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What Are You Creating? Part II

Shakti Gawain in her book, "Creative Visualization" describes a four-step process for visualization:

1) Set your goal. Decide on something you would like to have, work toward, realize or create. It can be on any level a job, a business meeting, a house, a relationship, a change in yourself, increased prosperity, a happier state of mind, improved health, beauty, better physical condition, or whatever you want.

2) Create a clear idea or picture. Picture the object or situation exactly as you want it. Think of it in the present tense as already existing the way you want it to be. Include as many details as you can. Remember to be specific.

3) Focus on it often. Focus on it clearly throughout the day, but in a light, gentle way. It's important not to feel like you are striving too hard for it or putting in an excessive amount of energy. This kind of pushing leads to an attachment in thinking how things should turn out and can hinder the process.

4) Give it positive energy. As you focus on your goal, think about it in a positive, encouraging way. Make strong positive statements to yourself that it exists, that it has come or is now coming to you.

While doing this work, temporarily suspend any doubts or disbelief you may have, at least for the moment, and practice getting the feeling that what you are visualizing is very real and possible. Create exactly what you want in your life, don't settle for anything less.

Creative visualization is only one of many ways to be creative in your life. How about solving a complicated challenge at work? What about listening to a good friend? Even the ingredients you select for dinner are part of the creative process. Each day is full of opportunities for creative expression, because you are bringing into being activities and experiences that did not previously exist.

Remember, you create your life each day.

By Lea Tolub Brandenburg

Lea Tolub Brandenburg is a Personal and Business Coach. She is a success partner for people who want to grow professionally and personally. She is also a professional actress with 20 years of experience of taking the word "no" and changing the spelling to "how". She writes a free monthly e-zine on the topics of creativity, inner wisdom and communication. To find out more about her coaching services or to subscribe to her newsletter visit: