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Stop Bullying Monologue

Stop Bullying by Brianne Burritt
Character: Girl
Gender: Female
Age (range): 13 - 17
Style: Drama
Length: 2 Minutes


Background Info: Girl is walking back to class and sees another girl calling a girl fat

Why would anybody say that about someone? She’s not even fat, who cares what she is wearing! I didn’t know there were rules on what to wear and not to wear at school. Just because she isn’t a size zero like you doesn’t mean she is fat. Look around!

(Pointing at people walking by)

She isn’t perfect. He isn’t perfect. No one is perfect. Look at me. I am far from perfect. I bet she has no idea how other people feel when she makes fun of them. The person that she called fat could be the nicest person you meet. So why does it matter what she is wearing? Is it because she isn’t wearing Hollister, Abercrombie, or the Buckle? (Did you ever think it’s because she can’t afford it?)

People shouldn’t judge others for what they wear or what size they are. So what? Am I going to get harassed because I wear sweatpants every day? Matter of fact, I don’t wear size zero either, so why doesn’t everybody just call me fat?  Just because people are bigger doesn’t mean they should be bullied.

What is sad is that girl called fat doesn’t eat lunch and works out every day after school. The boy that everybody calls dumb; he goes home and studies for hours. The girl everybody calls ugly wakes up extra early every morning just to put on enough makeup to be called beautiful. What she doesn’t realize she is beautiful without it, but because she is bullied she will never realize that. So why bully people?

Imagine what would happen if makeup disappeared in the world: everyone would look the same. Would they all get made fun of because of all the zits on their face? People should not be judged in this world for what they look like because no one is perfect.