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Story of Us Monologue

The Story of Us by Alan Zweibel & Jessie Nelson
Character: Katie Jordan
Gender: Female
Age (range): 18 - 55
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


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Katie Jordan: When I was in college, I had to write this paper....it was for some philosophy class I was taking, on any book that we thought best depicted the way that we viewed the world...and I can remember some people picking books by the great thinkers...Kierkegaard and Plato...some kids chose the Bible...I wrote my paper on "Harold and the Purple Crayon...it's a small book, about a little boy who draws the world the way he wants it to be with his magic crayon, and I just loved that book because it was about everything that I wasn't. But the problem in a marriage, is that if one person is always Harold, drawing the world the way he wants it to be with his magic crayon, the other person has no choice but to draw the world the way that it is. Which is probably why they never wrote a book about Harold's wife.


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