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Play Author Age Style Length
Pulse Stacey Lane 18-25 Comedy 2 min.
It's As Easy as "Washington and Jefferson made many a joke" Beth Blair 50-60 Comedy 2 min.
My Supposed Best Friend MJ Ferruzza 13-17 Drama 1 min.
Not Such Stuff Chris Wind Teens Drama 5 min.
Snow White Gets Her Say Chris Wind 18+ Drama 5 min.
Dear Sister Chris Wind 20s Drama 5 min.
Spilled Milk Kellie Powell 20s Drama 5 min.
Dogface Kellie Powell 20s Drama 5 min.
This Will Not Look Good on My Resume Jass Richards 20-40 Comedy 4 min.
This Will Not Look Good on My Resume Jass Richards 20-40 Comedy 4 min.
A Broken Family, A Broken Heart Alyssa Frost 12-16 Drama 3 min.
A Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare 18-22 Comedy 3 min.
A.A. Maddie Hicks Early 20s Comedy 4 min.
Art of Running Guys Over Sarah White 15-17 Drama 5 min.
Cold Blooded Murderer Elisa Thompson 15-17 Drama 5 min.
Confessions Of a Soap Star M.L. Kingston 18-30 Comedy 4 min.
Designated Mourner Wally Shawn 30s-40s Drama 2 min.
Driving Dave Nichols 22 Comedy 3 min.
Educating Rita Willy Russell 40s Comedy 4 min.
Fanny's First Play George Bernard Shaw 20s Drama 3 min.
Fourteen Inch Foot Kristi Michelle Robins Teens Comedy 1 min.
Gain The Pain Whitney Perret 12-16 Drama 2 min.
Getting There Samantha McDougal Teens Drama 3 min.
Girl, Interrupted Sussana Kaysen 20s Drama 2 min.
He's Home Brittany Douglas 30s Drama 3 min.
How I Learned To Drive Paula Vogel 11-40 Drama 2 min.
I Am A Camera John Van Druten 30s Drama 3 min.
I Don't Know Manar Teens Drama 2 min.
It's Obvious Courtney Wells 15-18 Drama 3 min.
Kennedy's Children Robert Patrick 20s Drama 3 min.
Laughs Last Shannon Dare Teens-20s Drama 3 min.
Making Reuben Propose Mayme Riddle Bitney 20-50 Comedy 4 min.
Marilyn and David R. Taylor & J. Bologna 20s Comedy 3 min.
Matter over Mind Stayce Dickey 20-25 Comedy 3 min.
Maureen's Gift R. Taylor & J. Bologna 20s Comedy 2 min.
Misplaced Angel Casey Macaulay 17-25 Drama 3 min.
Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare Early 20s Classical 2 min.
Never Been kissed Abby Kohn 25 Drama 1 min.
New Year New You Ashley Smithe Teens Drama 2 min.
Night Luster Laura Harrington 20s Drama 2 min.
Nuts Tom Topor 20s Drama 3 min.
Oleanna David mamet 18-22 Drama 3 min.
On The Verge Aurora Rooker 13-18 Drama 3 min.
One Sunny Day in April Deborah Gattey 20s Drama 5 min.
Original Monologue Emily Carr 11-15 Comedy 5 min.
Original Monologue Alyssa 13-17 Comedy 2 min.
Original Monologue G.E. Teens Drama 4 min.
Original Piece Jessica Tyson 17-20 Comedy 5 min.
Original Piece Kristi Goodwin 13-18 Drama 4 min.
Original Piece Emily Picha 13-18 Drama 3 min.
Original Piece Dominique Orozco 18-25 Drama 2 min.
Original Piece Cynthia Brace Teens Drama 4 min.
Original Piece Danica Herbert Teens Drama 2 min.
Original Piece Taja 14-20 Drama 3 min.
Original Piece Unknown 12-18 Drama 3 min.
Original Piece Jennifer Godwin 13-21 Drama 2 min.
Original Play Aurora Rooker Teens Drama 2 min.
Originality Is Dead Ashley McCann 14-18 Drama 3 min.
Patter for the Floating Lady Steve Martin 20s-30s Drama 3 min.
Perhaps a Brother Rachel 13-17 Drama 2 min.
Pointing Pointless Samantha McDougal 45 Drama 2 min.
Romeo Must Die Joel Silver 21 Drama 2 min.
Roots in Water Richard Nelson 30s-40s Drama 2 min.
Savage in Limbo John Patrick Shanley 30s Drama 2 min.
Scuba Lessons Joseph Zeccola 20-34 Comedy 3 min.
Sex in a Cold Climate Christina Mulchauy 40s Drama 5 min.
Smack (book) Melvin Burgess 20s Drama 3 min.
Some Things... Forget Keisha Cox 30s Drama 2 min.
Sticky Situation Marah Refety Teens Comedy 5 min.
Street Scene Elmer L. Rice 16-18 Drama 4 min.
Sweethearts Aleks Horvat 18-35 Comedy 3 min.
Tell Me That You Love Me... D.D. Brooke 20s-40s Drama 3 min.
Texans Do Tap Dance Richard Lay 20-30 Drama 2 min.
The Boor Anton Chekhov 20-30 Drama 2 min.
The Guest Andrea Rogers 30-40 Drama 5 min.
The Kentucky Cycle Robert Schenkkan 40s Drama 2 min.
The Last Night of Ballyhoo Alfred Uhry 20s Drama 2 min.
The Mirror Has Two Faces Richard LaGravenese 20-50 Drama 3 min.
The Night Sky Bryndi Colwell 20-30 Drama 2 min.
The Other Friend Hannah Pedersen 16-40 Drama 3 min.
The Star-Spangled Girl Neil Simon 20s Comedy 3 min.
The Time of Month Meagan Kenney 20s Comedy 1 min.
theplayinmyhead Jamilla Touré Teens Drama 3 min.
Under Siege G.L.Horton Teen-20s Drama 3 min.
Under Siege G.L.Horton 20s-30s Drama 2 min.
Under Siege G.L.Horton Teens Comedy 2 min.
Unknown Jim Chevallier Teens Drama 2 min.
Unpublished Anonymous Late Teens Comedy 2 min.
Unpublished Athena Giannakakos 30-35 Drama 3 min.
Unpublished Sammi Teens Drama 3 min.
Unpublished Nichole Turick Teens-20s Drama 3 min.
Untitled Dan Twyman 25-35 Drama 3 min.
What You Wish For Kendra Richards 13-18 Drama 2 min.
When It’s Over Christyna Belden 14-17 Drama 4 min.
Wolf Whistlers Carry Olwen Teens Drama 2 min.
Wrong and Ready Greta Zehner 13-17 Comedy 3 min.

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