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ActorTrack Review

"...innovative...the ultimate piece of software for actors!"ActorTrack Software

Whether you find yourself going on 5 auditions a month or 5 auditions a day, ActorTrack is the software program you need to organize your entire career. From the creators of the popular Holdon Log, ActorTrack goes way beyond simply keeping tabs on your auditions.

Residing on your computer and downloadable in minutes, ActorTrack organizes and puts your entire career into perspective.

Before you even get into the heart of the program, there is a section-at-a-glance to conveniently input important numbers and information such as your union and agents' phone numbers along side your union ID numbers for quick reference.

Need all the information while you're on the go? No problem! ActorTrack easily downloads and syncs to your mobile device. Couldn't be more convenient.

The main section of the program has six tabs that organize information for things you would never have thought you'd be able to include. This is what makes ActorTrack so innovative and the ultimate piece of software for actors.

The first tab for auditions provides space for the standard details of setting up an audition. By far, the coolest part of this section is the one-click area to upload your headshot that you submitted for each project.

The second tab down is 'booked projects' which, as it sounds, keeps track of your success. Aside from an extra bit of motivation, any project that you book automatically gets moved into this section. But ActorTrack doesn't stop there. Use this area to keep record of literally the entire gig, from your first table read and rehearsal to call-times, hair/make-up right through the wrap party. This tab also makes certain you know whom you need to follow-up with (director, producer, cd, etc.) and if you've received your copy of the film yet.

Next, perhaps the area most actors fail to keep record of is expenses. Using ActorTrack will not only keep tabs on your audition expenses, but it also has a pull- down menu listing all possible expense types from reels and coaching to parking and trade publications.

ActorTrack Software What piece of organizing software would be complete without a calendar and a place for contact names, phone numbers, and other important pieces of information? Besides the searchable database of contacts, ActorTrack is truly a product of the 21st century by including a direct link to Google or the IMDb to research any name in your contact list!

Patting yourself on the back for the tons of auditions, call-backs and booked projects you've landed? Let ActorTrack join the fun and make sense out of it all for you. With 'The Breakdown' feature, you can automatically view stats (in pie chart form too) from every audition, expense and booking detail logged. Just one of the features that truly sets ActorTrack apart from anything on the market like it today.

"...puts your entire career into perspective."

Oh, and if you're ever stuck or want to get more details on any of the features, one click and you're browsing a 128-page digital manual organized by section. Could not be any simpler. sent out actor Jason Seitz into the audition world equipped with ActorTrack and asked for his experience with the software:

"I am grateful for this product. Honestly, once I received ActorTrack, I just couldn't stop putting information into it! Everything is automatic, and I just love it! ActorTrack has replaced those little post-it notes I used to track when and where I would audition, with whom I spoke to, and even what clothes I wore. Keeping records is 11 times easier! Come to think of it, there really isn't anything I don't like about ActorTrack. It's my filing cabinet, industry contact library, and success calculator all in one. One of my favorite sections is "The Breakdowns". This is where ActorTrack, automatically calculates your auditions, callbacks, bookings, expenses, as well as agent and casting director submissions, in the form of a pie chart showing your percentage of success according to each area. Talk about an effective way to evaluate the success of your business!!!"

ActorTrack Software In this digital age, there is no reason to continue to jot information down on paper or in notebooks. ActorTrack not only puts it right at your fingertips but also organizes it in a way that'll make you feel like a successful working actor every time you load the program. ActorTrack keeps you ahead of your competition and excited about your career!

Completely endorsed and recommended by the people behind, get more info and grab your copy of ActorTrack today by visiting the official website at

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