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Testing Testing Monologue

Testing Testing by Luke Seckington
Character: Brecker
Gender: Male
Age (range): 20s - 50s
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Now, you have to understand, when I walked into that office, I didn't plan on stabbing him. I had the number for War Crimes in my pocket -still do- and I was going to leave the moment I had what I needed. The problem was, I wasn't getting what I needed. He kept finding some way of dancing around my questions, which admittedly were pretty vague. Finally I just asked him about, point-blank. Nothing vague about it. And for once, I got a straight answer out of him. He didn't even try to deny. Just a "Yes", like he was proud of what he did. How you can be proud of that is beyond me.

I went a little bit nuts, I admit it. There was a letter opener on the table, that's what I used. Right in the jugular. It was a little blunt, so I had to kinda twist it around a little to get the desired effect. When I was done, he was dead, and I can think of ten million people who suffered much more than he did. But let me ask you, what you have done? What would you have done with a ninety-year-old Nazi sitting across from you, bragging about the genocide he gladly helped in? He was proud of loading people into ovens because they had a different view of God than him. What would you have done?