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How to launch your acting career - the smart way!

Tips from the Team at Capes Coaching New York

You've dreamed of acting on stage, film, TV. You've decided it's time for your dream to become a reality.

But how do you begin?

New York company Capes Coaching works with actors at all stages of their career 'not just on how to act or audition, but what steps to take to go from talented actor to paid professional. Use these tips to begin your acting journey 'or tune-up the path you're already on!

Learn the Craft
To get hired for an acting gig, you have to know how to do the job! Even if you have the natural talent, you have to learn the techniques that directors will expect you to know when they cast you. The pros never stop learning 'you can always get better, and as your talent develops, so will your career.

Determine your Goals
Where do you want to focus? There are many ways to get involved in showbusiness. One common misconception is that you should be able to do everything, but the fact is, you'll be even more valuable as an actor if you follow your passion and set goals you feel excited to accomplish.

Be Professional
Don't let celebrity gossip about bad behavior influence you 'the real actors in the industry know that they have to make a great impression every time as they climb the ladder of success. Always be on time, be polite, and be prepared for your auditions and gigs, and you'll be remembered positively for the next opportunity.

Be Persistent
Every job had highs and lows 'especially acting! From pilot season to summer stock, it can seem like things go from crazy to slow every few months. But don't let a slump get you down 'use the time to check in with your contacts, take classes, or work on your audition skills. That way, you'll be ready to go when the next wave hits!

Meet the Industry
"It's who you know" is one of the oldest expressions in the biz. Keep track of everyone you meet 'agents, directors, casting directors, other actors 'and keep them in the loop about what you're doing to move forward as an actor. The wider your circle, the better your chances of finding the next opportunity to work.

Stay True to Who You Are
Acting is a job where you're expected to be someone else 'on stage or in front of the camera. When you interact with people off the set, be yourself! Nothing's more magnetic than someone who's confident and comfortable in their own skin. It's the best way to be memorable on stage and off!


Need help creating your personal plan for acting career success? Whether you're just beginning or you've been in the biz all your life, Capes Coaching works one-on-one with you to develop a personal strategy. Actors outside New York can even coach with them over the phone! Call (212) 777-2270 for more info and mention Actorpoint for a special discount.