.

6. DO: Have Fun!
It is easy to forget why you are auditioning in the first place. It is nerve racking and often tedious and stressful. Remember why you love performing and why you enjoy sharing your passion! It is clear to auditors when an actor is having fun and enjoying themselves. Make auditioning enjoyable by reminding yourself that it is just another chance for you to perform and share your talent with an audience.

Chelsea Cipolla is the founder of My College Audition ( and the Monologue Coach for New York Vocal Coaching Inc ( For coaching services, you may reach Chelsea at: Chelsea [~at~] NewYorkMonologueCoach [~dot~] com.