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In Cold Blood Monologue

In Cold Blood by Richard Brooks
Character: Perry
Gender: Male
Age (range): 18 - 55
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Perry: Send him my treasure maps. Maybe now he'll get lucky. The lone wolf. Y'know there was a time once when he almost had it made. Just the two of us. He was in a fever about some new project up in Alaska! A hunting lodge for tourists. It was going to make us a fortune, better than a gold mine. But most of all, it as going to be something we never had before: a real home. We got it built too. Just him and me; side by side. The day the roof was finished, he danced all over it. I never was so happy in all my life. It was a beautiful home.....but no tourists ever came. Nobody. We just lived there, all alone in that big empty failure.
Til he couldn't stand the sight of me. I think it happened. I was eating a biscuit, he started yelling what a greedy, selfish bastard I was. Yelling and yelling til I couldn't stand it no more and I grabbed his throat, I couldn't stop myself. He tore loose, got a gun. He said, "Look at me, boy, take a good look, 'cause I'm the last living thing you're ever going to see.!" And he pulled the trigger. But the gun wasn't loaded. He began to cry. Bawled like a kid. I went for a long walk. When I got back the place was dark, door was locked. All my stuff was piled outside in the snow, where he threw it. I walked away and never looked back. I guess the only thing I'm going to miss in the that poor old man. And his hopeless dreams.