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Design a personal operating system and you can design success: Part II

Ultimately, they take action on their own, but their process includes working things out verbally. If you are one of these people that "thinks out loud", build this into your personal operating system. The point in observing your behavior is that if it allows you to flourish -- do it.

Another way to approach the design of your operating system is to review your accomplishments for the last five years. What made them work for you? Were you consistent and persistent? Was flexibility a key? Did you learn new skills that made a situation or job easier? Did you trust your inner wisdom? Was thorough preparation the cornerstone of your successes? Most often, the abilities that allowed you to succeed in these situations can be transferred to new challenges.

Many actors move to New York or LA from other parts of the country. Instead of doing the things that brought them success originally, they "throw out the baby with the bath water". For example, if an actor has found that doing work has been the way to meet people in the industry and to move their career forward, then that's the approach to take in New York or LA. For them, work breeds work. Another example of this is someone who is promoted or starts a new job. The very things that worked in the previous job will most likely work in the current job as well. If you are known for consistency and have the ability to follow through, these skills will transfer to the new job or position.

The value in designing a personal operating system is that you can create a formula for success in your life. The keys to designing a personal operating system are:

  • honor your way of being,
  • builds on what works for you,
  • and focus on what you enjoy.

Your system is yours, unique as you are. Once you are aware of what works for you, you will be able to replicate the things that allow you to succeed. And what you will be creating is your version of success, not someone else's.

By Lea Tolub Brandenburg

Lea Tolub Brandenburg is a Personal and Business Coach. She is a success partner for people who want to grow professionally and personally. She is also a professional actress with 20 years of experience of taking the word "no" and changing the spelling to "how". She writes a free monthly e-zine on the topics of creativity, inner wisdom and communication. To find out more about her coaching services or to subscribe to her newsletter visit: