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Eastern Promises Movie Script

Writer(s) : Steven Knight

Genres : Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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                           EASTERN PROMISES

                              Written by

                            Steven Knight

1   EXT. A STREET NEAR BRICK LANE - EVENING                       1

    It's 5.30pm in late December and rain is pouring. The
    scant Christmas decorations are hanging limp in the rain.
    A young Turk (EKREM) runs through the rain with a Turkish
    newspaper held over his head. He ducks into a traditional
    barber's shop called Ozim's.

2   INT. OZIM'S BARBER SHOP - EVENING                             2

    The shutters are drawn. OZIM (a plump middle-aged Turk)
    is cutting the hair of the last customer of the day (SOYKA).
    Soyka is a Chechen, well-groomed, wearing a sharp suit
    beneath the barber's gown.

    During the conversation we glimpse distinctive eagle- and
    star-shaped tattoos on Soyka's arms and hands.

    Ozim and Soyka are chatting as Ekrem enters.   Soyka speaks
    with a Russian accent.

              Guvenilmez... daginik... bloody
              kids, you know... he says - `but
              Amca it's Christmas?... Christmas!
              We're Islam!

              Oi, how much are you taking off?

              Christmas! So I said to him...
              alisverise cimac. The kid's

    Ozim brushes some hair off the customer's shoulder and
    Ozim finally acknowledges Ekrem, who is shivering and wet
    near to the door. Ekrem turns the `Open' sign to `Closed'.

                          OZIM (CONT'D)
              They don't want to work do they.

              Uncle Ozim.......

    We see for the first time that Ekrem is shaking with fear
    as well as cold.

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2   CONTINUED:                                                         2

                 This is him.     The kid I'm talking

    Ekrem approaches, stiffened by terror.       Soyka nods at Ekrem
    in the mirror.

                 He looks OK to me... how you doin'

    Soyka offers Ekrem a hand to shake and Ekrem stares at it
    as if it were enchanted...

                 He looks OK, yeah, but he won't do
                 one lousy thing for me. Here,
                 look... Ekrem, take this...

    Ozim takes an open razor from behind a line of hair-tonic
    bottles and hands it to Ekrem, who now looks mortally

                 Ozim... memnum etmek.

                 We had a deal now he's backing

                 Hey Ozim, leave the kid alone.
                 It's obviously a psychological

                 Take it Ekrem.

                 Ozim, it's OK. I don't want a shave.

                 This is the kid who walks around
                 like Al Capone. Take the fucking
                 ustura and finish this Rushca.


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2   CONTINUED: (2)                                                 2

    Soyka rises up from the seat, casting off his barber's
    gown. Ozim yells `kabuka! And Ekrem snarls, flicks open
    the razor and drags it across Soyka's throat. Soyka's scream
    bubbles in the blood.

3   EXT. KILBURN HIGH ROAD - NIGHT                                 3

    We dissolve to a Christmas decoration flashing on and off
    in the rain, high on a lamp post in Kilburn High Road. We
    pan down the lamp post to the High Road where revelers are
    hurrying through the rain. We see a young girl (TATIANA)
    hurrying across the street, wrapped in a dressing gown
    with a man's overcoat thrown over the top of it. Her hair
    is soaked as she approaches an all night chemist's shop.
    She is barefoot.

4   INT. CHEMIST'S SHOP - NIGHT                                    4

    The CHEMIST is delivering advice in Gujurati to a CUSTOMER.
    Tatiana wipes rain from her face and the Chemist and the
    customer react to her ragged appearance.

                  (Russian accent)
              Please... I have...

              For methadone I need to see paper

    The customer looks at Tatiana's feet and reacts. We see
    blood trickling down her legs. Tatiana looks down, then
    faints onto the floor.


    We see Tatiana unconscious on a wheeled trolley bursting
    through double doors into the operating ward of Trafalgar
    hospital. The trolley is accompanied by TWO NURSES, a
    JUNIOR DOCTOR and a midwife, (ANNA KHITROVA). The two
    PARAMEDICS who brought her are following behind the trolley.

              Did you get a name?


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5   CONTINUED:                                                        5

                                                            CUT TO


    A tiny brown handbag is being shaken empty by a nurse.
    Tatiana is being prepared for an emergency Caesarean. The
    theater is full of people in scrubs, including an
    anesthetist. Monitors and drips are being attached at double

    We notice that her arms are already dotted with festering
    needle marks.

    A nurse searches through the contents of the handbag and
    we can hear frantic activity from the operating table....

                             NURSE 1
                 Her stats are very poor, very poor.
                 Baby's very distressed.

    Anna approaches the nurse, who is rummaging through the
    contents of the bag. We see a business card from a
    restaurant called `The Trans-Siberian', a St. Christopher
    necklace and a tiny battered diary. Anna grabs the diary.

                             JUNIOR DOCTOR
                 Shoulder distocia, I think.   Stuck
                 on the pubic bone.

    Cut to Anna at Tatiana's head.    Anna strokes her face and
    speaks softly.

                 Darling... darling, can you hear

                 Baby's heart beat sixty... fifty-
                 eight, fifty-eight... fifty-seven...

                             JUNIOR DOCTOR
                 Anna, I'm trying to rotate the
                 shoulder medially... shit...

    THE JUNIOR DOCTOR is breathing hard with a look of utter
    panic as he attempts to free the baby.

    The doors burst open and a more senior doctor in his mid
    thirties (DOCTOR AZIZ) enters at a gallop. As he enters...

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6   CONTINUED:                                                    6

                             NURSE 1
                 Baby stats sixty-eight and in free

                             NURSE 2
                 I'm not getting a pulse.

    Heartbeats. Doctor Aziz joins the junior doctor, who looks
    out of his depth.

                 Speak to me...

    Before the junior doctor can speak Anna speaks directly to

                 We need to get the baby out now.

    Aziz knows he can take Anna's word...

                 OK, let's go.

    All hell is let loose. As the Caesarean process begins at
    frantic speed, we slowly zoom in on Tatiana's unconscious
    face and hear her voice in V.O... a young girl's voice
    speaking with an Russian accent. The crosstalk between
    nurses and doctors becomes more and more frantic.

                             TATIANA (V.O.)
                 My name is Tatiana. My father
                 died in the mines in my village,
                 so he was already buried when he
                 died. We were all buried there.
                 Buried under the soil of Russia.
                 That is why I left to find a better

    We hear... a baby cry. Anna's face appears in our framed
    shot of Tatiana's face. She gently kisses Tatiana's cheek.

                 You had a girl.

    A sheet is pulled over Tatiana's face. A nurse weighs the
    screaming baby. Anna wipes her brow with the back of her
    bloody wrist.

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6   CONTINUED: (2)                                                6

                Ok.   Call it.

    The Junior doctor and a nurse check watches and speak almost
    in unison...

                            JUNIOR DOCTOR
                Unidentified woman, died December
                24th at 11.13.

                Baby girl, born December 24th at


    Anna leaves the labor ward, putting on her crash helmet.
    She emerges out into the crisp, sunny morning. Aziz hurries
    to catch her up and hands her a wrapped gift.

                Merry Christmas, Anna.

                Oh, don't be ridiculous.

    He grins.

                And you have to open it in front
                of me.

    Aziz smiles as Anna unwraps a pair of leather motorcycling
    gloves. She looks up at him, expressionless.

                            AZIZ (CONT'D)
                At least pretend.

    Anna considers the gloves.

                In the whole entire history of my
                life, I have never felt this

                Thank you.

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7   CONTINUED:                                                       7

    Aziz plants a kiss on his two fingers and presses his
    fingers against Anna's cheek through the open visor of the

                                  AZIZ (CONT'D)
                 Wear them.       It's cold.

8   EXT. LONDON STREET - DAY                                         8

    Anna rides her big vintage URAL motorcycle through deserted
    morning streets. As she rides, we hear Tatiana in V.O.

                             TATIANA (V.O.)
                 I am so excited this morning.
                 Yesterday a friend came back to
                 our village and he told us all
                 about the places on the map that I
                 look at... Paris, Amsterdam, London.
                 He's been there for real...

9   INT. HELEN'S HOUSE. ANNA'S BEDROOM - DAY                         9

    After the bright airiness of the bike ride, we are suddenly
    in Anna's bedroom where the curtains are drawn. Anna is
    lying awake on the bed, wearing a dressing gown.

                             TATIANA (V.O.)
                 ...he said the future of everything
                 was already happening in all those

    There is a gentle knock at the door, which opens before
    Anna can respond. It is ANNA'S MOTHER (HELEN) with a cup
    of tea.

                 Did you sleep?

                 A bit.

                 There's no point us tiptoeing around
                 if you're not even sleeping.

    Helen puts the tea on the dressing table, then turns to
    leave without a smile.

                 Mum?       Are you OK?

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9    CONTINUED:                                                      9

                  Of course not. It's Christmas.

10   INT.   HELEN'S HOUSE. KITCHEN - DAY                             10

     Anna is pouring two glasses of sherry. Helen is peeling
     potatoes. Anna peers at Helen... and sees tears. They
     share a moment of stifled emotion. Helen wipes her eyes
     with her sleeve.

                  It's the chicken.
                  The smell of chicken roasting
                  reminds me of him.

                  You should have done beef, then.

     They look at each other and giggle. They both have potato
     peelers in their wet hands, sleeves rolled up, two practical
     unsentimental women being almost consumed by the same wave
     of emotion.

                  It wouldn't be Christmas without
                  tears in the gravy, would it.

     We hear a gruff Russian voice calling out from the living
     room (UNCLE STEPAN).

                                STEPAN (V.O.)
                  Anna! Anna!    Where did you get

     Anna and Helen roll their eyes.

                  It's your own fault for giving him
                  something to play with.

                  Well, I can't read Russian, can I?

     Anna drops her peeler and hurries into the living room.

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10   CONTINUED:                                                      10

                                                           CUT TO

11   INT. HELEN'S HOUSE. LIVING ROOM - DAY                           11

     The living room table is laid for dinner. Uncle Stepan is
     early seventies, Russian. He is reading the tiny diary
     that Anna found in Tatiana's bag. Anna breezes in.

                  I told you, Uncle Stepan, I found
                  it in the handbag of a girl who
                  died in my ward.

                  Do you always rob the bodies of
                  the dead?

                      (suppressed, familiar
                  Of course, we all do it. It's one
                  of the perks of working in a

     Stepan grumbles, accustomed to this teasing.

     Helen enters carrying a bowl of walnuts and brazil nuts
     which she places on the table.

     Pause.   Stepan looks pointedly at Helen.

                  Did you know that your daughter
                  robs the bodies of the dead?

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11   CONTINUED:                                                      11

                  Stepan, is there an address?

     Stepan lays the diary aside, obstinate and prim.

                  You have an uncle who doesn't steal
                  things from the dead. Not even
                  their secrets.

                  Oh, don't go all momentous on us,
                      (she straightens
                       the table cloth)
                  Lift your elbows.

                  You should put this in her coffin,
                  Anna. Bury her secrets with her

                  Body.   Singular.

     Stepan leaves in a huff. Anna picks up the diary and begins
     to study it. She sees the `Trans-Siberian' business card
     between the pages.

                              ANNA (CONT'D)
                  How long will dinner be?

     Helen looks at Anna, suspecting an attempt to escape.

12   EXT. LONDON STREETS - DAY                                       12

     Driving music as we see Anna riding her motorbike through
     deserted morning streets again. We should begin to sense
     that this is a kind of release for her. We hear Tatiana
     in V.O.

                              TATIANA (V.O.)
                  When I was little, London was like
                  a place in the Bible. I wasn't
                  even sure if it was real. My friend
                  has told me there is a place in
                  London where they pay girls to

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12   CONTINUED:                                                        12

     Anna arrives outside the `Trans-Siberian' restaurant. It
     has a Russian-themed frontage in blue and gold, expensively
     and recently finished.

                              TATIANA (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                  He said if I sang in this restaurant
                  I would make more money in a week
                  than my father made in a year.

     As Anna pulls up we hear a dog begin to bark.


     The side door opens to reveal a hard-looking, handsome
     Russian man (NIKOLAI), who stops to groom his hair back
     from his face and put on a pair of sunglasses as he emerges
     into daylight. He steps into a small courtyard, where a
     fierce Doberman dog is barking and snarling on the end of
     a chain.

     Nikolai is followed by KIRILL, who is a little younger,
     slim and pretty but hard-looking too. Kirill is dressed in
     a crumpled T-shirt and jeans and looks like he had a heavy
     night. Nikolai ignores the dog as he walks by but Kirill
     yells at it and teases it with a whoop and few Russian
     curses. Nikolai unbolts the gate to the street.

                  So you pick up Ozim and his bitch
                  of a wife and you bring them back

     He glances back at the restaurant and speaks softly.

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  Then I'll think of an excuse and
                  we can get away.

                  I'll think of an excuse. Your
                  excuses are like fucking fairy

     Kirill grins and Nikolai flicks the fob of his car keys.
     The lights on an expensive black Mercedes glow in response.
     Kirill notices Anna locking up her bike at the front of
     the restaurant.

                  Who the fuck's that?

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13   CONTINUED:                                                        13

     They both see Anna removing her crash helmet and shaking
     out her hair. She walks towards the front door.

                      (in Russian)
                  Maybe somebody sent your dad a
                  hooker for Christmas.

                  You're so... fucking unbelievably

     Kirill sees that Nikolai is studying Anna and his grin
     fades. We sense jealousy.

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  Hey, you've got work to do.   Go...

     Kirill grabs Nikolai's face to distract him, gives him a
     playful slap, but there is somehow more to it than
     playfulness. Nikolai gets into his car.

     Kirill glares at Anna as she approaches the front of the

14   EXT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - DAY                              14

     As Nikolai drives away, Anna rings the doorbell beside the
     front door. There is no reply. She is about to ring again
     when the door opens. We see SEMYON, a Russian man in his
     late sixties. He is wiping his hands on a tea towel,
     dressed in a spotlessly white apron. He has the sparkling
     piercing eyes of a falcon.

                  We are closed.

                  I know.

     She fumbles in her bag.

                              ANNA (CONT'D)
                  Sorry... I'm a midwife.

     Anna produces her hospital ID and shows it to Semyon.

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14   CONTINUED:                                                     14

                      (with a twinkle)
                  Then unless one of my daughters is
                  keeping something from me, you
                  have the wrong address.

                  I'd like to speak to the Manager.

     Semyon studies the name on the ID.


                  My dad was Russian.

     Semyon seems suddenly delighted.

                  And his name?


                  So, you are Anna Ivanovna.

15   INT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - DAY                           15

     The tables are set for a huge party. Kirill is now on
     step ladders, fixing some Christmas decorations. Other
     relatives are getting the place ready. Semyon hurries
     through the restaurant, leading Anna by the hand.

                  We must hurry. I must stir. Stir,
                  stir or the gravy dies in my hands.
                  Today it is family. Here is my
                  son, Kirill.
                      (he hisses at Kirill)
                  Kirill! The berries are too low,
                  too low. And Roman, more glasses
                  for red!
                      (he claps his hands)
                  Come on!

     Kirill follows Anna's progress through the restaurant with
     a glare.

     BLUE Revision   -   11/4/06                           13A.

