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Yeah Right Monologue

Yeah Right by Anonymous
Character: Joe
Gender: Male
Age (range): Teens-20s
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


I'm so tense, but I don't know why maybe it's because I'm an outcast, a deformed mold of society the scum people scrape from under their shoes every day. I'm so different, but does anyone see me? I mean the guy inside the body deep within to the soul, of a man who thinks, feels, and functions like any other person?

No, they don't see me, they see a geek who keeps to himself but is loose with his friends, they say I'm immature, hah that's funny right? Wrong, there's a difference between having fun every now and then and being a creep who takes nothing seriously and laughs at every little thing. Sometimes I think I should change but why? I'm me and they need to except it, right? Yeah, I'm me and no force in the universe can change that....