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Before contacting us, please see if your question can be answered below.

We strive to be a Family Friendly and Internet Friendly web site. If someone is trying to tarnish your online reputation by submitting false content/media about you on our site, please contact us right away.

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Have an article related to acting that you'd like to submit? If so, please let contact us at webmaster [~at~] actorpoint dot com. In exchange for your article, we'll gladly provide you with proper credit and even link back to your site or email address. Be sure your article meets our guidelines below.

Article criteria:

- Article must be unique and original and not be submitted anywhere else on the net.
- If your article is available elsewhere, we may accept it if it is completely re-written (at least 70% - 80% difference)
- Article must be between 350 to 600 words.
- Article must be related to the film/acting/entertainment industry.
- Article must be informative and useful to our community.
- Article must NOT be a blatant advertisement or "Sales Pitch".
- All Articles are checked against CopyScape for plagiarism and uniqueness.

We'll get back to you to notify you if your article was accepted. NOTE: We do reserve the right to not accept any article we deem not suitable for our audience.

Frequently Asked Questions...

[+] I am a member and I can't log in...

We apologize for the inconvenience, but membership is no longer available.

[+] How do I become a member? is no longer a membership site; as such this option is no longer available.

[+] How do I cancel my membership?

This isn't applicable as we currently are not running a "Membership" site. If you'd like to unsubscribe from your Newsletter & mailing list, simply click the "unsubscribe link" at the bottom of any email message we sent you.

[+] What are all these Surveys that pop up whenever I try to view a monologue?

These surveys are 3rd Party Advertisements that are in place to help keep our content free as well as help us pay the bills. We ask that you complete an offer or survey in order to view certain portions of our web site. Please read our privacy policy regarding our use of 3rd party advertisers.

[+] I can't access a monologue page because it's blocked or "locked". Why is this?

We offer both Premium and freely accessible content. The monologue you tried to access is a Premium monologue. To unblock or unlock it, we ask that you either complete an offer or survey or pay a small access fee. This helps keep our content free and also keeps us in business. NOTE: Only a small portion of our content is locked. You are still able to access many other monologues, articles, and other content without taking a survey.

[+] I've paid via Paypal and/or Stripe to access your content, however it's still locked. What happened?

Check your email you used for payment. In that email there are instructions on how you can access your content. If you didn't receive an email or you're still unable to access your content - then it is likely your payment wasn't processed. This happens. Check your Paypal or Stripe account to make sure you weren't charged then try again.

[+] I have an issue regarding my payment. Who to I contact?

For payment Paypal and/or Stripe payment issues pertaining to Actorpoint, you can contact support [~at~] actorpoint [~ dot ~] com. Please be aware that we are only able to help you as far as payments to this site are concerned.

[+] I need more information about a particular monologue. Do you have it?

All the information about any monologue that appears on our site is provided on the actual monologue page. We sincerely apologize, but we are currently unable to provide any more information other than what already appears on a monologue page.

[+] I want to become an actor/actress. Can you help me?

Yes! That's why we've created this web site - as a destination you can visit often to get the resources you need to help you succeed in your career. So, please feel free to browse our site. We have tons of resources and information you can put to use right now.

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