15   CONTINUED:                                                   15

     There are three little girls in extravagant party frocks,
     all holding violins and giggling near to the door that

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                              14.

15   CONTINUED: (2)                                                  15

     leads to the kitchen. Semyon stops when he reaches them
     and puts his hands on his hips.

                           SEMYON (CONT'D)
               My angels. You should be
               practising. You must make the
               wood cry. Like this, like this...

     Semyon grabs a violin and plays a three-second burst of
     sad Russian violin music.

                              SEMYON (CONT'D)
               You see...

     Semyon hurries on into the kitchen.    Anna smiles, delighted
     at the eccentric old man.


     Inside the kitchen there is an inferno of activity, steam,
     smoke. Family members, some dressed in their party outfits,
     others in chefs' uniforms, are standing over steaming pots,
     laughing, arguing. Children play and yell. You can almost
     smell Christmas. Anna enters, dazzled by it all,
     overwhelmed by the contrast to her own lifeless Christmas
     kitchen. Semyon calls out to everyone.

               Come, come, hurry, hurry.    They
               will be here any moment.
                   (to Anna)
               Ok, show me this card.

     Anna reaches into her pocket and produces the `Trans-
     Siberian' business card she found in Tatiana's bag. Semyon
     angles his head to look as he stirs.

                           SEMYON (CONT'D)
               It is the old card. From before
               the renovations. But even so, if
               she had worked here I would remember
               the name. Perhaps she ate here
               once. Try this.

     Semyon offers Anna a spoonful of his gravy.    She sips it.

               God, that's amazing. My dad made
               gravy just like that.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                             15.

16   CONTINUED:                                                      16

     Semyon shrugs and smiles, his eyes twinkling, then goes
     back to stirring. He speaks as if unconcerned.

                  So did you get a chance to talk to
                  this girl before she died?

17   EXT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - DAY                            17

     Nikolai's black Mercedes pulls up outside the restaurant
     and parks a few inches from Anna's motorbike. The rear
     windows are sun shaded so we only see Nikolai in the
     driver's seat.   He gets out of the car and opens the rear
     door of the car for an elegantly dressed Turkish lady in
     her fifties. Nikolai goes to the other rear door. The
     portly figure of Ozim the barber emerges. As Ozim gets out
     he gives Nikolai a fifty-pound note.


     Two of the little girl violinists are fighting, pulling
     each other's hair. The third is sobbing, sitting on the
     floor. A young woman in a party dress is carrying a huge
     silver bowl of sauce across the kitchen.

     Anna looks delighted at the noise and energy of the place.
     Finally Semyon emerges from a cloud of steam with a scrap
     of paper.

                  This is an agency that hires casual
                  kitchen staff. Maybe you will
                  have more luck there. But I think
                  they will be closed until New Year.

     As Anna takes the address, Kirill puts his head around
     the door and yells through the noise.

                  Papa, Ozim is here.

     Semyon is alarmed and claps his hand in urgent fashion.

                  Ten minutes!!
                      (to the rest of the
                  Fish, fish, fish! Ten minutes!
                  OK, Kirill, get him a drink and
                  tell him I am coming.

     WHITE Revision    -   9/12/06                                   16.

18   CONTINUED:                                                            18

     Semyon takes a pot from the heat, suddenly flustered.

                              SEMYON (CONT'D)
                  Anna, I'm so sorry I couldn't help.
                  It is sad.

                  That's OK. I'll probably find out
                  more when I get her diary

                  Her diary?

     There is the tiniest of changes in Semyon's manner.        He
     lays his heavy pot down.

                  I found her diary in her bag.

     A pause. Semyon disappears into a billow of steam to put
     a pan onto the heat then re-emerges.

                  Why did you not tell me you found
                  a diary?

     He peers at her for a moment, his eyes hardening a little.

                              SEMYON (CONT'D)
                  OK, Anna, this is how it will be.
                  You will bring the diary here and
                  I will translate it for you. Then
                  if we get the names of any relatives
                  I will call them myself. I am
                  something of a... community leader
                  for the Russians here in this
                  unfriendly city. What do you say?

     Semyon hoists a passing child into his arms.

                  I was going to ask my uncle....

                      (apparently not
                  And when you come I will make you
                  some more gravy like your papa
                  used to make and you can try the

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                             17.

18   CONTINUED: (2)                                                 18

                           SEMYON (CONT'D)
               fish with the sauce. OK? Tomorrow,
               yes? Shall we say seven?

     Anna is a little overwhelmed.

                           SEMYON (CONT'D)
               Then it is settled. But for now,
               you must forgive me.

     Semyon shrugs then kisses Anna on both cheeks.

                           SEMYON (CONT'D)


     Anna heads for the door that leads back to the restaurant.
     Semyon goes back to stirring but as he stirs he calls out.

               Oh Anna, you always work at the
               Trafalgar hospital?

               Yes, always.

     A pause before Anna leaves Semyon to his clouds of steam.

19   INT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - DAY                           19

     Kirill and Ozim are talking confidentially in a mix of
     Russian and Turkish whispers at a table. Ozim's wife is
     at a table alone, well out of their earshot, smoking a
     cigarette and peeling glazed figs. As Anna walks by, Ozim
     and Kirill stop talking. The scene has a much darker mood
     to the bustling scene in the kitchen, but for now Anna
     feels no unease. As she passes, Kirill surveys her with a
     deadly smile and a professional eye.

               Hey, you OK?     You want a drink?

               No, thanks.     I'm driving.

     As Anna smiles, Ozim mumbles something in Turkish and Kirill
     shushes him.

     PINK Revision      -   11/12/06                              18.

19   CONTINUED:                                                         19

                  OK.     Merry Christmas.   Drive safely.

     Ozim giggles.      Anna departs.

20   EXT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - DAY                               20

     Anna emerges into the daylight. As she does she sees that
     four expensive-looking cars have already parked and various
     ostentatiously dressed Russian and Turkish couples with
     their children are emerging from their cars. The women are
     all wearing furs, even the little girls. The men wear
     leather or dark suits. They greet each other exuberantly
     as they emerge from their cars. Anna suddenly feels
     slightly uneasy. As she approaches her motorbike she sees
     Nikolai leaning against the bonnet of his car, smoking,
     still wearing shades. His bumper is almost touching Anna's

                      (in Russian)
                  Nice bike.


                  Nice bike.

                  Thank you.

                  A Ural. You don't see them anymore.

                  It was my dad's.

                  How much do you want for it?

     Anna has already taken a dislike to this man. He is
     arrogant and looks potentially violent. His shades, suit
     and tattoos say it all.

                  It has sentimental value.

     Nikolai rolls the concept around in his mind and considers.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                             18A.

20   CONTINUED:                                                       20

                  `Sentimental value'.   I've heard
                  of that.

     Anna puts her helmet on.

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                             19.

20   CONTINUED: (2)                                                 20

                           NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
               You're not staying for the party?


               Nor me. Chauffeurs don't get
               invited. You want to go for a
               drink instead?

     Anna mounts her bike.

               It's Christmas. Everything's

     Nikolai smiles.

               Sometimes if things are closed you
               just open them up, you know?

     Anna now feels intimidated and luckily the bike fires first
     time. She rides away. Nikolai watches her go and then
     stubs his cigarette.

21   INT. HELEN'S HOUSE. DINING ROOM - NIGHT                        21

     Sudden silence... perhaps the ticking of a clock. This is
     Anna's Christmas dinner, a total contrast to the chaos of
     the restaurant. Stepan is attempting to carve the chicken.

               Anna, how come is it that your
               boyfriend isn't here to carve?

     Stepan takes a large sip of vodka.

               I don't live with Oliver any more,
               Uncle Stepan. I'm living back
               here for a bit.

               For as long as you want.

               I knew he would run away from you.

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                              20.

21   CONTINUED:                                                      21

                  He didn't run away. You make me
                  sound like a burning building.

                  Black men always run away.

                  Oh Stepan!

                  What?   I am allowed to be honest?

                  He was a doctor, Stepan.

                  What the hell has that got to do
                  with it?

     A pause.     Stepan sips his vodka.

                  It is not natural to mix race and
                  race. That is why your baby died
                  inside you.

     Anna slams her napkin onto the table.

                  Stepan, shut up!
                      (Anna gets to her
                  Please Anna.

     Helen takes Anna's hand but she turns and leaves. Helen
     stands to follow her, but first she whips Stepan's vodka
     away from him.

                              HELEN (CONT'D)
                  You're just how he was. Stupid
                  bloody drunken Russians.

22   EXT. HELEN'S HOUSE. GARDEN - NIGHT                              22

     The garden is just outside the kitchen.

     Anna is lighting a cigarette. Helen steps outside and
     reacts to the cigarette. She is about to admonish Anna
     for smoking, but Anna speaks first.

     WHITE Revision    -   9/12/06                               21.

22   CONTINUED:                                                          22

                  It's Christmas. I'm thirty-one.

     A pause.     Anna blows smoke, clearly upset.

                  Anna, you know what he's like.

                  I don't give a damn about Stepan.
                  Who has that poor baby got in the
                  whole world?

     Helen reacts.

                  I knew this would happen.

                  Good. Fine.     So you know

                  Anna, she isn't your responsibility.

                  The baby is my responsibility until
                  I hand her over to the mother.
                  The mother is dead.

                  Then it's up to the proper

     Anna smiles as if in agreement.

                  The proper authorities will all be
                  skiing until after New Year.

     Anna coughs a little then stubs her cigarette.        Helen takes
     the butt as if it were poisonous.

                  It's part of the grieving.

                  What grieving?

     Helen touches her hand.      An inadequate gesture.

      GOLDENROD Revision   -   11/27/06                       22.

22    CONTINUED: (2)                                                22

                In the last year you've lost your
                father and you lost a baby.

      Anna is irritated but doesn't put words to her feelings.

                            HELEN (CONT'D)
                Come in and have your dinner.

                I'm not hungry.

      Anna and Helen look into each other's eyes for a moment
      before Helen heads for the kitchen, carrying the cigarette
      butt as if it were a deadly snake.


      In a private room in the Special Care Baby Unit, Anna
      approaches Tatiana's baby's plastic crib. The baby is
      tightly bundled up, sound asleep. Through the windows of
      the room, we see the darkened, quiet ward outside - another

      Anna stands over the baby, her face full of emotion. There
      we see pain, loss, shame, emptiness, isolation. Tears begin
      to roll from her eyes, and then she is sobbing soundlessly.

23    INT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - NIGHT                        23

      The Trans-Siberian restaurant is smoky with cigarettes and
      cigars. The party is in full swing with two dozen guests
      and family. One of the golden-haired children is playing
      violin badly. The language is Russian, English and Turkish
      mixed. Kirill is bringing a huge baked carp to the table.
      His mobile phone rings and he wipes his hands on a towel
      to answer it.

      When he hears the voice, Kirill glances at his father and
      moves quickly out of earshot. Semyon notices but hides
      his concern. As Kirill walks, a child tugs his leg and
      holds up a soft toy, asking a question in Russian.

                    (to child)
                He's called Goofy... Goofy yeah.
                    (into phone)
                So the coast is clear, yeah? What?
                I said `coast'.

     GOLDENROD Revision    -   11/27/06                       22A.

23   CONTINUED:                                                      23

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  No, not the beach. It's an English
                  expression, you fucking baboon. I
                      (hissing out of ear
                  ...there are no police. You sure?

     Kirill glances over at Semyon, who is apparently lost
     amongst a sea of children, but we see from the corner of
     his eye he is watching Kirill.

     GREEN Revision   -   11/24/06                            23.

23   CONTINUED: (2)                                                 23

                           KIRILL (CONT'D)
                   (to phone)
               No, my dad's not involved. I'm a
               big boy now. I do my own stuff.
               Yeah. Merry Christmas.

     Kirill cuts the call and nods to Ozim, who stubs his cigar.
     Semyon notices their silent communication, then turns to
     one of the violin-playing angels, smiles, and kisses her
     on both cheeks.

24   OMITTED                                                        24

25   EXT. OZIM'S BARBER SHOP - NIGHT                                25

     We see the car pull up sharply outside Ozim's barber's
     shop. Nikolai jumps out and opens the door for Ozim.

26   OMITTED                                                        26

     The three men walk to the door beside the barber shop.
     Ozim takes a bunch of keys out and prepares to open the
     door to the upstairs. He stops.

               The driver stays down here.

     Kirill smiles and shakes his head.

               You really think I do this kind of

     Kirill puts his hand on Nikolai's shoulder

                           KIRILL (CONT'D)
               This guy's not a driver. He's an

     Ozim looks at Nikolai, highly dubious.
     BLUE Revision   -   11/4/06                               24.


     The rooms above Ozim's shop have been converted into a
     drinking club. Ozim leads Nikolai and Kirill through the
     debris of the night before. As they walk through, Ekrem
     suddenly leaps out of the darkness with a yell. Kirill
     and Nikolai both react with instinctive aggression.

               Hey, hey, hey Ekrem, sakim, durgun,

               I got tickets, Ozim. It's with
               Chelsea. They said there was no
               tickets but I got tickets for the
               Chelsea game.

               OK, OK, OK.    You go and watch a
               DVD, yeah?

     Ekrem nods and hugs Ozim. We realize he is slightly
     deranged. Finally he lets Ozim go and leaves. Kirill
     watches him go.

               He knows to say he hasn't seen us,
               right Ozim?

     Ozim finds the key to the kitchen.

               He don't know anything.    He's
               touched by the angels.

     Ozim opens the kitchen door.

28   INT. OZIM'S BARBER SHOP. KITCHEN - NIGHT                        28

     Inside the kitchen there are carcasses of lambs hanging
     from meat hooks. There are knives and skewers around the
     place. Ozim stops and locks the kitchen door behind them.

29   INT. OZIM'S BARBER SHOP. KITCHEN - NIGHT                        29

     The freezer door opens and Ozim gestures towards a large
     package bound up in black bin liners which are dusted with
     frost. Kirill nods to Nikolai who grabs the package and
     hauls it out onto the kitchen floor. Kirill tears a hole
     in the bin liner and we see the frost-dusted face of Soyka.

     BLUE Revision     -   11/4/06                                 25.

29   CONTINUED:                                                          29

     Kirill studies the face and nods.

                  That's him.

     Kirill crosses himself.

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  There was a time when he was like
                  a brother to me.

     He puts his hand on his heart with mock solemnity.

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  Now he looks like a fucking ice

     Kirill giggles.

                  Hey, hey, show some respect for a
                  dead man.

                  Respect?   This is respect.

     Kirill reaches into his pocket and produces an envelope
     which he hands to Ozim. As Ozim opens the envelope and
     begins to count the huge wad of cash, Kirill turns to

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  OK, Nikolai, he's all yours. And
                  show some respect. This Muslim is
                  scared of ghosts.

     Nikolai squeezes the body inside the bags.       It is rock

                  Have you got a hair dryer?

30   INT. OZIM'S BARBER SHOP. KITCHEN - NIGHT                            30

     We cut close to an ancient-looking hair dryer from the
     shop downstairs being trained onto a human hand with a
     large eagle tattoo. We pull wide to reveal the full,
     gruesome scene.

     WHITE Revision    -   9/12/06                            26.

