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State & Main Monologue

State & Main by David Mamet
Character: Walt
Gender: Male
Age (range): 18 - 55
Style: Drama
Length: 3 minutes


Walt: To the contrary. I want you to tell the truth. The truth is, you can't tell me, to a certainty, that you saw the thing. You don't remember, a gun to your head, which glasses you have on. And you have a fertile imagination. Imagination wants to fill in the blanks. Now. IF you aren't sure, then they have nothing. Bob walks free. As he should. Joe: wasn't long ago they buried actors at the crossroads with a stake through their heart, you know? The people who are talking to you about the way we live though we may praise them, we fear them. And they fear us. Because we tell the truth. About our lives. Now, this is a damn roost, and everyone knows it; the guy is looking for a case, he wants to make a name for himself...If we let him do that, if we let him do that, then we're being false to our our community, you understand? To our world. 'Cause you are a part of that world, now. You have to take off the steel Rolex and put on the Gold Rolex. And be part of your world. I got a five picture deal with the studio. And you stick with me. You write one, two more, you stick with me, and you'll direct the third one. You are a part of this world. You have to do the right thing: we're out in the Provinces, the Sheriff, literally is at our door. You have to stand with the troops, Joe. That's the bottom line. You have to...if you had the leisure to think it through, you'd see it for yourself. The girl wasn't in the car.