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Magnolia Monologue

Magnolia by Paul Thomas Anderson
Character: Linda
Gender: Female
Age (range): 18 - 55
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Linda: No, no, no, you see, I never loved him. I never loved him. Earl. When I met him, when I started, I met him, I f#@ked him, and I married him because I wanted his money. You understand? I'm telling you this...I've never told anyone, I didn't love him... but now, I know I'm in that will. I mean, we're all there together. We made that f#@king thing and all the money I'll get. And I don't want it, because I love him so much now. I've fallen in love with him now for real as he's dying. I look at him, and he's about to go, Alan. He's moments. I took care of him through this, Alan. What now, then? I don't want him to die. I didn't love him when we met, and I did so many bad things to him that he doesn't know. Things that I want to confess to him, but now I do. I love him.