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Hurlyburly Monologue

Hurlyburly by David Rabe
Character: Mickey
Gender: Male
Age (range): 18 - 55
Style: Comedy
Length: 2 minutes


Mickey: It's not that big a deal. That's the f#@kin' truth, alright? You make an adjustment Eddie. I mean, you shift your point of view a little and what was horrible, looks okay. All the necessary information that might deter you gets locked away, y'know. Little gremlins. They divert the good thoughts so you don't hear them. You just hear the bad thoughts, which at this point are convincing you they're a good idea. You get an idea, that's all. You don't understand the scope of it. You lose the scope. Alright, so there you are. Your foot's on the gas. You're flying. Y'know, so far so good. Road, trees, radio. What's a little flick of the steering wheel? An inch's rotation? What is that? An inch. So you do it. You've gone beyond what you can come back from. You have handed over control now. It's gravity and this big machine, which is a car, only it's not even a car anymore. It's this hunk of metal rearranging itself according to the laws of physics. Force and resistance. Stress and reaction. Heat, friction, collapse. And then you're gone -- who knows where?