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Chasing Amy Monologue

Chasing Amy by Kevin Smith
Character: Hooper X
Gender: Male
Age (range): 18 - 55
Style: Comedy/Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Hooper X: For years in this industry, whenever an African American character, hero or villain, is introduced USUALLY by my white artist names. They got SLAPPED with racist names that singled them out as Negros! Now--my book, "White-Hating Coon", don't have any of that bullsh!t. The hero's name is Maleequa and he's descended from the black tribe that established the first society on the planet while all you European motherf#@kers were all hiding out in caves 'n sh!t, terrified of the sun. He's a strong role-model that a young black reader can look up to. 'Cause I'm here to tell ya: the chickens are coming home to roost, y'all. The black man is no longer going to be playing the minstrel in the medium of comics and sci-fi fantasy. We're keeping it real! And we're going to get respect by any means necessary.