30   CONTINUED:                                                     30

     Nikolai has the body of Soyka laid out on a surface, his
     head still bound up in a bin bag, his lower portions bound
     up similarly. Nikolai is de-frosting Soyka's left hand
     with the hair dryer, concentrating on his ring finger which
     has a gold ring on it. The parts of Soyka's shirt and
     jacket which are visible are crusted with frozen blood.
     Nikolai is wearing rubber gloves.

     As he dries, Nikolai takes a sip of coffee. Ozim is
     watching this scene with horror. Kirill has his arms
     folded, mightily impressed.

     Finally the hand is thawed enough for Nikolai to remove
     the gold ring. He studies an inscription and then offers
     it to Ozim. Ozim shakes his head as if the thing were a
     contagion. Nikolai shrugs and pockets it. He then turns
     the hair dryer back on and blows some hot air onto the
     crisply bloody chest of Soyka. He tugs at the frozen lapel
     of the jacket and blows air into the inside pocket. Within
     a few moments he is able to remove Soyka's glistening,
     thawing wallet which is caked in frozen blood. He opens
     it (we glimpse a photo of a wife and children) and blows
     hot air onto the money inside.

     He tugs a wad of frozen bank notes from the wallet, all
     stuck together by drops of frozen blood. He offers this
     money to Ozim as well but Ozim shakes his head vigorously.
     Kirill hoots with laughter. Ozim is now staring at Nikolai
     as if he were a devil from hell.

     Nikolai grabs a plastic bag and puts the money inside it,
     then pockets the frozen wad. He tosses the rest of the
     frozen wallet to Ozim, who instinctively catches it.

                  You'd better burn that.

     Ozim, reacting to the cold of the wallet and to the horror
     of it, drops the thing on the floor. Nikolai looks at
     Ozim as if he were a complete amateur.

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                  Did you finish cutting his hair?

     Ozim can't answer.

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                  I just thought you might want six-
                  fifty out of his pockets.

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                               27.

30   CONTINUED: (2)                                                   30

     Kirill laughs.    Nikolai takes a deep breath to prepare

                           NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
               OK, now I'm going to do his teeth
               and cut off his fingers.
                   (to Ozim)
               You might want to leave the room.

     Ozim thinks, decides, leaves fast.   A pause.

                           NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
               You too, Kirill.

     Kirill smiles and pats Nikolai on the cheek.

     Kirill leaves. Nikolai is left alone. His hand shakes a
     little as he picks up his cup of coffee.

31   EXT. NINE ELMS. ABANDONED DOCK - MORNING                         31

     Nikolai pulls up beside a rusting crane on the abandoned
     dock in a dry-cleaner's van. Kirill watches as Nikolai
     grabs the semi-thawed body, now bagged and tied, lifts it
     onto his shoulder, and smartly approaches the dockside.

               Aren't you going to weight him
               down or something?

     Nikolai drops the body into the water with a splash.

               If you want to dump a body, this
               is the place. The currents keep
               it under the surface until past
               the barrier.

     Nikolai and Kirill watch as the body is swallowed by a
     fast ocean-bound current.

32   EXT. LONDON STREET - NIGHT                                       32

     Anna pulls up at some lights on her motorbike.

                           TATIANA (V.O.)
               My friend said he would get me to
               Amsterdam and from there we could
               find a way into London. I have
               been practising my singing and

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                             28.

32   CONTINUED:                                                     32

                              TATIANA (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                  have even rejoined the church choir.
                  I am also practising my English.

33   INT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - NIGHT                         33

     Semyon sits alone at the dinner table in the restaurant
     where before there was family and uproar. Outside it's
     dark and raining. He is reading a Russian crime novel. A
     half-empty bottle of vodka sits on the table.

     Tatiana's voice-over continues as we cut inside the

                              TATIANA (V.O.)
                  My friend says his uncle owns the
                  restaurant where you can sing. He
                  is sure this man will take care of

     There is a knock at the door and Semyon looks up sharply.
     His eyes glisten. He puts his novel aside.


     Semyon is unlocking the door and discovering, in the drizzle
     and half light, that it is Anna.

                  Ah. My dear! I wasn't expecting
                  you so early.

                  Is it OK?

35   INT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - NIGHT                         35

     Semyon and Anna are sitting down at the candlelit table.
     Anna fumbles in her bag and produces a sheaf of photocopied
     sheets. She has photocopied the pages of the diary and
     they are laid out in segments on each page.

                  I copied the whole thing.

     Semyon takes the pages and looks troubled.

                  Where is the original?

     WHITE Revision    -     9/12/06                            29.

35   CONTINUED:                                                       35

                  I'm going to keep it. Maybe give
                  it to Tatiana's daughter someday.

     Semyon looks thwarted but hides it well. He studies the
     photocopied sheets for a while then looks up and smiles.

                  I will need my spectacles and a
                  clear head. Today I broke my rules
                  and drank vodka. Tomorrow I will
                  translate it.

     He folds the papers carefully.

                              SEMYON (CONT'D)
                  Then I will bring what I have done
                  to your home. Where do you live,

     There is nothing in Semyon's smile to cause alarm but Anna
     perhaps remembers Nikolai. Finally...

                  Not far.    I can drop by and pick
                  it up.

                  Then maybe I can drive you home.

                  I'm fine.    I'm on my motorbike.

     Semyon stares at her for a moment.

                  So what will happen to the poor

                  After Christmas, they'll do a
                  missing persons report.

                  Who will?

                  The police.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                           30.

35   CONTINUED: (2)                                                35

     Semyon doesn't blink. At that moment a little girl of
     seven (MARIA) emerges from the darkness, carrying a soft


               Hey, hey, Maria, go back to bed.

               I'm too sad. Next Christmas isn't
               for another hundreds and hundreds
               of days.

     Semyon takes her onto his knee. As he does, we see, for
     the first time, an eagle tattoo on his wrist.

               But you have had so many presents.

     The girl wafts Semyon's cigar smoke.

               You shouldn't smoke, Grandpa.

               I know.

     Semyon cuddles Maria and stubs his cigar.

     Anna smiles at the warm family scene, perhaps remembering
     her own father.

36   EXT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - NIGHT                        36

     Nikolai gets out of the Mercedes and helps an extremely
     pissed Kirill out of the car into the rain. Kirill is so
     drunk he slips through Nikolai's hands and lands in the

               We're partners now, man, you know?

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                              31.

36   CONTINUED:                                                      36

                  Yeah, yeah, I know.

     Nikolai manages to lift him to his feet again. As they
     head towards the restaurant, Anna emerges. Nikolai looks
     up, curious, as Semyon kisses her on both cheeks in the
     doorway. As she turns Kirill stumbles forwards and collapses
     in front of her. Nikolai looks up at Anna, his face
     splashed with rain.

                             NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                  What? You never seen anybody pissed

     Semyon looks down at the drunken Kirill and slams the door
     of the restaurant. Nikolai sighs, then turns to Kirill
     and starts to go through his pockets.

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                  Come on, Kirill. Where are your

     Anna walks around the two of them, watching the undignified
     struggle as Nikolai finds Kirill's keys. Nikolai smiles
     at her.

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                  Who are you, anyway?

     Anna hurries away into the rain. Nikolai finds Kirill's
     keys and drags him toward the door of the restaurant.

37   INT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - NIGHT                          37

     Nikolai heaves Kirill into a chair. Semyon is back at his
     novel and watches as Kirill attempts to get to his feet
     and then stumbles to the floor. He slumps down, now
     totally unconscious, breathing deeply. Nikolai smiles.

                  We went to a Kurdish place. They
                  don't even celebrate Christmas.

     Semyon steps up to where Kirill is lying and stands over
     him for a moment. Then he kicks him hard in the guts with
     all his might. Nikolai is shocked, and grabs Semyon's
     arm. A hand laid upon him is like deadly poison. Kirill
     grunts and moans.

     WHITE Revision    -   9/12/06                               32.

37   CONTINUED:                                                        37

                  Hey, Papa, what did I do?    This is
                  Merry Christmas or what?

     Semyon kicks him hard in the guts again.

                  I think he's had enough.

     Nikolai steps in between Semyon and Kirill. Semyon is
     shocked that anyone should face him like this.

                  Who... the fuck... are you to tell
                  me enough?

     Nikolai's face hardens.

                  We're partners.

     Nikolai looks down at Kirill.

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                  He's thunder, I'm lightning. He
                  makes all the noise, I do all the

                  I hired you as a driver...

     Semyon bends to roughly hoist Kirill into a chair.

                              SEMYON (CONT'D)
                  ...someone to stop him killing

                  Well, you got more than a driver.

     Nikolai reaches into his pocket for a business card and
     offers it to Semyon. As Semyon looks at the card in the
     candle light, he also sees the TATTOO OF AN EAGLE on
     Nikolai's hand.

     It is obvious that the tattoo means more than the card to
     Semyon, and he reacts.

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                  I run a mini-cab business.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                             33.

37   CONTINUED: (2)                                                  37

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                Albanians, Chechens, Russians.
                They deliver packages. Anything.

     A pause.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                I only took this job so that I
                could get to meet you.
                    (in Russian)
                I think you and I could do business

     A pause.   Semyon looks at Nikolai with utter contempt.

                I have no idea what business you're
                talking about. Now get out.

     Nikolai smiles and then leaves. Semyon watches him go
     then peers at his drunken, sleeping son with something
     approaching compassion.

38   EXT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - NIGHT                          38

     Nikolai hurries   out to his car in the rain. He hears an
     engine splutter   and spots Anna still trying to kick-start
     her motorbike.    He approaches. She's already soaked.
     Nikolai watches   her try to start the bike and fail.

                You've got water in it.

     Deadpan, Anna looks up and holds out her hand into pouring

                Water?    What makes you think that?

     Anna tries to start the bike again.    Nothing.

                The postmen used these. In my
                village. When I was a boy. Russian
                copy of BMW flat twin.

     Anna tries one more time to start the bike and growls with
     fury. Nikolai gently takes her shoulders and after a brief
     resistance Anna climbs off the bike. Nikolai sits astride
     it. He kicks it. It fails to start. Anna folds her arms.

     PINK Revision   -   11/12/06                              33A.

38   CONTINUED:                                                       38

     He tries again.     And again.   He climbs off.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                              34.

38   CONTINUED: (2)                                                   38

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                Get a bus.

     Anna curses under her breath. Nikolai isn't sure what to
     make of her. She begins to chain the bike's rear wheel.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                You got far to go?

     Anna tucks her crash helmet under her arm and prepares to
     set off walking.

                Just across the park.

                I'm a driver. I even do limousines.

     Nikolai opens the rear car door.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                If Semyon found out I let one of
                his guests walk home in the rain,
                he'd fire me. And I can take care
                of your bike. So...

     Nikolai holds open the rear car door.       Rain pours.

39   EXT. LONDON STREET - NIGHT                                       39

     Nikolai is driving Anna through the rain-swept streets.
     The wipers beat time as they drive in silence. As Nikolai
     holds the steering wheel, Anna sees the intricate detail
     of the eagle tattoo on the back of his right hand.

                So you're a midwife. Jesus.

     Anna smiles politely.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                What's it like?

                You get used to it.

     A pause.   Nikolai seems vaguely horrified at a memory.

                I didn't faint, but it was close.

     WHITE Revision    -   9/12/06                                35.

39   CONTINUED:                                                         39

                  How many have you got?

     Nikolai half shrugs.      Pause.

                              ANNA (CONT'D)
                  What, you don't know?

                  Yeah, I know, I know, it's just...
                  it makes me upset, you know?
                  Thinking about it. This time of
                  year. They're back in Yekaterinburg.
                  In the forests. Near the mountains.

     A long pause.

                  Left here.

     Nikolai turns.

                              ANNA (CONT'D)
                  So Semyon employs you?

                  I'm... sort of freelance.

                  You said he'd fire you.

     Nikolai doesn't answer.      Anna decides she can be bold.

                              ANNA (CONT'D)
                  Did you ever meet a girl called

                  I meet lots of girls called Tatiana.

                  She was pregnant.

                  In that case, no, I never heard of

     Anna doesn't care for the smile on Nikolai's face.

                  She died last night on my shift.

     WHITE Revision    -   9/12/06                             36.

39   CONTINUED: (2)                                                  39

               I thought you did birth.

               Sometimes birth and death go
               She had needle punctures all over
               both arms. Dehydration, emaciation.
               Early presentation of syphilis.
               Probably a prostitute. At the age
               of fourteen.

                   (quickly, without a
               You know what? I hate the rain.
               This time of year. You ever been
               to Russia at Christmas? Man, snow
               that covers your whole house.

     Nikolai glances at Anna in the rear-view mirror.

                           NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
               Oh yeah. And the ice. Whole lakes
               covered in ice. You don't want to
               walk across them, though. Ice
               gets thin where you least expect

               You think Semyon's son knew her?

               Like I said, I'm a driver. I go
               left, I go right, I go straight
               ahead. That's it.

     Anna nods, her curiosity and suspicions aroused.     Nikolai
     glances at her.

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)

               Just here is great.

     Nikolai pulls over and Anna opens her door to escape.

                           ANNA (CONT'D)
               How much do I owe you?

      PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                          37.

39    CONTINUED: (3)                                                39

                Christmas present.

39A   EXT. HELEN'S HOUSE - NIGHT                                    39A

      Nikolai watches her hurry to her front door and let herself

40    EXT. THE BANKS OF THE THAMES - NEXT MORNING                   40

      Somewhere within sight of the Thames barrier.

      A dozen policemen and forensic investigators are milling
      round on a shale beach, the icy waters of the Thames lapping
      at their feet.

40A   INT. FORENSIC TENT - MORNING                                  40A

      A large tent has been erected over the body of Soyka. Inside
      the tent two senior police officers await the arrival of a
      third man, a specialist from the Russian desk (YURI), who
      is not dressed for the weather. He has obviously been
      dragged out of bed. He is led to the side of the body.
      One of the officers pulls up the dead man's hand and shows
      him the eagle tattoo.

                We think he might be Russian Mafia.

      Yuri studies the tattoo, then borrows a torch. He crouches
      to push up the wet trouser leg on the corpse's right leg.
      When the knee is exposed in torch light we see a small
      star tattooed on the knee cap.

                He is actually a Chechen. He is
                also a member of the vory v zakone.
                The stars on the knees mean he
                would never kneel before anyone.

      Yuri opens the dead man's shirt and we see a tattoo of an
      eight-pointed star on his chest.

                            YURI (CONT'D)
                In Russian prisons, your life story
                is written on your body in tattoos.
                You don't exist without tattoos.
                He was a captain.

      PINK Revision   -   11/12/06                          37A.

40A   CONTINUED:                                                   40A

      He then checks out the fingers in the torchlight and we
      glimpse that the finger tips have been sawn off.

      PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                       37B.

40A   CONTINUED: (2)                                             40A

                            YURI (CONT'D)
                But he has been processed

      PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                             38.

40A   CONTINUED: (3)                                                  40A

      Yuri straightens and grabs a paper towel to wipe his hands.

                There was something else. It was...
                inside the body. Chest cavity.

      The officer holds up a small zip-lock bag which has a
      handwritten note sealed inside it. The handwriting is just
      visible through the wet cellophane.

