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Ross Reports (now * Call Sheet * magazine)

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So you want to contact some agents or casting directors in your town? Maybe you want to see what films are in development or being shot near you. Perhaps you want to break into television or soaps and are looking to submit your headshot and resume directly to the studios. With Call Sheet (formerly the Ross Reports) you can do it all.

Call Sheet Television & Film magazine is the leading source of insider information for anyone in, or looking to get into the film and TV business. Each issue provides complete guides of agents, casting directors, TV programming, executive rosters, production companies, network studios, talent agencies and more.

Ross Report is a small, yet jam-packed monthly publication from the same people who publish Back Stage newspaper. Broken down by state, each section provides an updated listing of union-franchised agents and casting directors, with complete contact information from address and phone numbers to contact names and departments. Here is an example of one of the hundreds of listings:

Bret Adams, Ltd. (SAG-AFTRA-EQUITY)
448 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036
Designated Agents: Bret Adams (Owner) (Writers & Directors and some actors); Margi Rountree, Partner (S-A-E) (Actors Only); Ken Melamed, Partner (S-A-E) (Actors Only); Melissa Hardy (Writers & Directors). Interviews by appointment only. All types for all areas except commercials and children. Also represents directors, choreographers, designers, and conductors. Please don't phone. No unsolicited tapes.

In each listing, you can find the agency's submission policy, who they represent, and decide the most appropriate person to address your submission to.

In addition to every agent and casting director, you can also find the contact info for TV network studios and offices - ABC, NBC, and Fox to name a few. But Ross Reports takes this one step further. If your dream is to land a role in a prime time network series such as the new 90210, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Law and Order, or That '70s Show, you can easily find out the name of the producers, the casting director and the address to send your headshot and resume to.

Here's another listings example:

The Drew Carey Show (Comedy) (7th Season)
ABC, Wednesdays, 9:00-9:30 pm - Film
Cast: Drew Carey, Diedrich Bader, Christa Miller, Kathy Kinney, Craig Ferguson, Ryan Stiles, John Carrol Lynch. Prod. Co.: Mohawk Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television, filmed at Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, CA. Executive Producers: Bruce Helford, Drew Carey, Clay Graham, Bruce Rasmussen, Deborah Oppenheimer, Les Firestein, Michael Teverbaugh. Casting: Bonnie Zane Casting, 5724 West 3rd Street, Suite 509, Los Angeles, CA 90036. Extras Casting: Central Casting.

Published monthly, every issue contains a feature article. Past issue cover stories have been "Building an Acting Career", "Animation and Voice-Overs Casting Directory", and "What You Don't Know About The Unions."

So how can you get your hands on a copy of Ross Reports? Very easily. At the Ross Reports site you can get all the info you need as well as subscribe to receive your copy. Get your headshot and resume in order, sit down with an issue of Ross Reports and your on your way to advancing your acting career.

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