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What Are You Creating?

What is creativity? Do you believe that only a few select people have the talent to create? Are people who call themselves artists the only ones with the gift of creative ability? Is making art the only way to be creative?

Even if you answer "yes" to all the above questions, you too have the gift of creativity. Creativity is not something given to only a few select human beings; it is a quality each and every one of us possesses.

The dictionary defines create as: produce, to bring into existence, to cause, to bring about, to invest with a new form. Creativity is being inventive, resourceful, innovative and productive. And everyone one of us is capable of doing this. Simply, creativity is a new way of feeling, thinking or acting. Creativity is a skill that can be learned by anyone, it is not the realm of a select few.

So, if all of us have creative ability - so what? Most people aren't interested in writing the next Great American Novel. Most people aren't likely to be motivated by seeing their work hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art or performing on Broadway.

Given that everyone can create and that it is a talent we all possess, what are you creating in your life today? How can you access this gift and integrate it into your daily life?

One way is to become aware of how your thoughts influence your actions. For example, athletes visualize successful outcomes - winning a race, a championship, hitting the perfect hole in one. Their thoughts create the results they want. You too can learn this skill, this ability to bring your beliefs into reality.

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By Lea Tolub Brandenburg