40B   EXT. THE BANKS OF THE THAMES - MORNING                          40B

      Yuri steps outside the forensic tent. He opens the bag and
      takes out the note. He unfolds it to read, then smiles to

41    INT. HELEN'S HOUSE. ANNA'S BEDROOM - MORNING                    41

      Anna is drying her hair, looking at herself in the mirror.
      She turns off the dryer. There is a knock on the door.


      Helen enters looking anxious.    We see Stepan hovering in
      the background.

                             HELEN (CONT'D)
                Stepan, come here. Tell her what
                you told me.

      Stepan stands primly in the doorway, strangely defiant.

                Stepan, what? I'm late for work.

      He shakes his head angrily. Finally from behind his back
      he produces Tatiana's diary.

                            ANNA (CONT'D)
                Who gave you that?

                It was on the dresser.

                Mum, you can't go through my things.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                            38A.

41   CONTINUED:                                                      41

                  You wanted him to translate it.

     Anna gets up to grab the diary.

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                           39.

41   CONTINUED: (2)                                               41

                And he said he wouldn't do it so
                I've found somebody else.

     Stepan explodes.

                No Anna! You don't go to someone
                else with this! You don't go to
                anyone! Nasilovanie, it means rape.
                Iglah, it means needle.
                Prostitutcia, perhaps you can guess.

     Stepan hands the diary to Anna and then turns.

                            STEPAN (CONT'D)
                I go to wash my hands.

     He disappears. Anna and Helen are left in awkward silence.
     Anna buries the diary in her dressing table drawer. Helen
     looks at her with anxiety.

                Anna, Stepan said this girl ended
                up in the hands of the vory v
                zakone. Do you know what that

                Just because I'm back in this room
                doesn't mean I'm twelve again.

                You never listened to me even then!

                Look, if I don't find a relative
                in the next few days they'll put
                Christine out for fostering. Once
                she's in the system, she'll never
                get out again.

     A pause.

                Who named her Christine?

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                               40.

41   CONTINUED: (3)                                                   41

                I had to call her something. It
                sounds like Christmas.
                She's very beautiful.

     Helen is now deeply concerned.

                If I can persuade Stepan to
                translate it, will you leave the
                rest to the police?

     Anna looks at Helen, then digs out the diary and hands it
     to her.

                Tell him I've heard bad words

     Helen is about to leave.       She stops in the doorway.

                Your father used to say the vory
                are a contagious disease. There's
                no cure once they've touched you.

     A pause.   Anna smiles.

                Momma, this is London.



     A large portable stereo is playing rock music.

     The curtains are drawn against daylight. The living room
     is decorated in seventies suburban style, but with the
     wall paper peeling and the paint work fading. Kitsch
     paintings still decorate the walls.

     Six young East-European girls are sitting on a broken-down
     sofa and on hard-backed chairs, wearing short skirts. Their
     eyes are sunken and their faces vacant of expression, but
     they are painted with so much make-up they almost look
     like tiny, sad clowns.

     They sit in silence as the music blares out. After a few
     moments a young Albanian man enters and claps his hands.

     BLUE Revision    -     11/4/06                             41.

42   CONTINUED:                                                       42

                  OK, boss is here. Boss, boss.
                  You make him happy...

     All the girls apart from one immediately get to their feet
     and begin to dance to the music, their bodies moving
     awkwardly and painfully. The Albanian approaches the one
     girl who refused to stand and yanks her to her feet.

     He slaps her hard and hisses at her in Albanian. She tries
     to sit down again but he pulls her up and slaps her again.
     Finally he shoves her into the middle of the room and she
     begins to dance, sobbing as she does.

                              ALBANIAN (CONT'D)
                  No fucking crying. It's a party!

43   EXT. SUBURBAN HOUSE - DAY                                        43

     Kirill and Nikolai are climbing out of Nikolai's Mercedes.
     Kirill is in full flow as they walk towards the house.
     The rock music is audible outside the house.

                  So he said to me, `who is this
                  driver guy?' I laughed so hard.

     Kirill knocks on the door hard.

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  And I said you were the safest guy
                  I'd met. Solid.

     A pause.

                  And what did he say?

                  You know my dad. He didn't say
                  nothing. But his eyes looked

     The door opens and the Albanian opens his arms in welcome.


                  Get out of the fucking way, you
                  black gypsy baboon.

     WHITE Revision       -    9/12/06                              42.

43   CONTINUED:                                                           43

     Kirill pushes his way inside and Nikolai follows.

44   INT. SUBURBAN HOUSE. SITTING ROOM - DAY                              44

     Kirill and Nikolai are swigging whisky from the bottle and
     dancing with the girls. Some of the girls are drinking,
     too, and managing to laugh. Kirill is dancing maniacally
     and swinging his girl around faster and faster until she
     falls over.

     Nikolai swigs his drink and notices the girl who refused
     to stand up. She is standing in the corner, sobbing.
     Nikolai doesn't care to look at her for more than a second
     and he goes back to dancing.

     After a moment Kirill dances his way over to Nikolai and
     yells above the music.

                  OK, which one you going to fuck!?

                  What's it to you?

                  Serious.      Pick one.

                  I'm just enjoying myself, man...

     Kirill suddenly stops dancing and stares at Nikolai.          He
     yells again over the music.

                  You hear me? You're going to fuck
                  one of these girls.

                  OK, OK, Jesus...

                  You're going to fuck one of these
                  girls right now. That's an order.

                  What?       What's the matter with you?

     Kirill suddenly goes to the stereo system and yanks the
     plug from the wall. Silence. The girls look terrified.
     The only sound is the sobbing of the girl who won't dance.

     PINK Revision       -   11/12/06                                43.

44   CONTINUED:                                                              44

     Kirill is glaring at Nikolai.

                  Come on Nikolai. Who are you going
                  to fuck?

     A pause.

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  I'm recommending you to my dad. I
                  want to make sure you're not a
                  fucking queer.

     Kirill looks suddenly wild.          He swigs his whisky.   A long

                  You've drunk enough Kirill.


     Kirill hurls his whisky bottle against the wall.            The girls
     all flinch.

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  You fucking Siberian ox don't tell
                  a vor what is enough.

     A pause.   Nikolai studies Kirill's anger.

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  I've brought you to my dad's best
                  stable. He uses this place himself.
                  They're all clean. Now I'm going
                  to watch you fuck one of these
                  girls to prove to me that you ain't

     A pause.

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  So which one is it going to be?

     Silence. Nikolai looks around the room.           Finally... Nikolai
     turns to the girl who is sobbing.


     Kirill smiles.
     WHITE Revision    -   9/12/06                            44.

45   INT. SUBURBAN HOUSE. BEDROOM - DAY                             45

     Nikolai is fucking the girl, who is now silent.   She is on
     all fours, registering no emotion.

     Kirill is leaning against the wall, drinking wine from the
     bottle, watching Nikolai with burning eyes, his lust and
     drunken jealousy mixing together. Nikolai grits his teeth
     and comes inside the girl. Kirill whoops and whistles and
     begins to applaud.

     The girl is still silent, expressionless.

               You did OK!     You did OK.


     Nikolai glares at Kirill.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
               Well if my examination is over,
               get the fuck out of here while I
               get dressed.

     Kirill grins and offers the girl an elaborate bow before
     leaving. Finally alone, Nikolai gently helps the girl to
     lie down. She is numb. He covers her up with a blanket
     then begins to pull on his clothes. The girl is staring up
     at the ceiling.

     After a few moments she begins to sing a Russian folk song
     softly under her breath. Nikolai speaks to her softly in

                           NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                   (in Russian)
               What's your last name?

     A pause. Finally the girl stops singing but is silent.
     Nikolai is insistent.

                           NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                   (in Russian)
               Tell me your last name.


     GOLDENROD Revision      -   11/27/06                        45.

45   CONTINUED:                                                        45

                      (in Russian)
                  Where are you from?

     Silence. She looks up and stares into Nikolai's eyes.
     She sees some urgency there...


                      (in Ukrainian)
                  Where? Which village? Which town?

                      (in Ukrainian)
                  Irpen. Outside Kiev.

     The girl is asking a silent question but Nikolai doesn't
     linger. He heads for the door then stops and turns.

                      (in Ukrainian)
                  Stay alive a little longer.


     In the half-lit private room, Anna is dancing with Christine
     in her arms. She is singing a lullaby softly to her. The
     door is open to the rest of the ward and all the other
     babies are silent.

     Finally she lays a sleeping Christine back in her crib.
     She sits down on the bed where the mother should be. She
     curses herself silently and gets to her feet, determined
     to pull herself together.

     As she starts to leave the private room to enter the ward,
     she is suddenly confronted by Semyon.

     He is standing in the shadows, a Bavarian trilby in his
     hands. Anna gasps with shock. Semyon speaks softly...

                  Hello Anna.     I came on tiptoes.

                  How did you get in here?

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                            45A.

46   CONTINUED:                                                      46

                  There are always open doors, Anna

     WHITE Revision   -   9/12/06                                46.

46   CONTINUED: (2)                                                    46

     Anna glances at an alarm button.

                You're not allowed in here.

                Please Anna, let me speak.

     Semyon looks to be almost in tears.     He speaks softly.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                I translated the diary...

     A baby begins to cry and is comforted somewhere across the

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                I was shocked to discover... that
                my son Kirill is mentioned many

     Semyon appears to be fighting tears.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                I have known for some years that
                he has strayed from the path I set
                out for him. His mother died when
                he was very young.

     A pause.   Anna almost begins to buy his sorrow...

                What does it say about him?

     Semyon looks up, his eyes filled with tears.

                Many bad things.

     A pause.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                But Anna please. Let me deal with
                him. If the diary should find its
                way to the police...

     Semyon wipes his eyes.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                Some of the things my son did are
                illegal. Anna, he is a good boy.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                             47.

46   CONTINUED: (3)                                                  46

     A pause.

                 I don't care about him.   I care
                 about the baby.

                 Of course.   Of course. And that is
                 the baby?

     Semyon glances over Anna's shoulder into the corner where
     Christine is sleeping. Anna freezes and doesn't reply.
     Semyon takes her hand.

                             SEMYON (CONT'D)
                 Anna, I have made some inquiries
                 and I have found out an address
                 for Tatiana's family in Russia.
                 That's where the baby belongs, no?

     Anna reacts but Semyon's face suddenly hardens...

                             SEMYON (CONT'D)
                 So... perhaps we can do a deal.

     He stares into her eyes.

                             SEMYON (CONT'D)
                 Do you understand me, Anna?

     At that moment a nurse walks by and hesitates when she
     sees Semyon.


                 It's OK.   He's just leaving.

     Semyon puts his hat onto his head.

                 You know where I am, Anna Ivanovna.

     He turns.

                             SEMYON (CONT'D)
                 And I know where you are.

     Semyon disappears into the shadows of the ward.     As Anna
     reacts we hear Tatiana in V.O.

     WHITE Revision   -   9/12/06                            48.

46   CONTINUED: (4)                                                 46

                           TATIANA (V.O.)
               I was thrown down the stairs and
               fell onto some sacks, like potato

47   INT. HELEN'S HOUSE. KITCHEN - DAY                              47

     Stepan is sitting at the kitchen table, translating
     Tatiana's diary aloud, as Helen transcribes it onto a note
     pad. Stepan's translation breaks up with emotion but he
     tries to remain detached. Helen also tries hard to
     concentrate on her task but wipes away a tear as she writes.
     Tatiana's V.O. slowly blends into Stepan's voice...

      potato sacks. Kirill came
               down after me and he hit me until
               I was bleeding. Then he tried to
               rape me but he couldn't do it...
               He just got madder and madder and
               kept hitting me. In the end his
               father came down. It was the father
               who raped me. He shouted at his
               son...'if you don't break a horse,
               it will never be tame, Kirill'.

     They hear a key in the door and prepare for Anna's arrival.
     When she enters she feels the tense silence. After a
     moment, Helen tries to be bright...

               Hello dear. How was your night?

     Anna sees the tears in both their eyes.   She sees the diary
     and the transcription and sits down.

                           HELEN (CONT'D)
               Stepan's arthritis is playing up.
               I'm taking dictation.

     Helen gets to her feet.

                           HELEN (CONT'D)
               Would you like some tea or


     Anna gently pushes Helen back into her seat.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                              49.

47   CONTINUED:                                                       47

                  What's wrong?

                  He came to see me.


                              ANNA (CONT'D)
                  The man from the restaurant.    He
                  came to the hospital.

     Stepan leaps to his feet.

                  I told you this would happen!    I
                  told you!

                  Sit down Stepan.

                  The devil is loose now.

     Everyone begins to talk at once...

                  I know it's my fault...

                  It's no one's fault...

                  They are in this room now.   They
                  are cancer...

                  We should just sit down calmly and

                  I have a friend from Ukraine who
                  owns a gun....


                  ...from the war in Afghanistan.

     WHITE Revision     -   9/12/06                            50.

47   CONTINUED: (2)                                                  47

                Don't talk about guns...

     Anna suddenly stands up.

                Shut up both of you!!!

     Silence.   Everyone catches their breath.

                            ANNA (CONT'D)
                OK... now... what would dad have

     A pause.

                We all know what he would have

     Stepan heads for the kitchen cupboard and produces a bottle
     of vodka. Rather than admonish him, Anna and Helen both
     nod agreement. Stepan pours three large vodkas. Stepan
     knocks his down. Anna and Helen take sips.

                And then he would have been

                He would ask if there were bullets
                for the gun.

                No! This isn't our world.     We're
                just... ordinary people.

                I dealt with the vory v zakone
                when I worked for the KGB.

                You never worked for the fucking


                I was an auxiliary!

     WHITE Revision    -   9/12/06                              51.

47   CONTINUED: (3)                                                   47


     A stand off.     Finally...

                            HELEN (CONT'D)
                What did this man want?

                The diary. In return he'll give
                us an address for Tatiana's family.
                For Christine's family.

     A pause.   They all look to each other.

                And that's all he wants?

     Stepan is utterly astounded.

                You cannot do deals with these

                This isn't a deal.      It's an exchange
                of information.

                Have you forgotten already what I
                just read to you?

                We must be practical.

                Stepan, I think he was threatening
                to harm Christine.

                Then it's settled.

                No!!    No!!   No!!

                    (repeating as a
                Stepan, this isn't our world.      We
                are ordinary people.

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                              52.

47   CONTINUED: (4)                                                  47

     Stepan stares at them both for a long time.   Finally he
     gets to his feet and points to the diary.

               She was an ordinary person.

     He leaves. Anna and Helen hold hands, genuinely close now
     for the first time in a long time.

48   EXT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - NEXT DAY                       48

     Nikolai pulls up in his car. He checks his look in the
     rear view mirror and puts on his sunglasses. As he gets
     out of the car he notices that Anna's motorbike is still
     there. He approaches it, strokes the bodywork. Suddenly,
     someone grabs him from behind. It's Kirill.

               Hey, come on, Nikolai, I've got a
               Christmas present for you.


     A white van is parked with its rear doors open, ready for
     unloading. Kirill shows Nikolai that the van is loaded
     with unmarked white boxes.

               Open one.

     Nikolai opens one of the boxes and produces a bottle of
     vintage champagne.

                           KIRILL (CONT'D)
               From France. Old as fuck. Old is
               good with wine. Sixty quid a bottle
               anywhere. Except I got them for
               ten quid a case.

               From where?

               `From where?' From where you don't
               ask. Give it here...

