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There Ain't No Words Monologue

There Ain't No Words by Blaire T.
Character: Sam
Gender: Male
Age (range): Late 20s & Up
Style: Drama
Length: 5 minutes


Background Info: This monologue was inspired by the movie "The Guys" with Anthony LaPaglia. As for the character, it was written, intended for a male, but it can also work for a female. I wrote it so that anyone could pick it up and read it without being bound by any particular gender, race, or background. But, picture a New Yorker, young or old, black or white, with a deep New York accent, and you have the makings of what you need to perform this monologue.

You know how they have those dummy books? Well, they have 'em for everything nowadays. I've seen 'em for cooking, I've seen 'em for carpentry, I'm seen 'em for how to use a know practical stuff like that. But they also got them for a lot of other things to. You name it! I mean I wouldn't be surprised if they started coming out with dummy guides on how to tie a shoe or how to, ah, whistle; brush your hair, your teeth. Hey, maybe even how to respond to a clogged toilet in your boss's house during one of his big know, when the water starts coming up, and then, maybe a dummy book on the after math... " to cope..." You wanna' know something? I'd buy that book; in fact I'd buy my whole family that book! Yeah, they got a lot of those dummy books and a lot are for, like, coping with stuff, like how to deal with cancer or know, "what to expect". But, they, ah, they don't cover everything do they? They never do... these big companies. You think they do, and then, when you run into the book store or go on looking frantically for a dummy's guide on how to deal with two planes crashing into two of New York's major buildings, killing thousands of people in one blow, they just don't have a book for that. .........They don't...they don't have a book for that!

I remember that day. God, I'll never forget it. I was in the doctor's office. I had gone, about a couple weeks before, to a dermatologist to get this mole thing checked out. Mole, who named it that? She, ah, she told me it looked questionable. You know, could be cancerous? So, I had made an appointment for Tuesday, September 11. I had made it for that day because I didn't wanna wake up early and go to work, and since they couldn't give me an appointment for Monday, Tuesday was the next best thing. As it turned out, the only opening they had on Tuesday was at nine in the morning and I couldn't go any other day, without going into too much explanation. So, I had to get up early regardless, but I figured my boss would be okay with me not coming in at all in the morning because by the time I'd walk through the doors, I'd have to walk out.

Well, I got there was about 8:30, and I was getting' all nervous and stuff, what with the prospect of plastic surgery and all. So, I'm sitting in the waiting room and this receptionist comes in and tells me that the doctor's eight-thirty appointment cancelled and the he could take me now. So, I went in and I came out. It had taken this guy about 10 minutes tops to get this brown spot removed off my butt, no less, and as I'm walking to the front desk to pay, and all, everyone in the waiting room is staring up at the TV. Well, I've been in NY my whole life, and the last time I saw everyone staring at a TV screen like that was when the ball dropped at the beginning of the new millennium. ...And then I looked up. ...............

You know, I swear I could see my office. I had a corner office some 30 odd flights up. ....... There ain't no words to describe what happened that day. For the city there is. They got words for that, but there ain't no words to describe what happened to the people that day. So, I ain't gonna stand up here and I ain't gonna tell you how to cope with the loss of your loved ones, your sons, your daughters, your family, your friends, your co-workers...because there ain't no words....and there sure as hell, ain't no book.