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At ActorPoint, we're committed to helping you succeed as an actor and refine your acting skills whether you're a novice or have been in the industy for some time.

Below you'll find articles loaded with tips and advice that will help put your career on the right track. Need advice for taking headshots or finding an agent? You'll find the information you need for these topics and more!

In addition, we encourage you to also browse our acting questions and answers database where you'll find answers to specific questions that have been submitted to us by visitors such as yourself. So, go ahead - take a look around. We're sure you'll find just want you need.

Newest Articles:

How to Survive in L.A by Keith Kraft
Veteran actor Keith Kraft shares some insightful tips on surviving in Los Angeles as an actor.

Why Actors Should Have Their Own Website by Daniel Marmion
Daniel delves into the top reasons to get your own site.

In the Audition Room - How to Nail Your Audition! by Chelsea Cipolla
Chelsea highlights the DOs and DON'Ts of auditioning so you can walk away a winner.

Creating Your Acting Resumé When You Don't Have Much to Put by Mark Stolzenberg
Don't have much to put on your acting resumé? Fear not! Mark offers some pointers on how to get your acting resumé up to speed.

What's the difference between acting agents and acting managers anyway? by Mark Stolzenberg
Mark eloquently discusses the differences between agents and manager and sheds some light on which one may be better for you.

Preparing for College Auditions by Chelsea Cipolla
College Theatre and Musical Theatre Programs are amongst the most competitive programs to gain acceptance to within a College or University. With thousands of applicants vying for a spot, it is important to present your best and most marketable self to make an impression.

10 Concepts to Change Your Thinking & Change Your Acting Career by Gwyn Gilliss
Gwyn shares some insightful tips that will help you better market yourself as an actor or actress - and it all starts with your thinking.

Top Reasons You Need Netflix by Jay from ActorPoint
Did you know you can actually practice and improve your acting skills by watching other actors in action? And how better to do this than by having access to thousands of movies. Read on to learn more and how to take advantage of a free trial offer for Netflix.

Explore Talent Casting Calls by Jay from ActorPoint
Learn how Explore Talent (r) can keep you working and earning a steady paycheck while your acting career takes off.

Overcoming Fear of the Unknown by Stan Popovich
Do you worry about things that may or may not happen? Life as an actor can be stressful enough without having to worry about the unknown. In this article Stanley Popovich provides some practical tips on overcoming the fear of the unknown.


How to Become an Actor by Your Friends at
Are you inspired by great actors such as Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Shirley Maclaine or Meryl Streep? Looking to become an actor yourself? Here's how you can start on your new path.

Launch Your Acting Career the Right Way! by the Team at Capes Coaching
This is a must-read for all aspiring actors. Read on to learn some quick tips on starting your acting career on the right foot.

The Casting Process by Joshua Siegel
Learn the in's and out's of how the process really works in this two-part series.

The Casting Process Part II by Joshua Siegel
A continuation of how the casting process really works.

Getting The Role by Chad Gracia
In this two-parter, Chad outlines 9 specific ways to landing a role.

Getting The Role Part II by Chad Gracia
Part 2 by Chad outlines the specific ways to land a role.

New School Acting Technique
Read the interview with NSAT creator Jeremy Whelan and apply it in your next performance.

Monologue Do's and Don'ts by Jeremy Whelan
After sitting through 120 monologues at an audition, Jeremy points out the biggest mistakes in this monologue tips article.

More Monologue Tips by Jeremy Whelan
Jeremy continues with even more do's and don'ts!

Refocus for Career Success: It's a Brain Thing by Roger DeWitt, ACC
What are you "focusing" on in your life and career? Get your brain on the right track!

How to Feel Great After an Audition by Roger DeWitt, ACC
Learn how to keep your self-esteem in check the "identity way."

Inside The Casting Office by Jeff Mitchell and Jen Rudolph of Mitchell/Rudolph Casting
Inside the casting office is a column dedicated to educating you, the actor, about essential issues that you must know in order to excel in your acting career.