     Kirill snatches the bottle and begins to uncork it.

     WHITE Revision    -   9/12/06                             53.

49   CONTINUED:                                                      49

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  If my dad says OK, I can start
                  telling you about the serious stuff.
                  Import, export. This booze is just
                  for gifts to Papa's friends. The
                  real import stuff is from Kabul,
                  you understand?

     He pops the cork and swigs the frothing champagne.

                  Import-export sounds good.

     Kirill laughs.

                  You bet it's fucking good...

     Nikolai hands the bottle back. As he does, one of the van
     doors is kicked closed revealing Semyon, suddenly upon

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  Jesus Christ, Papa... You scared

     Semyon grabs the bottle of champagne and smashes it on the
     floor. Kirill recoils in terror. Nikolai straightens,
     faces up.

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  What's wrong? We're just sampling

     Semyon is so furious he still can't speak. He grabs Kirill
     and slams him against the wall. Finally he hisses in his

                  Your friend Soyka is dead.

                  Yeah? So what? What's that got
                  to do with me?

                  Don't lie to me!!

     Semyon slams Kirill against the wall once more.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                                54.

49   CONTINUED: (2)                                                     49

               I swear I don't know nothing about

               I said, don't lie to me!

     Semyon slams Kirill hard against the wall again.       Suddenly
     Nikolai steps forward.

               Your dad is right, Kirill.       There's
               no point lying to him.

     A pause. Semyon and Kirill are frozen for a moment.
     Nikolai calmly lights a cigarette.

                           NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
               Ozim's nephew slit Soyka's throat.
               Kirill paid him to do it.

     There is stunned silence.       Semyon loosens his grip on

                   (in Russian)
               Shut your fucking mouth!

                   (in Russian)
               Your dad always knows the truth

     Nikolai and Semyon survey each other.

                           NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
               But it's OK boss. You don't have
               to worry...

               I don't have to worry?

               I disposed of the body myself. The
               police won't find a thing.

     Semyon has now lost all interest in Kirill and is
     concentrating on Nikolai. He laughs with incredulity.

               My son commits a murder?

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                          55.

49   CONTINUED: (3)                                               49

                           SEMYON (CONT'D)
               On my own doorstep? A fellow
               soldier! And no one thought to
               tell me about it?

               The vory code says you don't talk
               to anybody about your captain.
               Kirill is my captain.

     Semyon circles Nikolai.

                           NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
               When I found out what had happened,
               I did what I had to do to clean
               the situation up.

     Kirill is about to speak but before he can, Nikolai speaks
     for him.

                           NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
               It was a matter of honor. Soyka
               was spreading lies about Kirill.
               About your family.
                   (in Russian)
               Kirill did the right thing.

     Semyon hisses with fury and grabs Nikolai.

               I decide what is right and what is
               wrong. You do not kill a vor for
               no reason.

     Nikolai shrugs Semyon off, holding his ground.

               You know as well as I do Soyka was
               talking to the police.

     A pause. Semyon is shocked at the depth of Nikolai's
     knowledge. He peers at him.

               For a driver, you are well informed.

               I've got connections with the
               Chechens who export cars. Soyka
               was speaking to the Russian desk.
               Scotland Yard.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                            56.

49   CONTINUED: (4)                                                 49

     A pause.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                    (in Russian)
                Kirill did a good thing for all
                our people. Our people will know

     In Semyon's silence Kirill finally gathers courage...

                Papa, I swear to you, I was going

                Shut up!

     Kirill is hurt that Semyon seems only to be interested in
     Nikolai. After studying Nikolai for a while...

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                If you are so well informed, you
                will know Soyka has brothers.

                    (with a smile)
                That's OK. Kirill has got me.

     Semyon shows the first flicker of admiration. He then
     looks at Kirill with utter contempt, making the comparison
     with Nikolai obvious.

                Get these boxes out of sight.

     Semyon leaves them. Kirill is angry, straightening his
     clothes. Finally he yells....

                You heard him, patsan!   Get these
                boxes out of sight.

50   INT. BURGER RESTAURANT - DAY                                   50

     It is Saturday morning and the place is full of families.
     Christmas decorations are beginning to look ragged.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                            57.

50   CONTINUED:                                                     50

     Anna and Helen are sitting at a table, terrified but trying
     hard to stay calm. Stepan arrives with a tray of coffees
     and a burger. He sits, and Anna and Helen glance uneasily
     at each other. Stepan begins to eat noisily.

                  How the hell can you eat?

                  I'm hungry.

     There is a tension that builds until Nikolai's Mercedes
     suddenly looms into view, filling the street window of the
     burger bar. Nikolai gets out of his car, all shades and
     sharp suit.

                  That's their driver.

     Stepan very deliberately slides his hand into his inside

                  Tell me you haven't done anything

     Stepan removes his hand, empty, his bravado crushed.

     Nikolai enters the restaurant and spots Anna. He comes
     and sits at the table beside Stepan, opposite Anna. It's
     a tight squeeze. Anna and Helen are stiff with terror.
     Nikolai smiles.

                  Meet in a public place with lots
                  of people around. Very wise.

     He smiles at Helen.

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                  And I see you brought along a body
                  guard. Also very wise.

     Stepan is shaking with emotion and hisses something in

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                              58.

50   CONTINUED: (2)                                                   50

                   (whispers, in Russian)
               When I was in the KGB, we knew how
               to deal with scum like you.

     Nikolai smiles.

                   (in Russian)
               When you were in what?

               Shush, Stepan. Anna?

     Nikolai is amused by the three of them. Anna produces
     Tatiana's diary and hands it to Nikolai. Nikolai studies
     it and nods. He gets to his feet...

               Now you give me the address.

               What address?

               Tatiana's family.

               I don't know what you're talking

     Nikolai calmly heads for the door.      Stepan hisses.

               I told you!       I knew they would do

     Anna gets to her feet.

               Anna!      No!   Come back here!

     Anna races out of the restaurant in pursuit of Nikolai.

51   EXT. BURGER RESTAURANT - DAY                                     51

     Nikolai has emerged into the busy suburban street and is
     about to get in to his car. Anna flies at him, yelling.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                              59.

51   CONTINUED:                                                         51

                  She was fourteen! Read the diary!
                  She was fourteen when he raped

     Nikolai casually hits the key fob of his car.

                              ANNA (CONT'D)
                  You murdered her! You bastards
                  murdered her!

     Passers-by stare at Anna. Helen and Stepan have come out
     of the restaurant to restrain her. Nikolai stops and judges
     the fury on Anna's face. He speaks calmly.

                  Anger is very dangerous. It makes
                  people do stupid things. Forget
                  any of this ever happened. You're
                  in the wrong place, Anna Ivanovna.

     He gestures at the burger restaurant.

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                  You belong in there. With nice
                  people. Stay away from people
                  like me.

     Anna and Nikolai are staring at each other, suddenly a
     strange connection between them.

     Then Stepan steps forward and spits in Nikolai's face,
     delivering a Russian curse as he does so. Nikolai almost
     reacts out of instinct but stops himself.

     Nikolai wipes his face and peers into Anna's eyes.       Finally
     he gets into his car and drives away.

52   INT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - NIGHT                             52

     Nikolai is alone, sitting at a candlelit table, reading
     Tatiana's diary. We hear Tatiana in voice-over...

                              TATIANA (V.O.)
                  I am not sure I can carry on another
                  day. The windows won't open so I
                  can't throw myself out. They inject
                  me every day with heroin.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                             60.

52   CONTINUED:                                                      52

                              TATIANA (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                  Sometimes I think this is all a

     He sees Semyon approaching from the kitchen and closes the
     diary. Semyon grabs a bottle of vodka from the bar on his
     way to sit opposite Nikolai. Nikolai pushes the diary
     across the table. Semyon pours two drinks.

                  It is good to have someone who I
                  can trust to do simple tasks.

     A pause as Semyon glances at a few pages of diary.

                              SEMYON (CONT'D)
                  In this business, sometimes the
                  biggest danger comes from the most
                  stupid things. You can't afford
                  to be careless in any area.

     Nikolai senses a change of attitude towards him. As if
     Semyon were beginning to accept him into the fold. Semyon
     raises a toast.

                               SEMYON (CONT'D)


     After a moment.

                  So what was the lie that Soyka was
                  spreading about my son?

     Nikolai looks anxious.

                      (in Russian)
                  It was nothing important.

                  Kirill had him killed for nothing

     Semyon pours two more vodkas.

                  I don't want to repeat it.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                            61.

52   CONTINUED: (2)                                                 52

                For me you will repeat it.

     Nikolai doesn't respond. It is obvious that Semyon half
     knows already. He shrugs...

                              SEMYON (CONT'D)
                You play   with the Prince to do
                business   with the King. But if
                you want   to do business with me
                you must   be open with me. Thieves-

     A pause.   Semyon nurses his vodka.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                What was Soyka saying about the

     He stares into Nikolai's eyes.    Finally, Nikolai stammers...

                That he is a drunk.    And that he
                is also... a queer.

     Semyon swigs his vodka and Nikolai swigs his. Semyon pours
     two more. Semyon has to stare out of the window to hide
     his emotion.

                    (softly, in Russian)
                My only son.

     They both knock their drinks back. Semyon looks suddenly
     angry as he peers out of the window.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                You know it never snows in this
                City. And it's never hot. London
                is a city of whores and queers.
                My son...

     Semyon shrugs, fighting deeper emotion...

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                ...I think London is to blame for
                what he is...

     WHITE Revision    -   9/12/06                              62.

52   CONTINUED: (3)                                                   52

                So why don't you go home?

     Semyon smiles, as if seeing Moscow through the window.

                The cold gets into my bones.

     A pause.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                And also... the KGB would be waiting
                for me.

     Nikolai smiles ruefully and glances at Semyon.

                FSB.   They are called FSB now.

                Whatever they call them they are
                worse even than the KGB were. Maybe
                the KGB and the vory v zakone were
                partners in a marriage. We had
                rules, they had rules.

     He swigs some more vodka.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                Now in Moscow, the thieves don't
                wear tattoos and the police don't
                wear uniforms. You never know who
                they are...

     Semyon seems to be taking the vodka less well than Nikolai.
     He pours some more.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                You've heard about these new

     Nikolai doesn't blink.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                They get under you, over you, behind
                you, inside you. They are the
                ones you least expect.

     Semyon peers at Nikolai and Nikolai doesn't respond.
     Mention of the new breed of FSB agent causes an almost
     imperceptible tension in Nikolai.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                             63.

52   CONTINUED: (4)                                                  52

     Is Semyon too drunk to notice? There is a strange game
     going on here. For now, nothing is revealed.

     Semyon knocks back his vodka and Nikolai does the same.
     Semyon picks up the diary and holds it into the flame of
     the candle. It begins to burn and he drops it into the
     ashtray. The flames flicker for a while.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                The midwife said she had an uncle.
                A Russian.

                I met him.

                So you know what he looks like.

     Semyon peers at Nikolai.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                She said he has read the diary.

     A pause.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                We can't trust a Russian with that
                kind of information.

     A pause.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                    (in Russian)
                Do you understand me?

     Semyon gets to his feet and smiles.

                            SEMYON (CONT'D)
                Perhaps you can deal with him.

     Semyon leaves Nikolai to stare into the flames of the
     burning diary.


     Anna exits, pulling on her coat against the cold. She
     stops in her tracks when she sees her unchained motorbike
     parked in the parking bay. She hears Nikolai's voice over
     her shoulder.

     PINK Revision    -    11/12/06                                 64.

53   CONTINUED:                                                           53

                  I thought I'd bring it back before
                  it got stolen. Lot of villains
                  around. Sorry about the chain.

     Anna is about to walk quickly away...

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                  I got that address you wanted.

     Anna turns and sees Nikolai is offering a scrap of paper.

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                  A little village outside St.
                  Petersburg. I know it. Not much
                  of a place for a kid to grow up
                  in. Especially not a girl.

     She hesitates.       Nikolai approaches and gives her the

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                  If you want my opinion, the kid
                  would be better off in London.
                  Maybe with you. Why not? Tatiana's
                  family don't sound like the kind
                  of people who'd want another mouth
                  to feed.

     A pause.

                  You read the diary?

     Nikolai looks all around.        Anna studies him, unsure.

                              ANNA (CONT'D)
                  So how can you keep doing what
                  you're doing?

                  I told you.    I'm just a driver.

     Anna sees some softness in his expression.        Their eyes

                  You look the other way.

     WHITE Revision    -   9/12/06                               65.

53   CONTINUED: (2)                                                    53

                I'm a camera. The pictures stay
                in my head.

     Anna sees pain in his eyes.     She peers at the address.

                Why did you bring me this?

                I don't know. I was passing.

     After a long moment Anna turns away.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                Oh, and... your uncle.

     Nikolai smiles.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                Is it true he was in the KGB?

                I don't know.

                Well, he's a brave old man.    That's
                for sure.

     A pause.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                Does he live with you?

     Anna is about to answer but stops herself. Nikolai peers
     at her and finally shrugs then turns to walk away. He
     gestures at the bike.

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                I fixed it.    It should be OK now.

     Anna watches him walk away into the street.


     Crowds of football supporters are streaming away from the
     football stadium, where the floodlights are still casting
     their glow. There are Arsenal and Chelsea supporters on
     opposite sides of the street and there is some mildly
     vicious yelling between the two groups. Police are visibly
     keeping order.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                             66.

54   CONTINUED:                                                      54

     Among the crowd we see Ekrem. He seems slightly drunk on
     top of his normal craziness. He has an Arsenal scarf around
     his neck and is looking for trouble, jeering at the Chelsea
     supporters across the street.

                  Hey! Hey Kabuka Chelsea! Fuck
                  you!! Yeah you! Aliverisme!!

     A policeman steps up to Ekrem and gives him a shove and he
     stumbles a little. As he gets to his feet we notice TWO
     CHECHEN MEN who are trailing Ekrem, ducking their heads
     away from the line of policemen.

55   EXT. CEMETERY - NIGHT                                           55

     Ekrem is now isolated from the crowds, swigging from a can
     of lager. He is chanting `Arsenal, Arsenal' to himself as
     he walks. He stops to take a piss on someone's grave.

     In the background the two Chechens are coming closer. As
     Ekrem zips his flies, the Chechens are upon him. One of
     them grabs his Arsenal scarf and begins to strangle him.

     Ekrem chokes for a while and the Chechen loosens the knot.
     The second Chechen pulls out an open razor. Ekrem struggles
     to escape...

                  For my brother...

     The Chechen cuts Ekrem's throat then drops him onto the
     grave stone.

56   INT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - NIGHT                          56

     The place has two dozen customers and there is a Russian
     band playing `Dark Eyes'. At a particular table an old
     Russian lady is having her birthday celebrated by an adoring
     family and lots of very ancient friends.

     There is a huge round of applause as Semyon emerges from
     the kitchen with a cake decorated with sparklers.


     Semyon returns to smoke and steam and yelling. As he
     prepares to take a drink one of the young dishwashers

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                              67.

57   CONTINUED:                                                      57

                      (in Russian)
                  Guy out the back.

     Semyon grabs a bottle of vodka.


     Semyon emerges into the wine crates and beer bottles in
     the yard at the back of the restaurant where the Doberman
     is straining at the leash, snarling and barking. An already
     anxious Ozim is cowering in the shadows, held at bay by
     the dog.

