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Play Date Monologue

Play Date by Constantine
Character: Dean
Gender: Male
Age (range): 20s
Style: Drama
Length: 3 minutes


Background Info: The character is gay. He has known he is gay his whole life and is finally coming to to the realization that he cannot change and is accepting himself for who he is. He is convincing himself to come out to his friends. He ends up talking himself out of it and going back to his old ways.

This is it. Eighteen year of hiding. Eighteen years of wishing I was someone else, praying that I would change. I cannot change, I was born this way and this is how I must live. I will tell them. They won't care, will they? Aren't I the same person I have been all our lives? Will them knowing this one detail about my lifestyle change our relationship? This is who I am, this is who they have been friends with for so long.

They will hear me out and realize how upset they have made me. Why, Ross, with all his homophobic jokes, maybe I can change him. Maybe after he realizes his bestfriend is gay, it will change his perspective. Or will it just make him hate me? Maybe if I tell him I was contemplating suicide because people like him made me feel like I would never be accepted for who I was. Can he change? Our own president has made it clear many times he does not approve of homosexuality. Is it that wrong? People just don't seem to be ready for it yet. I will just have to put hinder the lisp and talk about "hot chicks" for a little longer for the people like Ross. But don't feel bad for me, you're not one of the people keeping us in the closet.... are you?