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Top 5 Reasons You Need Netflix - especially if you're an aspiring actor or actress

Ok, so maybe you already know about Netflix, but still haven't decided to give them a try just yet. Maybe you don't think they can actually be as good as they say. Or perhaps you're still stuck with uh... that other one - Blockbuster.

Hey, I'm not knocking you - especially if the reason you haven't tried Netflix is because of this last reason above. By the way, I actually had Blockbuster for a few years - until they decided to close the doors of the only one in my neighborhood.

Well, that's when I tried Netflix - and I'm glad I did because I never looked back. I mean, I don't know how I made it so long without them.

As you can probably tell, I love movies. New ones, old ones, classicals, musicals, comedies, horror, drama - you name it.

But, this isn't about me. It's about you - especially if you want to get into or are now involved in acting. You see, Netflix is one of those things you're not going to want to be without.

Why? Because you can practice and improve your acting by actually watching movies. And with Netflix you'll have access to a huge library of movies that you can reference at any time - whenever you want. Now, whenever you need to spruce up for an audition and want to capture a scene exactly the way it was played - all you have to do is get the movie from Netflix.

Of course, whether or not you're into acting, there are still other great reasons to get Neflix. Here are my top 5...

1) Large selection of movies in multiple categories - This is no surprise since they were the first to pioneer online movie delivery. Netflix has 20 different genres - and that doesn't even include the sub-genres. You got action & adventure, anime, classics, independent, sci-fi, thriller; just to name a few. Then there are all the sub-genres. For example, under horror you'll find a category exclusively dedicated to vampire movies.

2) No late fees - Yes, none whatsoever. I think this is what got me hooked. I mean, who wants to pay an extra $2.00 just because they're late returning a movie? It's not like you're late to work - or something important. God only knows how much richer I've made the video/dvd rental centers just by paying late fees. With Netflix, you get the dvd and return it whenever you want. I remember holding on to one movie for a few weeks - an no annoying video center employee had to call me reminding me to return the movie.

3) Fast delivery - I can put a movie in the mailbox for return on Monday and have a new one from my queue waiting in my mailbox by Thursday. There's hardly ever a weekend night when I don't have a movie to watch. By the way, there' s NO postage to pay. All Netflix movies have postage pre-paid - essentially saving you money on stamps.

4) Super convenient - There's no need to leave your home. Just jump online and place movies in your queue. Your movies will arrive automatically and on schedule. It doesn't get any easier than this.

5) Movies on Demand - This is one thing I'm really glad they have. Netflix also has a ton of movies you can watch right online - right then and there. They also have a new cool feature that even allows you to watch movies instantly on your tv. How cool is that?

Goes great with popcorn - Ok. This is a bonus 6th reason. Netflix goes great with popcorn. Just be sure to only eat the popcorn!

There you have it folks. The top reasons you need to get Netflix. Get it today and enjoy!

- by Jay from ActorPoint