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American Psycho Monologue

American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
Character: Patrick Bateman
Gender: Male
Age (range): 18-30
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


(panicky, frantic. talking into a phone) Howard! It's Bateman, Pat Bateman. You're my lawyer, so I think you should know I killed a lot of people! Some escort girls in an apartment uptown...some homeless people, maybe 5 or 10! Ummm...Some girl I met at an NYU party. I left her body in the parking lot behind some old donut shop! My old girlfriend Beverly with a nail gun. Some man, some old FAGGOT with a dog!

(nearing tears) I killed another girl with a chainsaw. I had to, she almost got away. There was someone else there; I can't remember...maybe a model or something. But, she's dead too. And, uh, Paul Allen! I killed Paul Allen with an axe in the face! His body is dissolving in a bathtub in Hells Kitchen. I don't want to leave anything out, now. I guess I killed maybe...twenty people. Maybe forty!

I've got tapes of a lot of it. Some of the girls have seen the tapes. I even...I even ate some of their brains. And I tried to cook a little. Tonight... (hysterical) I just HAD TO KILL ALOT OF PEOPLE! And I don't think I'm gonna get away with it this time. So...I guess...I guess I'm a pretty sick guy. (laughter) Well...if you get back tomorrow...I'll meet you up at Harry's Bar so...keep your eyes open. Bye.