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The Wrestler Monologue

The Wrestler by Robert D. Siegel
Character: Randy "The Ram" Robinson
Gender: Male
Age (range): 40 - 50
Style: Drama
Length: 1 minute


Randy 'The Ram' Robinson: I just want to say to you all tonight I'm very grateful to be here. A lot of people told me that I'd never wrestle again and that's all I do. You know, if you live hard and play hard and you burn the candle at both ends, you pay the price for it. You know in this life you can loose everything you love, everything that loves you. Now I don't hear as good as I used to and I forget stuff and I aint as pretty as I used to be but god damn it I'm still standing here and I'm The Ram. As times goes by, as times goes by, they say "he's washed up", "he's finished" , "he's a loser", "he's all through". You know what? The only one that's going to tell me when I'm through doing my thing is you people here."