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Willard Monologue

Willard by Glen Morgan
Character: Martin
Gender: Male
Age (range): 18 - 55
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Martin: You like my new S-55, Willard? My new car. My new Mercedes. I saw you drooling over it. Do you know why I have that car? I'm driving that 350 horse power, V-8 masterpiece for you and your fellow employees. Y'see, buyers feel a sense of security when they can see proof that they're dealing with a successful man. So when I whip into that parking lot behind the wheel of my brand new Mercedes AMG Class, they'll buy from us over the slob in the Jaguar S-Type. Do you know why I can afford to plunk down 9,000 bucks for that little edge over the competition, Willard? Because I'm a successful man! Because I have never been late for work every day in my life! Because when I come to work, I don't show up looking like a drowned rat in one of my dead father's cheap suits! Because I get the job done! Because I have never forced my employer to carry a temp for 8 weeks! I'm successful because I have never given my boss that grief. Why in the hell am I even wasting my time? You probably won't even ever own a damn car. Sh!t.