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Bridge to Terrabithia Monologue

Bridge to Terrabithia by Katherine Paterson
Character: Jesse Aarons
Gender: Male
Age (range): 10-14
Style: Drama
Length: 3 minutes


Background Info: Jesse Aarons is a 10 year old Viginia farm boy who draws and runs. He is the lead character of the play. He meets the new girl in school, Leslie, the other kids think that she is weird and make fun of her. But Jess takes the time to get to know her. Through thier friendship the magical pretend land of Terrabithia is created. Toward the end of the play, Leslie is killed swinging on a rope by herself in Terrabithia. Jess mourns her loss with this speech...

(Listens to birds, looks at sky, sotto voice) Leslie? Are you there? Can you hear me? (Listens as if expecting an answer. When there is none, he goes on.) I'm sorry I went off without you. You would've liked Washington. (Beat.) I forget. You been to Washington millions of times.

(He walks forward) Before you came I was nothing. But you made me king. You made me hear music I never heard and see worlds I never knew was there. (pause as he takes in his surroundings) It's gone. Terabithia's gone. There's nothing here. (Desperation elevates in voice) Leslie, come back. Don't leave me here by my self. I don't know how to make the magic come. I'm scared, Leslie.

(Steps forward) This is a time of greatest sarrow, the king must go to the sacred grove. (Lifts head up ward.) Come, O Terabithians. We must have a procession for our Queen. (Lifts hans toward the heavens.) Father, into thy hands I commend her spirit. Before our realm a river, around our relm a wall, within our relm a castle you and I will rule it all. A castle gleaming golden, scarlet banners to the sky, ten thousand loyal subjects to care for (looks down) and you and I. (raises head and speaks directly) The rulers of Terabithia, valiant king and queen, rulers of Terabithia, makers of magic, keepsers of dreams.