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Check out our latest interview with Holly Powell! Read what she has to say about the most important things an actor should know and do - before walking into an audition.

Movie Script of the Month

American History X - Enjoy reading our latest "Movie Script of the Month" pick.

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How to Survive as an Actor in L.A.

When it comes to surviving in LA as a working actor, sometimes options are limited. Audience Work is EASY, quick and there are no prerequisites. The best part about audience work is that is more often than not it...


Acting Agent or Acting Manager? What's the Difference Anyway?

Mark Stolzenberg discusses the major differences between agents and managers... and even sheds some light on which one would be better for you.


Photographer's Corner

Marc Cartwright Photography

Marc's sole purpose - having been on both sides of the camera - is to deliver a product that gets the client noticed. Whether it's a head shot or an intricate set of poses, he is known to deliver a most fun and rewarding photographic experience.

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How to Cry On Cue

"Breaking down" does not necessarily mean crying. Watch TV News. Watch people in horrifying situations. Not all of them cry. Fighting hard not to cry is a great deal more moving than crying. The best coach I had told me... Read more >>

How to Feel Great After an Audition

What happens when someone asks you, "So, what do you do, Bob?" Most actors answer in one of 2 ways. Either they say "I am an actor" or they apologize and explain why they aren't in a show right now by saying, "Well, I'm trying to be an actor" or something similar. Read more >>

Actor Pay Rates

You're pursuing your dream as an actor. You took classes, got your headshots, kept your resume up to date, networked with the right people, auditioned for a film with pay(!) and you landed the role! After your initial excitement of landing the role wear's off, you get doubly excited that you have a pay check coming your way for doing what you love. "Hmmm, I wonder how much I'll get paid," you ask yourself. " Read more >>


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Dear Sister (for Women)

"Helen,  don’t do it.  I beg of you. Marry him if you like, but when he asks you to pose for his paintings (as he surely will–he is fifty-three and you are sixteen, do you think he’s marrying you for your mind?), when he asks you to sit, to lie still–say No...." Get full monologue >>

My Supposed Best Friend (for Teen Girls)

"My 'formerly' best friend, Marta Holloway called me a liar in school today! I hate that! Especially since I WAS lying and she was only telling the truth. Do you remember all those times people would tell you not to lie,  but then turn around and say something like... when it comes down to..." Get full monologue >>

Play Date (for Men)

"This is it. Eighteen year of hiding. Eighteen years of wishing I was someone else, praying that I would change. I cannot change, I was born this way and this is how I must live. I will tell them. They won't care, will they? Aren't I the same person I have been all our lives? Will them knowing this one detail about my lifestyle change our..." Get full monologue >>

Butterhead Star Wars (for Kids)

"So this is it! The new *** movie is out and I am here to see it. And I am ready. I waited in line for... [looks at wrist]  Wait! Where's my watch? [looks at other wrist]
Oh! There it is! ... I waited in line for 3 hours. I got the first..." Get full monologue >>