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Ohio Monologue

Ohio Monologue by Nick Zagone
Character: Cat
Gender: Female
Age (range): ?
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


NOTICE: You must have Express and Direct Permission from Nick Zagone to perform this monologue, or any derivative work, in any kind of Performance, Play or Audition -- Including on YouTube. Mr. Zagone can be reached at:

Email: nickzagone [~at~] msn [~dot~] com

CAT: Hear that song? I love this song. It's one of those songs you always hear, but you never know who plays it. I'll probably never know. I don't want to know now. It would probably ruin the feeling. Whenever I hear this song I always feel there should be credits rolling you know? Like it's the end of something. The end of a movie. It just brings up so much… that guitar. It's concluding something. It's talking. The credits are rolling over the lead actor's dead body facedown in a gutter. The camera pans back. The rain is pouring down. And all that guitar can say is “Oh well.” “That's Life.” “Whatever.” Every time I hear this song from now on I will remember this day and what happened and what I did. And I will remember this moment in time, right now, this exact place, the smell, everything… and the scene will freeze and the credits will roll. I never want to know who plays this song. It would ruin everything.

Credits: All inquiries should be directed to the author at: [email protected]