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Klute Monologue

Klute by Andy Lewis & Dave Lewis
Character: Bree Daniels
Gender: Female
Age (range): 18 - 55
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Bree Daniels: All right. Loneliness. Well -- separated. From other people. Forgotten. Well, as if I can be here, I can go through the motions, right? But the truth is, I don't belong. Well, it's more than loneliness. Hate. People hating me -- and watching me and following me and wanting to hurt me -- you know. I'm all screwed up. The truth is I hate them: they must hate me. All right, the money. All right, not the money. A kind of put-on. It gets things back together. Well, let's say I go to one those cattle calls, a tryout. I mean before -- before I got this job -- and they'd always say thank you very much and I'd feel, you know, brought down. They didn't want me. Well, you have a choice, you can either feel lonely -- you know, the hate -- or -- So you take a call and you go to a hotel room and there's some John you've never see before, but he wants you. He must, he's paying for it. And usually, they're nervous and that's all right too, because you're not; you know this thing. And then for a while, boy, they really pay attention, you're all there is. And it's not real and you don't even like them -- you can even hate them, it's all right, it's safe -- you know?