     The moment Semyon steps out the dog stops barking. Ozim
     relaxes a little and steps forward. Semyon pets the dog.

                  So what did they say?

     Semyon takes a swig of vodka.    Ozim looks severely nervous.

                  They were going to kill me.   Those
                  Chechens are savages.

     Ozim is reliving the ordeal.

                              OZIM (CONT'D)
                  I pointed out that I am a Muslim
                  too and it is a sin for a Muslim
                  to kill a Muslim.

                  What did they say about my son?

                  They said they would spare me only
                  if I delivered Kirill to them.

                  You are being very honest.

                  I fear you more than I fear them.

     Semyon suddenly breaks the neck of the bottle and holds
     the jagged edge to Ozim's throat. The dog snarls at
     Semyon's feet.

     WHITE Revision    -   9/12/06                             68.

58   CONTINUED:                                                        58

                  Never again do business with any
                  member of my family behind my back.

                  Never. I will never listen to
                  Kirill again. I swear...

     Semyon tosses the bottle away.       After a moment...

                  Do they know where to find Kirill?

                  They are like wolves.

                  Do they know what he looks like?

     Ozim shakes his head.

                  No. They have just arrived from
                  the mountains.

                  Then tell them you will deliver
                  Kirill to them.

     Ozim is stunned.      He stares at Semyon as if he were insane.

                              SEMYON (CONT'D)
                  Tell them to give you two days.

59   INT. HELEN'S HOUSE. ANNA'S BEDROOM - NIGHT                        59

     Anna is reading the translation of the diary by lamplight.
     Tatiana's voice over continues.

                              TATIANA (V.O.)
                  I know now for sure that I am
                  pregnant. It hasn't begun to show
                  yet. After I was raped they made
                  me take pills but I guess it was
                  too late. I am condemned to give
                  birth to a new life. But first I
                  will try to find a way to end my
                  own life and spare this child the

     Anna looks up from the pages and thinks.
     PINK Revision   -   11/12/06                             69.

60   EXT. HOUSING ESTATE - NIGHT                                    60

     A large public housing estate is being swept by rain.
     Christmas lights glow in the windows of the dilapidated
     tower blocks. Stepan is walking against the wind, carrying
     a bag of shopping. He holds onto his Russian hat to stop
     it blowing away. Kids splash in the puddles.

     Stepan arrives at the front garden of his small, ground-
     floor council flat. As he fumbles for his keys in the cold
     we see that Nikolai is watching him from the driver's seat
     of his Mercedes. Once Stepan has disappeared into his
     flat, Nikolai gets out of the car and approaches Stepan's

61   INT. HELEN'S HOUSE. KITCHEN - NIGHT                            61

     Helen is preparing food for a small family dinner. Anna
     enters with her cellphone in her hand. She mooches for
     food to hide her agenda. Finally...

               Mum... I can't get hold of Stepan.

               Why do you want to?

               I need to check something with


                   (matter of fact)
               He's not at home, do you know where
               else he might be?

     Helen simply stares at her.

               Anna. Haven't you had enough

               I think I've worked out who
               Christine's father is.

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                            70.

61   CONTINUED:                                                    61

     Helen slams her knife down.

                  Why does it matter?!!

                  It matters... to me!!

     A pause. After a moment Helen goes to her, holds her hands
     and peers into her eyes. We expect comforting words, but

                  You enjoy this.

     A pause.

                              HELEN (CONT'D)
                  You're like your father. Ordinary
                  life isn't enough.

     Anna turns and walks out of the house.

62   EXT. LONDON STREETS - NIGHT                                   62

     Anna drives her motorbike through North London streets.
     Rain is falling.

63   EXT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - NIGHT                        63

     Anna is standing in the falling rain, staring over at the
     trans-Siberian restaurant. The restaurant is busy, with
     the noise of revelers swelling every time the door is

     Anna seems to be exiled from where she should really be -

     Inside a restaurant like this, with its danger and vibrancy.

     Suddenly she is illuminated by headlights. She turns and
     sees that Nikolai is pulling up in his Mercedes. Kirill is
     in the passenger seat. Nikolai gets out of the car and
     stops when he sees Anna. Anna is like a fox caught in

                  What are you doing here?

     A pause.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                             71.

63   CONTINUED:                                                      63

                      (echoing Nikolai's
                  I don't know. I was passing.

     Kirill studies the gaze between Nikolai and Anna and senses
     the connection.

                  If you're passing, you pass. You
                  keep going, bitch. Nikolai, come

     Kirill grabs Nikolai's arm, and after peering at Anna for
     a moment, he turns to go with Kirill. Anna gathers her

                  Family is important to you people
                  isn't it?

                  'You people'?
                      (in Russian)
                  What the hell is she talking about?

     Music swells from the restaurant.

                  Tell Semyon the baby I delivered
                  on Christmas Eve is his daughter.

     Kirill and Nikolai stop. A swell of laughter from the
     restaurant. Anna is about to continue but Nikolai steps
     forward and places two fingers on Anna's lips to stop her
     from saying anymore. Anna tears his hands from her mouth.

     At the same time Kirill yells in Russian.

                      (in Russian)
                  What did she say?!

     Anna is terrified but angry too.    She yells.

                  When he raped her she was a virgin.
                  Then they gave her pills. Semyon
                  has to be the father!

     WHITE Revision     -   9/12/06                                72.

63   CONTINUED: (2)                                                      63

     Kirill suddenly goes for her over the bonnet of the car....

                   (in Russian))
               She's a civilian!

     Kirill pushes Anna up against the car, but she fights him.

               She was fourteen!      She was a child!

     Kirill slaps Anna hard.     Nikolai grabs Kirill and pulls
     him away.

               You don't use my father's name!
               You don't say that filth about

     He goes for Anna again, and this time Nikolai shoves Kirill
     to the wet ground. He looks up at Nikolai and slowly gets
     to his feet. He wipes his hands then stares into Nikolai's

                           KIRILL (CONT'D)
               Don't even look at her any more.

     Headlights from a passing car sweep the scene....

                           KIRILL (CONT'D)
               That's an order.

     Nikolai peers at Anna for a moment.     Anna's voice is defiant
     but cracking with fear.

               Tell him what I said.

     Nikolai has taken what Anna said on board.        He speaks

               There is nothing to tell.      Slaves
               give birth to slaves...

     Kirill yells....

               Come on Nikolai!!

     He turns to Anna...

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                              73.

63   CONTINUED: (3)                                                  63

                           KIRILL (CONT'D)
               And if you open your mouth again,
               I'll tell my driver to stick his
               cock inside it! Understand? Maybe
               that's what you want!

     He offers the lights of the restaurant to her as a vicious

                           KIRILL (CONT'D)
               You want to come in?! Maybe we
               all get to fuck you....

     Anna stares back. Nikolai peers at her for a moment before
     grabbing Kirill and pulling him away towards the restaurant.


     The place is winding up. Chefs and waiters are cleaning
     surfaces and dishes. The only still point is Semyon, who
     is cutting and wrapping the birthday cake in small parcels
     of golden paper. He works intensely and delicately at the
     back of the kitchen. Nikolai and Kirill enter. Kirill
     swigs a half-drunk glass of wine.

               That girl you fucked in front of
               me... you remember her? The
               Ukrainian bitch?


               So they kick down the door. These
               are ordinary fucking police. They
               ask for her by name and they take
               her away. Some fucking punter must
               have given them her name. What
               gives the police the right to take
               our women, huh?

     Semyon shoots Kirill a hard look: he's talking too much
     and too loudly. Kirill ignores the look.

                           KIRILL (CONT'D)
               Hey Papa, I never seen so many old
               people in one place. Whose party
               is it out there? The angel of

     WHITE Revision    -   9/12/06                               74.

64   CONTINUED:                                                        64

                      (in Russian)
                  She is one hundred years old.

     Semyon works on for a moment then glances at Kirill.

                              SEMYON (CONT'D)
                  Kirill, go down into the cellar
                  and bring up some brandy. Twelve

     Kirill turns to leave.

                  Come on, Nikolai, help me.

                  No. He stays here.   I want to
                  talk business.

     A confused pause.     Kirill looks from Nikolai to his father.

                  What business?

     A pause as Kirill suddenly senses his exclusion.

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  Papa, what business? His business
                  is my business.

     Semyon stares at Kirill and Kirill knows the look.

                  Go to the cellar Kirill.   And take
                  your time.

     Kirill hesitates. He is angry as hell but too scared of
     his father's gaze to say anything. Finally he turns fast
     and departs, slamming his open hand against the door as he

     Semyon waits a moment before returning to the business of
     cutting the cake. Finally...

                              SEMYON (CONT'D)
                  Did you deal with the old man?

     Nikolai nods.

     A pause.     Semyon looks up and fixes Nikolai with a stare.

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                            75.

64   CONTINUED: (2)                                                64

                           SEMYON (CONT'D)
                   (in Russian)
               It's time you joined us.

     A long moment. The thing Nikolai has been working for has
     finally happened. There seems to be little joy.

                   (in Russian)
               Thank you. Papa.

     Semyon returns to his work.    Nikolai hesitates.

                           NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
               What shall I tell Kirill?

     Semyon continues with the cake, unconcerned.

               Tell him I changed my mind about
               the brandy.


     The cellar is half lit, the arched walls lined with crates
     of wine. Flour, grease and potatoes are stored here. As
     Nikolai walks down the steps into the gloom, he hears Kirill
     singing a Russian folk song to himself as he drags a case
     of brandy across the cellar floor.

     Kirill has already opened a bottle of brandy and takes a
     long swig as Nikolai joins him. He grins as he gestures
     at the brandy...

               My dad swapped a little Georgian
               girl for this stuff.

     Nikolai sits down on a crate, rests his head against the
     wall. Kirill joins him and swigs some more.

                           KIRILL (CONT'D)
               Hey, don't feel bad. What happened
               up there is just how he is. He
               plays people against each other.
               That's all. I realize more and
               more what he's like. Here, drink
               to the Georgian girl...

     Kirill offers the bottle to Nikolai but he refuses.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                             76.

65   CONTINUED:                                                      65

                               KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  What?   I drink alone now.

     Nikolai decides to bite the bullet, get this news over

                  He offered me stars. I accepted

     A long pause. This is what Kirill wanted, but now it feels
     like a stab in the back. Finally Kirill swallows a huge
     swig of brandy then turns awkwardly to hug Nikolai. He
     squeezes him hard for a long time then shoves him away.

                  You think I didn't know already?
                  He told me before. It was my fucking
                  idea. He said there are a lot of
                  things I have to teach you.

     Nikolai nods.    Kirill gets to his feet....

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  Some stuff will take a long time.
                  I've been protecting you until



     A pause.

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  You think I don't know stuff you
                  don't know? I am vor by birth.
                  The stars are a birthmark for me...

                  I know, Kirill.

     Kirill is about to fly into a rage but Nikolai gets to his

                  Where the fuck are you going?
                  We've got to celebrate. Help me
                  with these bottles.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                            77.

65   CONTINUED: (2)                                                 65

     Nikolai heads for the steps.

               Your dad don't need the bottles
               any more.

     As Nikolai departs Kirill calls after him.

               Hey! We're still partners, right?
               Thunder and lightning!

     Nikolai climbs the steps. Kirill is left to swig his brandy
     and stare into the darkness. He wipes his eyes angrily
     with his sleeve.


     Sweet Russian choral music covers the next four scenes.

     The street outside the restaurant is now flooding with
     rain. A Daimler and a Bentley are already parked. A large
     SUV pulls up and a hard-looking Russian man in his sixties
     (VALERY) is ushered from the car by bodyguards in suits
     and shades.

     He is greeted by a darker-looking man in his fifties (THE
     GYPSY) who has a fur coat around his shoulders. Semyon is
     waiting on the doorstep, dressed in a fine dark suit.

67   INT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - NIGHT                         67

     The curtains are drawn against the rainy light. The Gypsy,
     Valery, Semyon and TWO OTHER RUSSIAN MEN are sitting in a
     line behind a restaurant table, like a judging panel.

     After a moment Nikolai enters, dressed in suit and tie for
     the biggest interview of his life.

     The vory behind the table greet him.

     Then Nikolai takes off his jacket and removes his tie. He
     then takes off his shirt, to reveal that his upper body is
     decorated with elaborate tattoos (details to follow).

     He carefully places his shirt over the chair then sits
     down. The panel of the vory study his body, the Gypsy
     pushing a candle across the table to better illuminate the
     detail of the tattoos. Only after the men have studied
     the tattoos does the interview begin.

     WHITE Revision       -   9/12/06                                78.

67   CONTINUED:                                                            67

     The following dialogue should not be translated, and can
     be cut around to suggest a long and grueling interview.

                  We can see that you were in prison
                  in Siberia. And that you were a

                  My father was a government worker.
                  He fixed the cars of officials. I
                  began by selling the spare parts
                  when I was fifteen.

                  You have no forced tattoos?


                  You were not co-operative?

                  I spent two years in the punishment

                  You went through the Crosses in
                  St. Petersburg?

                  I was in solitary confinement
                  fifteen times. I was called 'The
                  Stump' because they couldn't shift

                  Your father was a bitch and a weak
                  fucker for working with the
                  Government, that's right isn't it?

     Nikolai flickers a little.

                  That's right. My father means
                  nothing to me. My Mother....

                  You have no mother.      She was a
                  whore anyway.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                           79.

67   CONTINUED: (2)                                                67

               Yes. I have no mother and no
               father. There is only the code,
               the vory v zakone code which I
               have always followed.

               That is why there is an empty place
               above your heart. Where the stars
               will go. And why there is an empty
               place on your knees.

               I am dead already. I died when I
               was fifteen. Now I live in the
               zone all the time.

               You have never worked for the
               government? Any government?

               I have lived off Albanians and
               Georgians. I steal from them within
               the law.

     The questions and answers are delivered with great
     solemnity, making the ceremony feel almost religious.
     Candles burn, the men all sip water.

     Semyon is silent throughout but listens attentively.
     Towards the end of the interview there is the ghost of a
     smile on the Gypsy's face and this pleases Semyon.


     A wizened old Russian man (THE TATTOOIST) arrives at the
     kitchen door, carrying a battered leather case. The kitchen
     door is opened as he arrives and Semyon greets him.

69   INT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - NIGHT                        69

     The choral music continues as we see the old man opening
     his case and pulling out tattooing equipment.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                            80.

69   CONTINUED:                                                     69

     Nikolai is sitting in a banquette at the back, wearing
     only his underpants. We circle Nikolai as the tattooist
     begins to work on his knees, preparing Nikolai's knee caps
     for the tattoos.

     The needle bites at Nikolai's skin as the old tattooist
     wipes away the blood.

     Then we see the needle working on the empty spaces above
     Nikolai's heart, tattooing the star symbol.

     Nikolai now has a star tattoo on each knee and two eight-
     pointed stars on his chest. He is now a member of the vory
     v zakone.

70   INT. HELEN'S HOUSE. ANNA'S BEDROOM - MORNING                   70

     Anna is lying awake, her curtains drawn against the
     daylight. Helen knocks and enters with a cup of tea, just
     as in the opening scenes. Anna sits up.

