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Wife To A Famous Man Monologue

Wife To A Famous Man Monologue by Gregorio Martinez Sierra
Character: Mariana
Gender: Female
Age (range): ?
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


MARIANA: I want you to stop talking. You always lie like a newspaper--it doesn't matter what sort of tale you tell, no one's going to believe you. But ... just you look out. Your luck's in for the minute, isn't it ... and you think you're such a fellow just because a few pesetas have fallen on you out of the sky. Make the most of them while they last. I'm used to earning what I need for myself and my children. It's little enough and it's hard to come by ... but it makes me a queen in this kingdom anyhow. My kingdom's my home. And don't forget this. There's never been any man let come in it but you ... I love you a long sight more than you deserve to be loved. But let's have this clear ... there aren't going to be any women in the case but me either. And if you're not agreeable to that ... well, there's lots of room in the world for us both, and it's easy to take the train as to buzz through the air. Off you go then ... and we'll meet again on Judgment Day.

Credits: Reprinted from The Plays of G. Martinez Sierra. G. Martinez Sierra. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1922.