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Why Are There Ads on Actorpoint?

Hello. I purchased Actorpoint several years ago from the original owner. And, to be honest, there were ads already in place here on the web site.

Throughout my discussions with the owner about the site, it became evident that maintaining Actorpoint was simply becoming too much of a burden. And although the website was producing some revenue from the advertisements, it just wasn't enough for him to want to continue to devote time, energy, and money to keep maintaining and growing it.

So, after many years of running Actorpoint without charging membership or monthly fees - he decided to sell it. However, he only wanted to sell it to someone who would continue to grow and nurture the site.

Since I've purchased the site, I've added nearly 10 times as much content than it originally contained; thus continuing to grow and nurture the site as promised. I've also tried to honor the original goal of providing valuable information to the acting community without requiring any membership or subscription fees.

Of course, this hasn't been easy. As the site continues to grow, more server space is required. This translates into more web site hosting fees for us.

In addition, in continuing to develop the web site further, we sometimes have to hire programmers, writers, and other specialists. And as you can imagine, hiring the folks who help us requires a lot of money.

Lastly, as the site's popularity continues to grow, it's become clear to me that more resources in terms of time, energy, and money will have to be devoted to Actorpoint in order to continue providing the quality content actors and actresses have come to love and expect from us.

As a result of all this, I was confronted with making a choice: either run Actorpoint like a business, or run the risk of abandoning the site or taking it offline all together. Based on all the great feedback I've gotten from visitors about the site; and in addition to all the time, energy, an money already invested in it - the latter choice was not an option.

So, why is there advertising on Actorpoint?

It's simply to help us offset the costs or running and maintaining it - and to also pay for the costs of continuing to develop it.

A Quick Note About Our Advertisers

We run ads from reputable advertising agencies and are quite cautious about the kinds of ads we allow on Actorpoint. Rest assured, we do our best to keep the ads that are displayed safe and clean for everyone.

Please Help Support Actorpoint by Not Blocking the Ads

If you see an ad that concerns you on Actorpoint, please let us know so we can address it immediately.  You can reach me here.  To read more about our advertising, please check out our privacy policy.

Thanks for your understanding with this matter. I do really appreciate all your support and hope Actorpoint can help you reach your goal of becoming a great actor or actress!

-- Jay at ActorPoint