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Snow Falling On Cedars Monologue

Snow Falling On Cedars by Ron Bass & Scott Hicks
Character: Nels
Gender: Male
Age (range): 18 - 55
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Nels: There is no evidence of anger at Carl, much less rage, much less murderous rage. No reason for premeditation and no evidence of it. Anywhere.
Nels: He had asked his childhood friend Carl to sell him some land. And Carl was considering it. Carl's own wife testified that her husband had not made up his mind! Strange moment to follow and kill a man, don't you think? And yet the state is required to prove these things. Beyond. A reasonable. Doubt. There is more than reasonable doubt, but reasonable doubt is all that's needed. Why is Kazuo's D-6 battery in Carl's well, if Carl was helping him? Why? Isn't the blood on the gaff more consistent with Carl's hand wound than a skull fracture? Given the absence ofbone fragments or brain tissue. What Mr. Hooks asks you to believe is that no proof is needed. Against a man who bombed Pearl Harbor. Look at his face, the prosecutor said. Presuming that you will see an enemy there. He is counting on you to remember this war. And to see Kazuo Miyamoto as somehow connected with it. And indeed he is. Let us recall that First Lieutenant Kazuo Miyamoto is a much decorated hero of the United States Army. Now Kazuo Miyamoto did one thing wrong. He wasn't certain he could trust us. He was afraid that he would be made a victim of prejudice. As Mr. Hooks is urging you to do. And there's reason in his uncertainty. Why? We sent him. And his wife. And thousands of Americans to concentration camps. They lost homes, belongings, everything. Can we now be unforgiving of his mistrust?