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Creative Tension: Part II

Once you have a clear vision of what you want to create, the other major component of creative tension is developing a clear view of the reality you now have. Where you are now is simply where you are now. It is an assessment of current circumstances and not a judgment on who you are or the beauty that resides within you and in every human being. Be gentle with yourself as you assess where you are in relation to where you want to be. In order to set up the creative tension dynamic, you must have a clear measurement of your current reality and circumstances. Remember you are looking for a measurement, not an interpretation or evaluation of where you are now.

Knowing the difference between where you want to be and where you are at this moment in time creates a healthy tension that seeks to resolve itself. Like the rubber band, knowing where you want to go and where you are creates a tension that moves you forward in a targeted manner. It is in the gap between where you are and where you want to be that the tension resides. It is in the gap where choices are made and the actions are taken that can propel you forward.

Once you know what you want and what you currently have in relation to what you want you can begin to organize your actions more effectively to cause the desired changes to happen. Want to win an Oscar as your vision/target? Is your current reality that you've never taken an acting class in your life? That's quite a gap. So what actions might you take to move yourself forward toward your intended destination? If getting an Oscar is not something that is important to you, then there is no creative tension. Remember, the vision must be something that matters to you and that pulls you forward because you want to create it.

Peter Senge in his book, The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, describes the process this way: "People who are convinced that a vision or result is important, who can see clearly that they must change their life in order to reach that result, and who commit themselves to that result nonetheless, do indeed feel compelled. They have assimilated the vision not just consciously, but unconsciously, at a level where it changes more of their behavior. They have a sense of deliberate patience--with themselves and the world--and more attentiveness to what is going on around them. All of this produces a sustained sense of energy and enthusiasm, which (often after a delay) produces some tangible results, which can then make the energy and enthusiasm stronger."

And remember as you stretch yourself: take time to enjoy each victory or success you experience along the way. A large accomplishment usually rests on the foundation of many smaller achievements and a series of steps you take and choices you've made to make your vision a reality. Make enjoying the process as important as reaching your target. It will make reaching your destination all the more sweeter for you.

By Lea Tolub Brandenburg

Lea Tolub Brandenburg is a Personal and Business Coach. She is a success partner for people who want to grow professionally and personally. She is also a professional actress with 20 years of experience of taking the word "no" and changing the spelling to "how". She writes a free monthly e-zine on the topics of creativity, inner wisdom and communication. To find out more about her coaching services or to subscribe to her newsletter visit:
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