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Don't Be Jealous Monologue

Don't Be Jealous by Manveer Sihota
Character: Boy
Gender: Male
Age (range): 14-25
Style: Drama
Length: 4 minutes


Background Info: A troubled boy is confronting his peers and explaining the problems in his not-so perfect life.

Whenever people look at me they think, "Man, he's lucky; he's got a perfect life and he has no worries! I wish I was like him." Most start to become jealous, but I always wonder why they want to live my life. What is so good about it? They think that my life is perfect, but in reality, it is the direct opposite.My life is anything but perfect. The glow of happiness they always see on my face is just the light that is emitted from the eternal fire of despair that burns in my soul.

All my despair began when I was in the first grade. My dad would come home and he wouldn't even give us a hug; forget about hugs, (pause) he wouldn't even say "Hi!" Normally he would always hug us and we'd spend time with him; he was the ideal father. Now he would just sit down with a bottle of Bacardi and he would begin to drink until he was fully drunk, (pause) even his clothes would reek of the stench of liquor. It was hard to even walk by him without holding our breath.

I was always the different one in school. When kids used to anticipate the arrival of the weekend, I would wish it never came because my dad would drink all day and fight with my mom for no reason! They would fight and fight and fight, and all I could do was lay on my bed, bury my face in my pillow and cry. (pause) Everything just went on a downfall after that.

I still hate thinking about the last day we were with dad. (beat) That day, dad came back home from work, this time he was already drunk. As usual, he began to insult my mom and when she spoke up for herself, dad began to smash things, he smashed everything in his way. When my mom tried to stop him, he did the unthinkable; he spat on my mom's face. That was not all, he grabbed a scarf and he... he... (pause) STARTED TO STRANGLE HER!!! I called the police right there and then he finally let go!

What a brute! HOW DARE HE DO THAT TO MY MOTHER!!! What if I wasn't there? (pause) What if they were alone? (pause) He would have... he would have (pause) KILLED MY MOM!!! (weeps for several seconds and then quiets down) My whole childhood was lost in this trauma. I still have not been able to recover mentally from that incident. (beat) So, do you still think my life is perfect? No, it's not. God forbid this from ever happening to anyone else.

The happiness you see on my face is just a mask to cover the ugly face of sadness that is permanently sketched into my heart. So, don't be jealous of me, just do what I have done; forget all your bad memories, cherish the good ones and live life to its extent.