Ross Reports by Your Friends at
Find out why this is the one publication every actor needs to own.

ActorTrack Career Management Software review by Your Friends at
From the makers of the Entertainment Industry's top-selling performer organizer, Holdon Log for Actors, comes ActorTrack - The Ultimate Career Management Software For Actors

Crying on Cue by ActorTips Coach Janus
Have a monologue where the character needs to cry? Start the tears with this feature!

Finding Free Monologues by Your Friends at
Every actor is continuously on the search for the "right" monologue. We show you where to start.

Actor Pay Rate by Your Friends at
Get the deal on what minimum scale and pay rates for an actor are.

Scam Avoidance 101 by Penny McCanles
Stay alert and avoid being scammed and what to do if it's too late.

In Search of an Agent by Bill Tarling
Actor and Author Bill Tarling gets to the root of how to tackle the 'agent search!'

In Search of an Agent Part 2 - The Plan of Attack by Bill Tarling
In this part Bill Tarling continues giving tips on how to tackle the 'agent search!'

Your First Impression Counts by Your Friends at
You rarely get a second chance - audition with confidence.

Audition Taboos by Your Friends at
Don't fall victim to these basic rules of auditioning.

Headshot Tips by Chad Gracia
Get sound headshot advice directly from Chad of

Conquering Audition Nerves by Katherine Mayfield
Learn how to conquer your Auditon fears.

How to Promote Yourself by Katherine Mayfield
Learn how to get your name out there and succeed.

Find and Agent and Survive by Cathy McKim
In this 4 part series, Cathy shows you how to get an agent and survive in the highly competitive acting field.

Find an Agent and Survive Part II by Cathy McKim

Find an Agent and Survive Part III by Cathy McKim

Find an Agent and Survive Part IV by Cathy McKim

The Inner Critic by Lea Tolub Brandenburg
Lea provides some insightful ways on how to tame self-doubt.

A Path for Creativity by Lea Tolub Brandenburg
Lea never ceases to impress. Here are some fantastic ways for you to inspire creativity.

Creative Tension by Lea Tolub Brandenburg
Intersting article on how you can use tension to unleash your creativity and propel yourself forward. Definitely a "must-read"...

Creative Tension Part II by Lea Tolub Brandenburg
Conclusion to Lea's article on "Creative Tension".

Desire & Persistence by
March on for victory is near! Avery motivational article for all of us who may want to call it quits.

Your On-Camera Fears by Dani Super
Have the jitters? Let Dani show you how easy it is to overcome some of the most common obstacles to getting in front of the camera.

Your Personal System by Lea Tolub Brandenburg
Lea shows you how you can achieve success by tweaking your personal "system".

Your Personal System Part II by Lea Tolub Brandenburg
Part 2 of "Designing your own personal system".

Creative Visualization Lea Tolub Brandenburg
Can you visualize your success? Can you really? In this revealing article, Lea shows you how your thoughts can influence your actions... and offers insightful tips on how you can be successful in your acting career.

Creative Visualization Part II Lea Tolub Brandenburg
Part 2 of "Creative Visualization".

How can help! by Your Friends at
Don't have your own dot com yet? Don't worry. Read on...

The Different Types of Actors by Bob Fraser
Learn how to develop your Unique Character Presentation and define the type of actor you are - then use this to get an edge at auditions.

Golden Globes 2008 by Your Friends at
Get the scoop on Golden Globe nominees... See anyone you know?

A Guide to Getting Great Headshots by Christine Rose
Worried that your headshot is not so good. Then fear not! In this article Christine guides you to getting the perfect headshot - time and time again.

Overcoming Anxiety by Stan Popovich
Do you find yourself getting nervous or anxious before stepping out on stage, performing or auditioning for a role. If so, then this article is definitely for you. In it, you'll find some insightful tips you can apply to help conquer your anxiety.