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Gods & Monsters Monologue

Gods & Monsters by Bill Condon
Character: Whale
Gender: Male
Age (range): 18 - 55
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Whale: Yes. He caught his one night coming back from reconnaissance. I wouldnt take him but McGill did. Just to give the laddy a taste. And they were nearly home when a maxim gun opened fire. Barnetts body on this wire that was thick as briars. It was hanging there the next morning. It as only a hundred yards from the line. But too far......for anyone to fetch it......So we saw him every morning stand-to and every evening stand-to. Good morning, Barnett, we used to say to him. Hows old Barnett looking today? Well, he looks a little peaked. He looks a little plumper. And he hung there......well, at least until we were relieved. We introduced him to the new unit before marching out. Speaking highly of his companionship. God, we were a witty lot. Laughing at our dead. Felling that it was our death too. But, I tell you, for each man who died, I thought: Better you than me, poor sod. You know, a whole generation was wiped out by that war.