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Monologues by Kellie Powell

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This page is dedicated to the theatrical works of Kellie Powell.

A bit about Kellie...

Kellie Powell’s plays have been produced by Love Creek Productions, Art International Radio, KNOW Theatre, Hinman Production Company, the Illinois State University Free Stage Festival, the Penny Dreadful Players, and Studio Z. Her plays have been published by These Aren’t My Shoes Productions and JAC Publishing & Promotions. She has also published poetry and non-fiction. For more information on Powell and her work, visit:

Some of Kellie's Theatrical productions:

  • **Close Enough, KNOW Theatre Playwrights Festival, November 2010
  • **Thanksgiving in the Wilderness, Dogface, Collaboration, Close Enough, Love Creek Productions Developing Acts Company, November 2010
  • **Bargaining, Art International Radio, August 2009
  • **Like Dreaming, Backwards, KNOW Theatre Playwrights Festival, July 2009
  • **Rage Is Loud, Love Creek Productions Brief Acts Company, May 2009
  • **Dogface, These Aren't My Shoes Productions, January 2009
  • **Collaboration, Illinois State University Free Stage Festival, April 2006

Featured Monologues by Kellie Powell:

Dogface | Spilled Milk