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A Life of Pieces Monologue

A Life of Pieces by David Minyen
Character: Matthew
Gender: Male
Age (range): 18-25
Style: Drama
Length: 4 minutes


Background Info: Matthew and Eric are best friends. They both got a in a car crash with their companions and Eric's fianc´┐Ż died and Matthew's wife is in the hospital with some complications. Matthew is talking to Eric, who just admitted that he wants to join a cult because of how bummed he feels and wants nothing to do with this cruddy world. Matthew, being God fearing man, wants to convince Eric that there is much more to life, and realizes some things about himself in the process.

Why do we do this? Why is it that we always wait for something like this to happen to us before we take action? You know, we get a glimpse of God and get all hyped up, and then put ourselves in a comfort zone and box ourselves away from what He wants to do afterwards!

Look at my wife. You know, 2 days ago, we were content with our lives. We'd wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, kiss goodbye and both go to work. Then we'd get home and tell each other about our day over dinner. On Sundays, we'd go to service and get our fair share of His glory, come back home and start all over. That was great for us. For us. I guess we never considered what God wanted. All those Sundays, He was trying to shake us. To make us see with His eyes and we were too prideful to just listen to Him.

Well that car crash certainly did it, and now she's on that hospital bed, making phone calls to everybody she knows, begging that they wouldn't make the same mistake that she did... that we did. Yea, we messed up and now no one even knows how long she has until she's... no one knows how long any of us have. But I do know what I had.

I had years of doing it my own way. And all that I truly have is right now. Today! Well she and I aren't going to waste today's anymore because not being promised if we'll be here tomorrow isn't a threat, it's a motivation. You know what Eric, life isn't like a puzzle with pieces scattered and missing everywhere. Life is like a field of mud and you gotta trust God will guide you through it, man. And yea, your feet will get dirty, and sometimes you're going to fall in mud. But Jesus will help us up and clean us off.