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My Supposed Best Friend Monologue

My Supposed Best Friend by MJ Ferruzza
Character: Jessica
Gender: Female
Age (range): 13 - 17
Style: Drama
Length: 1 minute


Jessica: "My "formerly" best friend, Marta Holloway called me a liar in school today! I hate that! Especially since I WAS lying and she was only telling the truth.

Do you remember all those times people would tell you not to lie,  but then turn around and say something like... 'when it comes down to protecting someone... telling a lie is really not all that bad'?

Well! I WAS protecting someone... me!

Yes I was late.. and I left the Dr.'s note on the front seat of the car.

Yes I was hanging around my locker too long and missed the second bell for 3rd period.

Yes I made up the excuse I was late because the student council meeting ran too long.

Yes I am not in Student Council.

But that is no reason for Marta Holloway to open her big mouth and rat me out just to get me in trouble. What did I do to her?

Other than told all my friends not to vote for her for student council... so we could both do drama after school... even though she hates drama.

Now I have to bring in 2 notes tomorrow!

And I'm not ever going to talk to Marta Holloway again. Even when her Mom takes us to the mall later today.

(Takes out phone)

Look! She is texting me.

(Reads phone message and texts back)


(Reads next text.... and then types)


(Puts phone away)

Hey look! It's the mall! OK?"

Published with permission from MJ Ferruzza. For more information, please visit: The Creative Talent Workshop