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Play Author Age Style Length
A Friend In LA Les Marcott 25-40 Comedy 3 min.
A Great Night of Something William Munt 24-32 Comedy 3 min.
A Life Of Pieces David Minyen 18-25 Drama 4 min.
Airborne Charlotte Wilde 30-40 Drama 5 min.
Amadeus Peter Shaffer 16-25 Comedy 3 min.
American Psycho Bret Easton Ellis 18-30 Drama 2 min.
Bridge to Terrabithia Katherine Paterson 10-14 Drama 3 min.
Child Number One Shauna Vert 18-30 Drama 3 min.
Danny Boy Alastair J A Thorne 35-55 Drama 3 min.
Danny... Deep Blue Sea John Patrick Shanley 20s Drama 2 min.
Deposit With Style Dave Nichols 22 Drama 3 min.
Do I Think You're Beautiful? Sonny Burnette 35-55 Comedy 3 min.
Don't Be Jealous Manveer Sihota 14-25 Drama 4 min.
Fat Temple Jason Vaughn Any Age Comedy 2 min.
Funny Christyna Belden 14-20 Drama 5 min.
High Fidelity Nick Hornby 20s-30s Drama 2 min.
In Memoriam A. Garland 20-25 Drama 5 min.
Jet lagged Ruth Bell 18-30 Drama 5 min.
Lightning-Change Artist Richard Drummond 18-80 Comedy 5 min.
Living at Home Anthony Giardina 20 Drama 3 min.
Long Day's Journey... Eugene O'Neill Early 20s Drama 2 min.
Loves Labors Lost Shakespeare 19-26 Comedy 4 min.
Man-ologues Richard Miller 40s Comedy 2 min.
Many Ways to Skin a Cat Raeesa Aniff 19-36 Drama 5 min.
Mean Michael Emanuel Manos III 26-30 Drama 3 min.
Music Justin Gardner Teens Drama 2 min.
One Long Day Nathaniel Spears 18-20 Drama 3 min.
Original Wayne Winston 13-18 Drama 4 min.
Original Monologue Anonymous 13-18 Drama 3 min.
Original Monologue Dave Allen 30-40 Drama 3 min.
Original Monologue Roy Williams Jr. 20-26 Drama 4 min.
Original Piece Brian Shaffer 16-19 Comedy 2 min.
Original Piece Linda Richards 16-20 Drama 5 min.
Original Piece Eugine Tate 15-20 Drama 2 min.
Over The Tavern Tom Dudzick 10-15 Comedy 3 min.
Pieces of Life Nathaniel Spears Early 20s Drama 2 min.
Play Date Constantine 20s Drama 3 min.
Prisoner of 2nd Avenue Neil Simon 40-50 Comedy 5 min.
Rescue L. Kaye 20s Drama 4 min.
Rumors Neil Simon 30s-40s Comedy 4 min.
Spring Awakening Frank Wedekind 35-50 Drama 2 min.
Talk Too Much Shawn Scouten 13-19 Comedy 3 min.
Testing Testing Luke Seckington 20s-50s Drama 2 min.
The Bag Of Three Sharif 15-18 Drama 3 min.
The Band Stand David Lily 20s Comedy 3 min.
The Crow Road Iain Banks 20s Comedy 3 min.
The H.S. Effect Sean Ryan 36-46 Drama 3 min.
The House of Ramon Iglesia Jose Rivera 21-25 Drama 2 min.
The Machine Collin K. Sanders 20-35 Drama 3 min.
There Ain't No Words Blaire Late 20s+ Drama 5 min.
This is a Test Stephen Gregg Teens Comedy 2 min.
To Kiss Or Not To Kiss Collin K. Sanders 17-33 Comedy 3 min.
Tropical Fish Amanda 10-30 Comedy 1 min.
Unknown Anthony Beatrice 13-17 Drama 3 min.
Unpublished Anonymous 13-19 Drama 2 min.
Unpublished Kyle Vincent 16-19 Drama 3 min.
Wait a Minute William Munt 20-30 Comedy 3 min.
What's It Worth Bobby 50-60 Drama 2 min.
Yeah Right Anonymous Teens-20s Drama 2 min.

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