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Music Monologue

Music by Justin Gardner
Character: Christopher
Gender: Male
Age (range): Teens
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Background Info: The character is angry but is trying to calm himself down with no luck. In the end he makes the decision to kill himself. He is holding a gun.

Monologue: Why in the heck does everybody treat me this way? Huh? HUH? I'm so SICK of life. No! Calm down. Just take it easy. It's not as bad as it seems. I mean, I have a few loyal friends....and a roof over my head.

But what the frick is the problem with me? Why can't I do anything right. I can't play sports. I'm the schools biggest freaking idiot. I haven't even had a girlfriend in 4 years! No, its just because I'm into music and theatre. People are just afraid of me now. It'll all get better. But will it? (shakes head). won't. I'll always be a freak. Its not worth it any more...I'M DONE!!! (raises gun as lights fade)