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One Long Day Monologue

One Long Day by Nathaniel Spears
Character: Roy
Gender: Male
Age (range): 18-20
Style: Drama
Length: 3 minutes


Background Info: Roy has been having a string of bad luck all day. he is sitting in the living room of his apartment, staring at a painting of a sad clown on the wall. He finally cracks.

WHAT... ARE... YOU... LOOKING AT. Jesus Christ. With your fucking red nose and your frizzy red hair. Fucking clown. Ya know what. Yeah ya know what. I know why your sad all the time, I understand now. You think you got it bad, huh? You think you got it bad? Try living my life, buddy. You wanna know what happened to me today, huh? You wanna know, here I'll tell ya. First, my girlfriend broke up with me. Wanna know why? (mockingly) Because I don't pay enough. attention to her fucking needs.(beat)

Five years. Just five years and... and. (takes deep breath). I wrecked my car. Yeah, some asshole decided it would be a good idea to cut me off.(beat) ON THE FUCKING FREEWAY! For christ's sake, I ran into a gaurdrail and just like that... no more car. And on top of all that I got fired from my job for, get this, I got fired (mockingly) for not showing enough potential in my work. Isn't that just the cherry on top of this fucked up ice cream called life. (beat)

(plops back into chair). I know why you're sad. It's because you feel like a lonely, scared little kid and this world is too big for you. Makes you feel like shit, don't it.