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Child Number One Monologue

Child Number One by Shauna Vert
Character: Bill Farrill
Gender: Male
Age (range): 18-30
Style: Drama
Length: 3 minutes


Background Info: Bill has come to see his son, the result of an accidental pregnancy. He is stressed as to whether to settle down and take responsibility or not.

Monologue: So, there it is. My first child. "He's priceless" she says. But she's wrong.

There's an invisible price tag on my son's head. Every shriek, every twitch, I see the price, clearer and clearer. My heart. My dreams. My life.

And then there's that blonde goddess of a mother. I barely know her, but I can read her perfectly etched face like a book. She wants me to pay for that baby. She wants me to be the dad.

Hell, I never wanted to be a dad! I never wanted to settle down! I don't have the means - the stability - to pay for this boy. He's so beautiful, she's so lovely, but this isn't me, damnit. It's just so tempting.

Why am I digging around in life's pockets to buy something I never wanted? This wasn't how it was supposed to go. I wasn't supposed to settle down. I'm not fit to raise a kid. Why do they say congratulations? Why isn't this bad?

This is chaos. Chaos, I tell you. Him and her, they want me to pay up. And yet, [sighs and looks into crib] this is the best chaos I've ever known. I've know a hell of a lot of chaos, and this is certainly the best type. It's also the most dangerous. How do I describe this beautiful disaster?