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Unpublished Monologue

Unpublished by Athena Giannakakos
Character: Tina
Gender: Female
Age (range): 30-35
Style: Drama
Length: 3 minutes


Background Info: Tina, 30 year old single woman talking to her mother (a widow of 25 years) after her mom has once again gone off about Tina's life what she has to show for it and the fact that she lives thousands of miles away from her. Typical guilt trip. Insight on Tina: Her issues were created through the lack of communication and understanding between her and her mother. Guilt is one of Tina's big issues and she has not yet been able to overcome this. Tina is very smart, has huge comedic traits, expressive face and she's a very warm loving person. But when it comes to her mom she could be quite nasty towards her and resentful.

(Irritating tone in her voice) I've gone over this too many times and I'm tired, tired of making up excuses for my actions and the decisions i make in my life because they don't make sense to you. Well, you know what? They make sense to me. In your eyes everything I do is a mistake, (raises her voice) well sorry mom I don't see it that way (she's getting worked up and stands up abruptly). I have no intentions of moving back home and everytime you ask me too I feel guilty. Starts moving about,pacing) Why should I feel guilty? It's not fair. I love living in New York, it's my home now, why can't you just be happy? (Nasty tone in her voice) You know what? This whole thing is not about me, it's about you. You're asking me to change my life so you could feel better. (She sits back down, feeling defeated and pissed off, warn down. She sighs, pauses.) I'm 32 years old and everytime I come to visit you I feel like I'm 15 again, I can't stand it. We can't sit in the same room for 10 minutes and not verbally attack each other (takes a few seconds and calms down). Listen, I came back this time hoping that we could change things between us and, uh, I can't fight with you anymore, I won't.