                      (almost accusing)
                  Have you slept at all?

     Anna doesn't answer.    Helen looks anxious as she peeks out
     of the curtains.

                              HELEN (CONT'D)
                  I tried to get hold of Stepan for

     A pause.

                              HELEN (CONT'D)
                  He's usually either at home or at
                  his sisters. But she hasn't heard
                  from him at all.

     Helen is trying to hide her anxiety but Anna sees it.

                              HELEN (CONT'D)
                  He did spit in that horrible man's

                  I don't think the driver would do
                  anything to Stepan.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                             81.

70   CONTINUED:                                                      70

     Helen knows Anna well, senses some flicker of attraction.

                  How do you know what he would do?

     A pause.

                              HELEN (CONT'D)
                  You haven't spoken to him since,
                  have you?

     Anna doesn't answer and Helen's anger sparks... She leaves
     and slams the door.

71   EXT. TURKISH BATHS - DAY                                        71

     We are in St. Pancras, North London.

     More rain. Ozim is waiting nervously, blowing into his
     hands against the cold. The Turkish bath building is a
     Victorian red-brick edifice.

     Nikolai pulls up in his Mercedes.

72   INT. TURKISH BATHS. CHANGING ROOM - DAY                         72

     Ozim and Nikolai are undressing. The place is deserted
     apart from an OLD TURKISH BATH-HOUSE ATTENDANT who is
     distributing towels. Ozim is unbuttoning his shirt.

                  Semyon recommends these places for
                  business meetings because you can
                  see what tattoos a man has.

     Nikolai is pulling off his shirt and Ozim reacts to the
     sight of the fresh eight-pointed star tattoos. Ozim

                              OZIM (CONT'D)
                  Come on. We have a lot to get
                  through. Let's cook.

     Ozim disappears into a steam room, naked. Nikolai watches
     him go, a private agenda bubbling beneath the surface.

73   OMITTED                                                         73
     PINK Revision   -   11/12/06                             82.

74   INT. TURKISH BATHS. STEAM ROOM - DAY                           74

     Ozim and Nikolai sit side by side, sweating.    There is no
     one else in the steam room.

               Our lines to Kabul get broken every
               two or three weeks.

               How come?

               The Americans. Fucking NATO.
               Valery Nabokov imports flowers and
               television sets into this country.
               The television sets are one in
               ten. That means one in ten have
               cargo inside them.

               Where do they dock?

     Ozim grins.

               I will tell you when I return from
               the bathroom.

     Ozim chuckles as he leaves in a swirl of steam. Nikolai
     leans back against the cold wall, his tattoo almost the
     only visible thing through the steam.

75   INT. TURKISH BATHS. CHANGING ROOM - DAY                        75

     Ozim is dressing frantically, his face suddenly betraying
     his real anxiety. He checks his watch as he puts it back
     on his wrist.

     After a moment the two Chechen brothers who killed Ekrem
     enter the changing room. They swagger up to Ozim.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                      83-83A.

75   CONTINUED:                                                   75

     He gulps down his fear.

                  Kirill is in there.

     Ozim slaps his chest to denote the place where they will
     see the vor tattoo. They head towards the steam room as
     Ozim grabs his shoes and hurries towards the exit.

76   INT. TURKISH BATHS. STEAM ROOM - DAY                         76

     Nikolai is sweating hard, staring at the ceiling. The
     steam room door opens but the steam is now so thick he
     can't see who has entered.


     He sees a shape... a clothed body. He realizes immediately.
     Suddenly one of the brothers is upon him and has him in a
     head lock. He strokes the tattoo on Nikolai's chest as if
     this were confirmation of who this is. He grunts an
     instruction and his brother emerges through the steam with
     an open razor.

     Nikolai is naked, alone.

     Suddenly he kicks the razor guy in the balls and uses a
     martial arts chop to free himself from the other brother.
     In the steam there are boots and bare feet and knees and
     fingers flying. Nikolai manages to gouge the eye of one
     brother and throw another against the wall. He obviously
     has serious combat training but the brothers are strong
     and angry.

     Suddenly Nikolai is slashed across the arm by the razor
     and blood oozes into the steam and hot water. All the men
     are slipping and falling on the blood and hot water.
     Another slash of the razor cuts his thigh open. All the
     men are now covered in blood and Nikolai, with a final
     surge of strength, manages to cripple one brother with a
     blow to the throat, and the other with an elbow to the

     As the Chechens slump to the floor, Nikolai fumbles in the
     bloody water for the razor, finds it, kneels, and slashes
     their throats. He lurches to his feet, drops the razor,
     and staggers out of the steam room.

77   OMITTED                                                      77
     GOLDENROD Revision     -   11/27/06                       84.


     Aziz and a group of a dozen doctors and nurses are eating
     lunch, some in party hats, some drinking red wine out of
     paper cups. Aziz seems anxious, distracted. Anna enters in
     a hurry, locates Aziz and joins him.

                I'm so late. Sorry.

     She looks around the 'party' with horror...

                                ANNA (CONT'D)
                Oh God...

                It's fine, although I think I've
                had enough.

     He smiles and downs his glass of wine in one go.

                Paul, on my way here I made a

                    (mock horror)
                You can't possibly dump me. We're
                not even going out.

                Take my hand.

     Aziz, confused, takes her hand.

                            ANNA (CONT'D)
                Feel my pulse.

     Aziz feels Anna's pulse.      Anna takes a deep breath.

                            ANNA (CONT'D)
                I'm going to apply to adopt

     A pause.

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                               85.

78   CONTINUED:                                                       78

                              ANNA (CONT'D)
                  Can you feel that?

     Aziz smiles.

                  Yes, I can.


     Nikolai is being hurried down the corridor, his face covered
     with an oxygen mask. He is covered with a surgical gown
     which is covered in blood. His arm flops out from under
     the covers as the paramedics rush him into the hospital.

     Anna is walking in the opposite direction. Then, as
     Nikolai's trolley passes, Anna sees Nikolai's arm, flopping
     from under the covers. She sees the eagle tattoo on the
     back of his hand. Anna freezes.


     Nikolai is conscious in bed, attached to a single drip.
     His wounds have been stitched up.

     A doctor and two nurses are settling Nikolai's vital signs,
     moving around him, checking his temperature. Finally they
     clear the bed and through the glass of the room we see
     Anna, standing outside, staring in at Nikolai.


     Nikolai is peering through half-opened eyes. The last
     nurse is checking his vital signs. Then Anna enters. The
     nurse stops work...


                  Is it OK to talk to him for a

     The nurse hesitates...

                  He's still in trauma.   Do you know

     Anna glances at Nikolai who is rousing himself.

     WHITE Revision      -   9/12/06                             86.

81   CONTINUED:                                                        81


     The nurse is reluctant but sees Anna's fierce stare and
     finally leaves. After she has gone Nikolai stirs, focuses
     on her face.

                  I thought you did birth.

     Nikolai smiles, but Anna is trying hard to even out her
     fear and anger.

                  My uncle....

     Nikolai tries to sit up and registers pain.

                              ANNA (CONT'D)
                  ...the one who spat in your face...
                  He's disappeared.

     A pause. Nikolai gasps in pain as he raises himself up.
     Anna sees the wounds on his arms and glimpses the tattoos
     on his chest, scaring her even more.

                              ANNA (CONT'D)
                  If we don't hear from him soon
                  we're going to the police...

     Nikolai reaches for a bottle of water and manages to take
     a swig. Anna is impatient for a reaction.

                              ANNA (CONT'D)
                  Do you know where he is?

     A pause. Nikolai finishes the bottle of water in one
     thirsty swig. Finally...


     A pause.

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                  He's in Scotland. In Edinburgh.
                  In a five-star hotel.

     Anna is locating the door in case she has to flee as Nikolai
     swings his legs out of the bed to stretch his painful limbs.

     WHITE Revision    -   9/12/06                           87.

81   CONTINUED: (2)                                                81


                I'm going to need some clothes. I
                arrived here without any. Can you
                get me some?

     Anna doesn't budge.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                I can't walk out of here naked.

                You can't walk out of here because
                you're attached to a drip. Explain

     Nikolai sighs, sits back down on the bed.    He finally speaks

                Your uncle knew too much.

     Nikolai shrugs.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                I was told to get rid of him. I
                was meant to send him to heaven
                with a bullet in his head. Instead
                I sent him to Edinburgh. With a
                first-class ticket.

     A pause.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                He is of the old school. He
                understood the situation. Exile
                or death. Edinburgh was his idea.
                He said they throw a great party
                at New Year. And he said it was a
                good excuse to get away from his

     Nikolai smiles at Anna.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                So... just a pair of jeans and a T-
                shirt. A jacket. And some shoes.

     Anna still looks disbelieving.   Nikolai sighs.

     GOLDENROD Revision   -   11/27/06                        88.

81   CONTINUED: (3)                                                 81

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                The hotel is called the Caledonian.

     Without a pause Anna leaves.


     Anna is sitting on the bed beside Christine's crib.
     Christine is asleep. Anna is speaking into her cell phone,
     trying to keep her voice down.

                    (into phone)
      , I couldn't get much sense
                out of him, he was drunk.

     A pause.   Anna looks exasperated.

                            ANNA (CONT'D)
                    (into phone)
                Mum, I don't want to tell you how
                I found him because I don't want
                another argument. I just wanted
                you to know he's definitely safe...

     Anna listens with weariness.

                            ANNA (CONT'D)
                    (into phone)
                No, we can't tonight. I'm working.
                I need the money.
                    (a pause)
                For a place of my own, for Christ's

     She listens with growing anger until she finally cuts the
     call without a word. Christine stirs but doesn't wake.

     She leans back against the wall, already regretful.


     The ward is busy as Yuri, the police specialist from the
     Russian desk, enters wearing a heavy overcoat. He looks
     all around and approaches a nurse.
     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                          89.


     Nikolai's drip is being removed by A NURSE. Nikolai is
     examining his healing wounds. Then through the glass of
     the door he notices Yuri, speaking to a nurse, and obviously
     recognizes him.

     The nurse points Yuri in Nikolai's direction.


     It's cold and the wind is blowing. We see rooftops behind
     them. Yuri is lighting Nikolai's cigarette. Nikolai is
     wearing Yuri's overcoat loosely over his hospital gown.
     Yuri lights his own cigarette and they smoke in silence
     for a moment.

               You got my message?

     Yuri chuckles.

               Using a dead body to file a progress
               report must be against FSB

               It's called improvisation.

               You've been improvising quite a
               lot lately. And taking risks.

     He glances at the cuts on Nikolai's hands...

                           YURI (CONT'D)
                   (in Russian)
               Maybe too many.

     Nikolai suddenly glares at Yuri.

                   (in Russian)
               You didn't come here to give me

     Yuri shakes his head and prepares to deliver bad news.
     Nikolai turns as if to go back inside. Yuri grabs Nikolai's
     arm and speaks formally....

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                              90.

85   CONTINUED:                                                       85

                  In light of what has happened to

     Nikolai shakes his head wearily....

                      (in Russian)
                  Ah, Christ...

                  ...and in light of other violent
                  incidents associated with you, the
                  Russian desk at Scotland Yard have
                  made an official request to the
                  Russian embassy that your undercover
                  operation in London be terminated.

     Nikolai doesn't react for a moment.

                              YURI (CONT'D)
                      (in Russian)
                  You have gone beyond what was

     With his cigarette dangling from his mouth Nikolai begins
     to unbutton his overcoat..

                              YURI (CONT'D)
                  In my opinion you should see this
                  as good news. You've been in the
                  zone far too long...

     Nikolai turns and slowly pulls open the overcoat and the
     thin hospital gown beneath it.

     He reveals the eight-pointed star tattoos on his chest and
     Yuri reacts with absolute astonishment.

                              YURI (CONT'D)
                  My God...

                  If they terminate the operation
                  now, they will be wasting this...

     A pause. Yuri looks shocked and slightly horrified.
     Nikolai too suddenly seems almost ashamed that he has got
     this far. After a long silence Nikolai mumbles.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                           91.

85   CONTINUED: (2)                                                85

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                You tell the Russian desk you saw
                stars over my heart. OK? Tell
                them I'm through the door.

     A pause.   Yuri is still overwhelmed.

                They are bound to ask... who did
                you kill?

     A pause.

                    (in Russian)
                Tell them I only killed myself.

     A pause. Yuri is humbled. They share a moment of
     understanding as they smoke. Finally...

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                And you can tell them I'm going to
                replace Semyon at the head of the
                London organization.

     Yuri laughs.

                What drugs are they giving you?
                Maybe it's the anesthetic speaking.

                I need you to take Semyon out of
                the picture. I want you to arrest

     Nikolai lights another cigarette from the stub of the one
     he is smoking. Yuri is incredulous.

                Arrest him for what?


     Yuri begins to chuckle.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                The girl was fourteen.

     BLUE Revision    -   11/4/06                              92.

85   CONTINUED: (3)                                                  85

                And of course, she will testify...

                She doesn't have to.   She's dead.

     A pause.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                But she had Semyon's baby. If you
                prove the baby is his and prove
                the girl was under age when the
                baby was conceived, that's statutory

     A pause.   Yuri begins it think it through.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                All you need is the baby and some
                of Semyon's DNA. For poetic reasons
                I suggest you take his blood.

     Yuri peers at Nikolai with awe.    A long pause.   Finally
     Yuri smiles.

                You intrigue me.

     A pause.

                            YURI (CONT'D)
                If we had never had this
                conversation they would have sent
                you home. You could have spent
                the Spring in the mountains. Riding
                your bicycle to your office every
                morning through fields of flowers.

     A pause.

                              YURI (CONT'D)
                Why stay?

     Nikolai reacts but doesn't answer. A pause.

                            YURI (CONT'D)
                You keep in touch.

     Yuri studies Nikolai.

     PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                             93.

85   CONTINUED: (4)                                                  85

                            YURI (CONT'D)
                    (in Russian)
                And take care, Mikhail.

     Yuri tenderly takes his overcoat from Nikolai's shoulders
     and goes back through the fire-escape door. Nikolai is
     left cold and exposed in his thin gown.


     Nikolai is playing chess against himself, sitting on the
     bed, trying hard to concentrate. There is a knock and
     Anna enters, carrying an old shopping bag. She takes out
     a worn pair of jeans and a T-shirt, a denim jacket and a
     battered pair of shoes. Nikolai smiles...

                How is Uncle Stepan?

     Instead of answering, Anna lays the clothes on the bed.

                They're from the morgue. They
                belonged to someone who died

     Nikolai picks up the jeans and examines them.     They're way
     too big.

                            ANNA (CONT'D)
                I can't believe I'm doing a favor
                for someone just because he had
                the decency not to murder a member
                of my family.

     Nikolai smiles but Anna turns to leave...

                Hey... wait a minute...

     Nikolai steps behind the bed screen to pull on the jeans.
     He speaks from behind the screen.

                            NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                Is your bike still working OK?

     A pause.   Anna considers leaving but hesitates.

                Yeah.     It's OK.


86   CONTINUED:                                                  86

     Nikolai steps out from behind the screen, the baggy jeans
     tightly belted, his chest bare. For the first time Anna
     sees the extent of Nikolai's body tattoos and reacts....

     Nikolai sees her reaction to the tattoos and doesn't care
     for it. He grabs the T-shirt and pulls it on.

