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Primary Colors Monologue

Primary Colors by Elaine May
Character: Dewayne
Gender: Male
Age (range): 18 - 55
Style: Comedy/Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Dewayne: And uh, they just kept a-passing me up. Third grade, fourth grade and... I just sit in the back, and just stickin' to my own self. And it was like no one noticed. I go on all the ways through and I graduated elementary school. And they sent me to Ben Franklin. That's general studies. Heh, they could've sent me to the Bronx Zoo. I mean, no one ever tell me nothing. No one ever say "Dewayne, you can't read. Whatcha gonna do with your sorry ass?" Excuse me. Anyway, graduation come. And my mama come. She take the day off from the laundry where she work at. So we're there, um, and Dr. Dalembretti is calling out the names on the diplomas and what each kid done. You know, like "Sharonna Harris, honors", "Tyrone Kirby, Regents diploma." And then -- then he come to my name, and uh... he say so everyone hear it -- he say "Dewayne Smith ... receives certificate ... of attendance." You could hear people buzzin', a couple of folks is laughin'. I gotta go up there and get this. I gotta stand up there, just dyin', trying not to look at anyone, trying not to look too stupid, you know? And Mama's sitting out front. She's got her hat on. She got her purse on her lap and tears coming down from behind her glasses... like someone -- like someone died...