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Matter over Mind Monologue

Matter over Mind by Stayce Dickey
Character: Jessica
Gender: Female
Age (range): 20-25
Style: Comedy
Length: 3 minutes


Background Info: Jessica has decided to have a strong talk with her boyfriend ending the relationship. She is also trying to convince herself that is what she wants to do. She starts out showing a little pain then goes through a 'tough guy' phase.

Ok... look Eddie, I know I've said this before but I mean it THIS time. This chapter is over. I am NOT feeling this. We have been seeing each other for 7 and a half months now and you don't even take me out... well that time we went to the movies and then back to your place. Or that time we ate at that cheap Mexican restaurant. I am sick and tired of getting a text message like, "I miss you baby, why don't you meet me at my place." Hell... you won't even let me spend the night!

What is it?!?! Are you married?!?! Do you have so many women that I can't even wake in your arms without one poppin up?!?! Are you THAT repulsed by me, we can't be seen in public while the sun is still shining?!? No No, Eddie, it's my turn to talk! I am in love with a stranger!

You know what!??! Just forget it! I don't need this! I am worthy of more than just a movie and a few hours of pleasure. I am beautiful, I am sexy, and a damn good woman. Hell, I know some men would kill to be my man! Your ears are funny looking anyway!

So this will be your last time hearing from me. don't ring my phone. don't send me any text messages. I just need time to be alone... to figure out want I really want! I just know its not this... and you... (phones rings) Hello... hey baby, what's up...nothing, just watching TV... OK, I'll be there is 15 minutes...