                  Did you get in touch with Tatiana's
                  family in Russia?



     Nikolai is now dressed, his cut and tattooed arms still

                              NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                  So the baby's still in England.

     A pause.   Anna nods.

                  She's staying here for good.

     They peer at each other.

                              ANNA (CONT'D)
                  Why do you care?

     Nikolai shrugs and grabs the shoes.

                              ANNA (CONT'D)
                  Stepan said you were kind to him.
                  He said you were risking your own
                  life to keep him alive.

     Nikolai laughs.

                  Yeah, and all the thanks I get is
                  a pair of dead man's shoes.
                      (pause)                                         *
                  I listen to you.                                    *

                              ANNA                                    *
                      (sarcastic)                                     *
                  Do you really?                                      *

                              NIKOLAI                                 *
                  Yes. About Semyon and the baby.                     *
                  Thank you.                                          *


86   CONTINUED: (2)                                                86

                           ANNA                                      *
                   (still wary)                                      *
               You thank me for that?                                *

     Their eyes lock across a huge divide.   He rubs the tattoos
     on his arm.


86   CONTINUED: (3)                                               86

                   (indicating tattoos)                              *
               These things are just marks on the
               skin, you know?

     Anna nods. An awkward pause, then Anna turns and leaves

87   INT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - DAY                         87

     The restaurant is filled with balloons of every color, all
     over the floor and bouncing off the tables. A large `Happy
     New Year' banner is hanging from the wall.

     Kirill is sitting on the floor amongst the balloons, blowing
     up another one. Maria, Semyon's little granddaughter, runs
     in to the restaurant and stops to stare at Kirill. He
     begins to inflate another balloon then stops.

                   (in Russian)
               What are you looking at?

                      (in Russian)

     Maria comes to him and take a balloon. She tries to blow
     it up but fails. Kirill smiles and blows it up for her.

                           MARIA (CONT'D)
               What were you and Grandpa shouting
               about last night?

               Nothing, baby.

               It sounded like something.

     Kirill takes a deep breath to blow a balloon then stops
     and looks at Maria.

               Someone I know got hurt and I blamed

               Did you fight each other?    I heard

     PINK Revision    -    11/12/06                            96.

87   CONTINUED:                                                      87

                  No. It's not a fight if one of
                  you doesn't fight back.

     A pause.     Kirill smiles.   We see slight abrasions.

                              KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  So, today I do as I am told.

     She nods and Kirill blows another balloon. At that moment
     Kirill sees on the security monitor behind the bar that a
     police car is pulling up outside the restaurant. His face
     clouds as another pulls up beside it.

                               KIRILL (CONT'D)
                  Maria.   Go upstairs.

88   INT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - DAY                            88

     Semyon sits at a bare table, opposite Yuri from the Russian
     desk. A uniformed officer stands nearby, and there is a
     police doctor with a medical bag sitting at the next table,
     waiting. The whole scene is rendered surreal by all the
     balloons which bounce around them. Semyon is in full
     charming old man mode.

                      (in Russian)
                  You'll have a drink, Yuri...

     He is half on his feet.

                      (in Russian)
                  I don't drink on duty.

                      (in Russian)
                  Sometimes I don't believe you are
                  really Russian.

                      (in Russian)
                  I've told you, I am half Russian.

                      (in Russian)
                  Then have half a drink.

     Yuri shakes his head.     Semyon goes to the optic and helps
     himself to a vodka.

     WHITE Revision       -    9/12/06                     97.

88   CONTINUED:                                                  88

                              SEMYON (CONT'D)
                  So what is all this nonsense?

                  We just need a blood sample.

                  For what?

                  We can take the sample right now
                  voluntarily or I can get an order
                  from the court. It's up to you.

     Semyon glances at the doctor and chuckles.

                      (in Russian)
                  He sits there like a vampire.

                      (in Russian)
                  What, you are afraid of needles,

     Semyon's face hardens and he glares at Yuri.

                  I am afraid of... conspiracies.

     A pause.     Yuri speaks softly.

                  I will return tomorrow with a court

     He gets to his feet.

                  Wait.       I've done nothing wrong.

     Semyon begins to roll up his sleeve, revealing a long scroll
     of tattoos.

     Then a needle is being pushed into Semyon's arm by the
     doctor. Semyon's face doesn't flicker. He stares into
     Yuri's eyes.
     BLUE Revision   -   11/4/06                                98.

89   INT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT. KITCHEN - DAY                    89

     Kirill is preparing food for the night's festivities.
     Semyon enters and goes straight to the sink. He pulls off
     the plaster from his arm where the blood was taken and
     pours some vodka over the tiny puncture hole.

               What did they want with you, papa?

               To poison me.

     Semyon pours more vodka on the wound then takes a swig.

                           SEMYON (CONT'D)
               They took blood from me with a
               needle. Probably the same needle
               they use for all the junkies and
               whores and blacks and queers.

     He glares at Kirill as he rolls his sleeve down.

                           SEMYON (CONT'D)
               Now I probably have the fucking
               queer disease.

     Kirill has his back turned, doesn't react.   Semyon sits
     heavily. Finally...

               Why would they want your blood,

     For the first time Semyon looks vulnerable and confused as
     he admits....

               I don't know.

     Kirill is surprised to see his father unsure.   He peers at

                           SEMYON (CONT'D)
               Someone is ahead of me. I don't
               like people ahead of me.

     Kirill is now unnerved by Semyon's quiet confusion. He
     watches as Semyon grabs at the bottle of vodka to drink.
     He speaks softly as he swigs.

     BLUE Revision       -   11/4/06                         99.

89   CONTINUED:                                                    89

                               SEMYON (CONT'D)
                  What the hell did that cocksucker
                  want with my blood?

     Kirill is reluctant to speak at first but eventually chances
     his arm.

                  Maybe it's about the baby.

                  What baby?

     A pause.

                  Some bitch was out there saying
                  you were the father of a baby.

     Semyon turns to Kirill, his face hardening...

                  What are you talking about?

     Semyon approaches and Kirill gets scared.

                  It was nothing. Just some bitch...


                  The woman from the hospital.   The

     Semyon stares into Kirill's eyes and Kirill mistakes his
     frantic thought process for anger. Kirill backs away.
     Semyon is beginning to catch up.

90   EXT. TRAFALGAR HOSPITAL - NIGHT                               90

     The main entrance of the hospital is busy with visitors
     and staff. There is a `Happy New Year' banner across the
     entrance. In amongst the bustle of visitors we spy a young
     man with his collar turned up and a bunch of red roses in
     his hand.

     We then see that it is Kirill, entering the hospital.
     GOLDENROD Revision   -   11/27/06                      100.

91   INT. TRAFALGAR HOSPITAL. CORRIDOR - NIGHT                     91

     Anna is walking down a corridor with her crash helmet in
     her hand, heading for another shift.

92   INT. TRAFALGAR HOSPITAL. ELEVATORS - NIGHT                    92

     We are close on Kirill's face as he studies a map of the
     hospital near the elevators.

     Anna comes down a stairwell and spots Kirill - she
     especially notices the roses - just as he gets into an
     elevator. The elevator doors close. Was it really him?
     Anna is not sure. She frowns.


     A door opens and Kirill steps into striped moonlight.
     Clamping the roses under his arm, he pulls a black zip-up
     sports bag from under his coat. After a brief dialogue
     with himself, he produces a half bottle of vodka and takes
     a swig. Then he hurries on.


     Anna walks onto the ward in her uniform. She checks a few
     stats as she walks by various beds. She then glances over
     at Christine's private room. She tiptoes into the room
     and goes to the crib. She finds it empty - except for a
     bunch of red roses. Outside the ward is now filling up
     with visitors. Babies cry, people laugh.

     Anna goes back out to the ward and calls to a nurse.

               Sonya! Is someone bathing

               No.   She's in her cot.

               Well she's not. She's not.
     PINK Revision   -   11/12/06                          101.

95   OMITTED                                                      95

96   INT. TRAFALGAR HOSPITAL. CORRIDOR - NIGHT                    96

     Anna runs at breakneck speed through the corridors.

97   EXT. TRAFALGAR HOSPITAL. CAR PARK - NIGHT                    97

     Kirill is at the wheel of Nikolai's Mercedes. He swigs
     from his bottle of vodka, which is now more than half empty.
     He fires the engine and reverses. A car passing by has to
     slam on its brakes. Kirill yells.

               Hey, you stupid fucker!!

     A horn blows. The passing car accelerates angrily by. Then
     we hear a baby crying. Kirill looks into the half darkness
     of the back seat and we see Kirill's black sports bag,
     partially zipped up. Christine is crying inside it, her
     little grasping hand protruding past the zipper. Kirill
     speaks softly.

                           KIRILL (CONT'D)
               Be quiet baby. Quiet baby.    It's
     PINK Revision     -   11/12/06                         102.


     Anna flies out of Nikolai's room and spots a nurse.

               What happened to the patient with
               the knife cuts? The Russian?

               We just discharged him.   A couple
               of minutes ago.

     Anna runs out.

99   INT. TRAFALGAR HOSPITAL. RECEPTION - NIGHT                    99

     Anna runs fast down the corridor towards the hospital exit.
     She spots Nikolai ahead of her.

     She pushes past a couple of drunks and flies at him.

               Where have they taken Christine?!

     Nikolai reacts.

                           ANNA (CONT'D)
               You bastards!! Where will he take
               her?! Tell me!!

     People back away as Nikolai grabs Anna's arms and holds
     her still.

               What are you talking about?!

     Anna studies Nikolai's face and sees his genuine confusion.
     She calms down a little.

               Kirill. Kirill has taken Christine.
               I saw him here! I thought he was
               coming to see you, but he wasn't,
               was he?

     Nikolai curses under his breath and thinks fast.

               You brought your bike?
       BLUE Revision   -   11/4/06                            103.

100    EXT. NINE ELMS. ABANDONED DOCK - NIGHT                        100

       The same dockside where Nikolai dumped Soyka and recommended
       this as the best place to dispose of a body. Kirill pulls
       up slowly in Nikolai's Mercedes. The car is parked for a
       long time before finally the headlights are switched off.


       Nikolai and Anna race to Anna's motorbike.

                 I'll drive.

                 I'll drive.

       Anna and Nikolai leap aboard the bike and it starts first
       time. With Nikolai riding pillion, they roar away.

101A   EXT. LONDON STREET - NIGHT                                    101A

       Anna and Nikolai ride through London streets.

102    EXT. NINE ELMS. ABANDONED DOCK - NIGHT                        102

       On the edge of the dockside, Kirill is kneeling with the
       zip-up bag before him. Suddenly fireworks begin to burst
       over the Thames. It is the stroke of midnight.

       Kirill unzips the bag. When he looks inside Christine
       stops crying. He peers at her, wiping away tears.

                 She's a little girl, Papa, a little
                 sweet fucking girl...

       Kirill sobs then Christine cries...

                             KIRILL (CONT'D)
                 Shush, shush...

       Kirill lifts her out of the bag and holds her close to
       him, fireworks still illuminating the London skyline. He
       looks down at the freezing cold water, utterly confused.
       He whispers...

                             KIRILL (CONT'D)
                     (in Russian)
                 I'm sorry, my little sister.

      BLUE Revision   -   11/4/06                           103A.

102   CONTINUED:                                                    102

      For a moment we believe he is going to throw her into the
      water. Instead he begins to sing a lullaby to her and her
      crying stops.

      PINK Revision    -   11/12/06                            104.

102   CONTINUED: (2)                                                  102

      Then we see a single light behind him. In a firework flash
      we see Nikolai and Anna climbing off the bike. They
      approach cautiously. Kirill stares at the man he loves.
      A pause. Christine begins to cry.

                 Kirill, let me take the baby.

                 You stay where you are.

                 She's cold, Kirill.

      Kirill suddenly screams as another barrage of fireworks
      explodes. Nikolai doesn't move. Kirill is dangerously
      close to the edge of the dock. Maybe he'll throw himself
      in too.

                 Kirill, a vor doesn't kill little

      Kirill is motionless.

                             NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                 Something like this would be bad
                 for all of us. Your dad has gone
                 too far, Kirill.

      A pause.

                             NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                     (in Russian)
                 It's our turn now.

      Nikolai steps forward slowly.    As he gets closer Kirill
      hugs the baby.

      Finally Nikolai reaches Kirill and hugs him. As he does
      he edges him away from the dockside. The three of them are
      locked in a long embrace.

      Nikolai emerges from the embrace with Christine in his
      arms. He quickly hands her to Anna who hugs her close.
      Kirill turns to Nikolai.

                 I swear I didn't know my dad was
                 setting you up.

      YELLOW Revision    -   11/21/06                           105.

102   CONTINUED: (3)                                                   102

                   He's going away. When he's gone
                   the family business will be yours.

      A pause.

                               NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                   We can be partners again. Thunder
                   and lightning, right?

      Kirill smiles through his tears and nods.

                               NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                   Get into the car. I'll drive you

      A pause. Kirill dries his eyes and heads for the car.
      Nikolai looks at Anna, who is hugging the baby. He waits
      a long time before realizing he must leave her.

                               NIKOLAI (CONT'D)
                   You're OK, yeah?

      Anna nods.

                   Who are you really? Why have you
                   helped us?


102   CONTINUED: (4)                                                102

      Nikolai can't answer truthfully, though he longs to do so.
      There is a long pause before he manages to finds a suitable

                 How can I become King if the King
                 is still in place?

      A pause.   He laughs.

      Anna studies him, unsure. More New Year fireworks explode
      over the river. Kirill yells from the car...

                 You come on, Nikolai! We're missing
                 the fucking party of the year out
                 there!! Get here and drive!!
                     (in Russian)
                 That's a fucking order!!

      Nikolai and Anna peer at each other.

                 Maybe I can drive you somewhere?

      She shakes her head.

                 There's someone I can call.   He'll
                 come and fetch us.

      Nikolai nods, not liking the information but hiding it.
      Nikolai comes close and gently uncovers Christine's face.
      He smiles. Kirill is hooting the car horn.

      After a moment Nikolai and Anna kiss each other gently
      before Nikolai heads for the car.

103   OMITTED                                                       103*

104   INT. HELEN'S HOUSE. KITCHEN - DAY                             104*

      A summer's day. Anna, Helen and Uncle Stepan are preparing
      to eat Sunday lunch. Stepan is carving. The conversation
      is jovial as Anna and Helen bring dishes of food to the

      Then we hear a baby crying. Anna goes to a small crib and
      lifts a six-month-old Christine out. She hands her to
      Helen who hugs her. Over this happy scene we hear Tatiana
      in V.O., a repeat of the first words we heard her say.

                            TATIANA (V.O.)
                My name is Tatiana. My father
                died in the mines in my village,
                so he was already buried when he

      Anna takes Christine back and takes her to the window to
      peer outside, staring across the park.

105   INT. TRANS-SIBERIAN RESTAURANT - SAME DAY                     105

      Nikolai is sitting at a window table, alone, sipping vodka,
      staring back across the park. He peers out at ordinary
      life going on in the streets outside. Tatiana's V.O.

                            TATIANA (V.O.)
                We were all buried there. Beneath
                the soil of Russia. That is why I
                left to find a better life.

      Nikolai finishes his drink.

                             THE END