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Gypsy Monologue

Gypsy by Arthur Laurents & Leonard Spigelgass
Character: Rose
Gender: Female
Age (range): 18 - 55
Style: Comedy/Drama
Length: 1 minutes


Rose: I thought you did it for me, mama. I thought you did it for me mama. I though you made a no talent ox into a star because you like doing things the hard way Mama. And you have no talent. Not what I call talent, Miss Gypsy Rose Lee! I made you...I made you! And you wanna know why? You wanna know what I did it for? 'Cause I was born too soon and started too late, that's why. What I got in me , I could have been better than any of you! What I got in me, what I been holding down inside of me, if I ever let it go, there wouldn't have been signs big enough. There wouldn't have been lights bright enough.