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Original Monologue Monologue

Original Monologue by Anonymous
Character: Philip
Gender: Male
Age (range): 13-18
Style: Drama
Length: 3 minutes


Background Info: This scene has a wide range of emotions. It's plot: a student recalls the terrifying day of a school-shooting for a news channel.

It's hard for me to describe what I felt. It was a good day, just like any other. My friends were doing something... something stupid, and I had just got mid-terms back. An A. I was overjoyed. I went to lunch, which is everyone's favorite period, and I was ready to brag. But after I sat down... I heard fly open. No one paid any attention, but when I heard the first shot... it was like time stood still. My heart... I swear my heart wasn't beating.

And then everything started to move around me again, but why wasn't I moving? I was frozen in fear. When I finally brought myself back to my senses I began to run for the door. Next to me... someone fell. I didn't know the kid but he was young. I wanted to reach out and help, but I couldn't. He was lying, helpless. Dying in front of me. When the cops came and arrested the kids, I saw that it was someone who I had gone to class with. Someone I had talked to. And life went on.

But it wasn't the same. The kid survived... but it wasn't like he was a kid anymore. None of us were. Our innocence... our hapiness was gone. It was like they took our souls. I'm sorry... I really can't talk about this anymore.